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Terraria(pro) vs Minecraft(con)

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Started: 12/21/2015 Category: Games
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Hello, I am new to this site, but don't take that as this being an easy win. I am willing to debate than Terraria is superior to Minecraft.
1. Sales will not be taken into account. If sales determined how good a game is then Wii Sports would be better than both of these games.
2. Wikipedia is not a valid source, but the wikis of both games are.
(unless it is simply absurd information)
The rounds must go like this.
Round 1: Acceptance
Round 2-4: Arguments and rebuttals.
Round 5: Final rebuttals and closing statements.
5,000 character, 5 rounds, 72 hours each turn.


Hello, I am also new to this site. It is a pleasure to debate against you, Darth_Dreavas. Thank you for providing such an interesting topic for discussion as I am sure both games are popular in the market. I hope this will be a fun and interesting experience for the both of us.

P.S. I am sorry, but could it be possible to finish this debate in one week? I may cease activity on my online account as I have tasks to finish and may not be able to respond to your speeches.
Debate Round No. 1


OK time to start.
Now time to shoot down an argument that I know will come up.
"Minecraft is 3D, while Terraria is only 2D"
True. However I would like to do a comparison of a 3d game AND A 2d Ggame to show 3D is not always superior to 2D
Sonic Advance 3 was released in 2004 is in 2D and got a 79 critic rating and a 8.4 user rating.
Sonic Heroes was released that same year is in 3D and its highest score on any console was a critic score of 73 and a user score of 7.4

So as you can see 3D is not always better than 2D

Now onto why I think Terraria is better.
Terraria is an RPG with Sandbox elements while minecraft is a sandbox with some RPG elements.
Terraria has triple the ores to mine in Minecraft.

Terraria is cheaper than Minecraft costing 10 bucks regularly, but there are sales such as the Summer sale where you can buy it for only 2 BUCKS! Minecraft costs about 27 dollars.

Let's look at the enemies.
Terraria has tons enemies such as maneaters, Goblin scouts, zombies, vultures, many types of slimes, demon eyes, corruptors, harpies, and the list goes on. As for bosses we got the wall of flesh, skeletron, the twins, the eater of worlds the destroyer, the eye of Cthulhu,Duke Fishron, the Pumking, and the list goes on
Minecraft has skeletons, ghasts, blazes, endermen, spiders, slimes, zombies, creepers, and not many more. As for bosses we got the enderdragon and the wither and that is literally it.

Also Terraria has more creative enemies look at this image of a Terraria zombie.
Now a minecraft zombie
I don't know about you, but the Terraria zombie design looks better than the Minecraft zombie design.


Thank you, Darth_Dreavas

Pro contextuallized Minecraft as a sandbox game with RPG elements while Terraria is an RPG with sandbox elements. I accept this contexuallization and I will tell you in my arguements why the former is superior than the latter.

But before that, a few rebuttals.
Pro stated that 3D is not nessecarily better than 2D. He gave an example of two Sonic games that differ in their ratings. However, I believe this example to be insufficient as both products were produced for the same series. In this debate, we are debating about two different games that have almost no similarities exept the nature of the game as a sandbox and RPG game. I will elaborate more in my arguements.

Pro also argued that Terraria has better monsters and also more ores to mine in the game. I believe the monsters are naturally needed to be of a large variety as well as a complex design as Terraria is an adventure game. However, Minecraft is a sandbox game. Thus, the variety of monsters as well as the complexity of the design in not necessarily needed because Minecraft is a game where you craft your own game. If Pro still wants to talk about variety, take a look at the mods, skins and texture packs Minecraft has.

Lastly, Pro argued about the price of the games. I thought the sales of these game should not be an arguement as he stated the rules in his first speech. If the prices of the games are taken into account, the sales should be too.

Moving on to my arguements.
I will argue that Minecraft is superior in two fields; Minecraft as a sandbox game, and Minecraft as a RPG game. The latter will be explained in my third round speech. As pointed out by Pro, both Minecraft and Terraria have elements of a sandbox and RPG game, just heavy on one genre compared to the other respectively.

