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Terraria or Minecraft?

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Started: 5/21/2015 Category: Games
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Even though i LOVE both games, i believe that Terraria is better than minecraft. Con will try to disprove this.

1st round acceptance

2nd round argument

3rd round rebuttal

best of luck to you!


I accept the debate.

I will argue that Minecraft is the better of the two games.

As specified, I will not argue anything this round. I will refute my opponents case in the next round, and then present my own case.

Good luck.
Debate Round No. 1


Here are some reasons why Terraria is better

1. Though Terraria is only a side scroller( some people call it the side scroller Minecraft) game, it has much more weapons, enemies, bosses, and things in general to do. This includes collecting NPCs in your village , fighting the many bosses in the game, finding floating islands, exploring the Dungeon, mining a LOT more ores, fighting off a goblin army, or finding fallen meteorites are just a few of the things you can do in Terraria.

2. Unlike the villagers of Minecraft, NPCs will trade you stuff for a REASONABLE price!!! Though you have to build there houses( which doesn't require much, only walls, a chair, a table and a light source) there are a lot more types you can get, such as the nurse( heals you for money), witch doctor, mechanic, demolitionist, arms dealer, clothier and the goblin tinkerer( not naming the ones in hard mode!)

3. The many bosses of Terraria would totally flatten the Ender Dragon and Wither! These include Eye of Cthulu, Brain of Cthulu, Eater of Worlds, Skeletron, Queen Bee, King Slime and Wall of Flesh( not naming hard mode bosses!). These bosses can drop many useful items as well as trophies( which you can hang on your wall)

4. At certain times, random events can be triggered such as a blood moon, goblin invasion and a meteorite landing, which is pretty cool

I have not even begin to cover all the cool stuff in ATerraria! Best of luck to my opponent!


Thank you for your arguments.

As according to the rules, I will not refute my opponents arguments until the next round.


From its alpha version in May 2009 to October 2014, Minecraft has obtained a total of a hundred million registered users across all platforms. [1] The highest similar number I could find for Terraria was on Wikipedia, where it claimed to have sold two and a half million copies between its release in May 2011 and January 2014. [2] However, the only source Wikipedia had for this statistic was an article by IGN, where the number is only two million. [3] Even when considering that Minecraft has been out three years longer, it has outsold Terraria by more than ten times.

I realize that number of sales is not necessarily a guarantee of a game's quality. However, it is a strong indicator of it. There must be a reason for why so many more people are "attracted" to Minecraft than Terraria - most likely because it is a better game.


For the most part, Minecraft has received much better reviews than Terraria. Terraria received a metacritic score of 83, Minecraft received 93. [4][5] Eurogamer gives Terraria a 9/10, while Minecraft gets a solid 10/10. [6][7] Common Sense Media follows up with a 3/5 on Terraria, and a 4/5 to Minecraft. [8][9] Again, I'm not saying that just because it gets better reviews it is a better game, but it seems to point more and more in that direction. These are all well-respected review- and scoring sites for videogames.


Minecraft is clearly superior when it comes to immersion. This is mostly due to its excellent 3D performance, but also the fantastic music. Minecraft gives you experiences that you simply can't have in Terraria because of its 2D restriction, such as walking through a dark forest at night, worrying about the monsters that lurk there.

Minecraft also features excellent and appropriate music, which is important to any long-term, day-to-day videogame. The soundtrack consists of two volumes, which combined have a total running time of nearly two hundred minutes, being an impressive three hours and twenty minutes. [10][11] In comparison, the two soundtrack volumes of Terraria sums up to about fifty minutes. [12][13] For a survival game that is usually played over long or very long periods of time, it will thus not go long before you start hearing the same old tunes being repeated. In Minecraft, the soundtrack is long enough for you to feel familiar with the music, yet not bored by it, as you collect resources and build the house of your dreams, or venture into caves to hunt for treasures.


Minecraft has an indefinite advantage when it comes to possibilities, mainly because of the world size and the fact that the game is in 3D. The largest world in Terraria is 8400 blocks wide and 2400 tall, providing slightly more than 20 million blocks to work with. [14] In comparison, Minecraft's almost infinite world gives you 921.6 quadrillion blocks to work with. This means that the player will never run out of space to build on. While this size is normally never used to its fullest as build space, it improves immersion in the game through the fact that - unlike in Terraria - the player knows that he/she is likely to never reach the end of the map, giving a sense of the real world. Minecraft has in fact a map size area (if the length of 1 block equals 1 meter) that is eight times larger than the total surface area of the earth. [15]

Again, being in 3D is a great advantage for Minecraft. It means that players can build and reconstruct things exactly as found elsewhere, which is the foundation of Minecraft's famous creative community. Players have created things like beautiful palaces based on real-world buildings, [16] Minas Tirith from Tolkien's Lord of The Rings, [17] Dragonstone from Game of Thrones [18] and much more, all in real-size. The well-functioning 3D and infinite size of Minecraft is what fosters an incredible and unmatched community of creative and inventive players. These kind of works can simply not be created in Terraria because of its limitations in dimension and size.

Educational aspect

When crafting items, basic math skill (addition, subtraction, multiplication) is required and improved. Children can also learn geometric shapes from the game - 3D shapes, unlike Terraria. The former teacher Joel Levin, founder of TeacherGaming, said this about the effects of Minecraft on his daughter: "She solved problems on her own, developed a spatial understanding in the game, and accelerated here reading and writing skills because she wanted to be able to interact with other players. [19]

TeacherGaming is behind a project dedicated to using Minecraft as an educational tool - [20] Here, a slightly re-programmed version of Minecraft is used as an educational tool. While the educational aspect may not be the most vital part of a game for most players, it should definitely not be ignored. The educational benefit gained from playing this game compared to other games such as Terraria can give young students an advantage in their learning process, and can even improve the abilities of adult, educated people when it comes to calculating basic numbers more quickly.



Good luck. I look forward to the next round.
Debate Round No. 2



as con said, some of the points he made do not neccesarily mean the game is better

Though it has good sales, that doesnt mean that everyone liked it after they bought it


Thank you for your response.

As per the rules, I will only rebut my opponent's argument from the second round.


1) Weapons and bosses is not what Minecraft is about. Minecraft is a sandbox game, where the point is to create and build whatever you want, not defeating bosses. it is not a dungeon crawler or an RPG. Counter-strike has more weapons than Terraria, and Dark Souls II has more bosses. I am not sure what my opponent is trying to argue. What makes Minecraft good is what I have described in my arguments, not the number of dungeons or floating islands.

2) My opponent continues to give narrow examples.

3) Pro has already mentioned this, repeating it clearly shows a lack of real arguments. As stated above, Minecraft is not about the number of bosses.

4) Yet another narrow example from one of the few areas where Terraria outmatches Minecraft.


Pro fails to give complete arguments describing why Terraria is the better of the two games. Instead, my opponent selects narrow examples of the areas where Terraria is superior. Also note a lack of sources from my opposition.

In contrast, I have clearly described and defined the major elements of Minecraft making it better than Terraria. In addition, I have compared sales and reviews between the two games, which point strongly in my favour. All facts are sourced.

Vote Con.

I would like to thank you for a concise and straightforward debate.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by slicers9 3 years ago
Even though i prefer Terraria that argument from the Minecraft side was solid.
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Reasons for voting decision: Pro's arguments, specifically rebuttals were very lacking. In round 3, they only refuted 2 points made by Con, however, if you read the argument Con presented, they had a great deal of content, most of this was left untouched, and therefore stood throughout the debate. Due to Pro's lacking rebuttals, and Con's more thorough rebuttals, I give arguments to Con.
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Reasons for voting decision: Good debate, bit i think that con won for both his arguments and his rebuttals, also, he used lots of sources to prove his point.