Minecraft as a sandbox game.
When people play a sandbox game, they want to play their own game. They want to play a game in which they can express their creativity freely, without any ristrictions. They want freedom. Minecraft gives this freedom towards players.

Better animation of the worlds.
Minecraft provides a 3D world which gives more freedom in animation. Instead of placing your blocks up, down, left or right, you can place them in the North, South, East, West, up or down. The additional two ways to place your blocks give you more freedom to animate the way you like, build the way you like, and create the game based on your own creativity.
The 3D enviroment also enables you to move your avatar in more ways compared to a 2D enviroment. Minecraft also allows players to fly more freely in creative, without the help of any items within the game. Thus enables better interaction with your game world in Minecraft and better animation as a whole.
2.People can relate better to real life.
Minecraft allows players to build and relate their craations to real life. They can bulid the Statue of liberty, the Leaning Tower or even just their own comfy mansion to live in. Players can relate this creations in Minecraft to the real life we live in better than Terraria because it is 3D.
3D gives a better perspective of your creations in Minecraft compared to 2D in Terraria. In 3D, you experience the whole creation; not only the height and length, but also the width. You see the surfaces of your creation, enabling you to relate better to the real world we are living in, to the ground we stand on, to the tables we place our belongings on and etc.
When players are able to relate better, they are able to appreciate the world they created. This will lead to passionate players who create amazing creations in the game. They will expand the boundaries within the game, searching for new ways to build, to animate, to create. These players will enjoy the happiness of creating things. The happiness of creating your own world.

As one of the 70 million players of Minecraft, I am proud to say: 'Minecraft is better than Terraria.'
Debate Round No. 2


I will say that Minecraft is a good game. I just believe Terraria is better.
I thank my opponent for his rebuttal. However here is mine.

True a 3D game can allow for that. However Terraria has a 3d perspective also. Allow me to elaborate. While yes it is a 2D game, the background has trees to show you this isn't just a flat world. Also you can build walls. meaning once you have your first room (hopefully by the end of the first day) you can build an inside wall in your little house.
If you are confused about what I mean by a wall skip to 1:59 in this video to show him building walls on his house.

I don't think mods and the like should be taken into account when they are separate from the original game. If everyone who plys this game doesn't already have it it shouldn't be an argument.

Terraria has some fantastic music if I do say so myself. The Plantera battle theme shows you that this is a serious battle that you are fighting, along with a bit of creepiness which fits plantera.
Here is the wall of the flesh, a creepy boss with a theme that fits it practically PERFECTLY.
The night music is also a great piece of music.
My personal favorite the Mushroom Biome.
There are plenty more musical pieces that you could listen to.

Con argues the variety and complexity of the monsters shouldn't be taken into account. I believe at the very least it is a minor argument. I doubt everyone who plays Minecraft wants to build and nothing else. Does a large majority want to? If I had to guess, probably, but not everyone.

Con also argues that my comparison is insufficient so I will do it with 2 series similar on the bare bones, but as a whole, completely different. Mario and Sonic are both generally platformers. However when you look at some of these platformers, they are not comparable.
New Super Mario bros Wii is a 2D platformer. It has a 87 critic score and a 8.4 user score
Now SOnic and the Black knight that came out that same year. It has a critic score of 54 and a user score of 6.7
Now in case you argue "Sonic was in his dark age so that shouldn't be taken into account." It doesn't matter who made a game, when it was made, where it was made, and how it was made. A bad game is a bad game.

I forgot to mention this in the last round, but Terraria has more things to build out of the many things you may mine.
Besides having just swords and bows in a regular minecraft game, you got spears, chains, flails, and more ores to make more weapons or mining equipment.

When people play Terraria,, they don't want to just build, they want excitement. I don't want to be only building and building. I want to do something else. With the ammount of enemies and bosses to fight, I can do that. In terms of boss fights, I'm pretty sure fighting the wall of flesh with you magic spells, minishark, or whatever weapon you got is a lot more exciting than shooting arrows and occasionally slashing the enderdragon
Wall of Flesh.
Enderdragon. (skip to 5:45)

I saw my friend play minecraft at night and all I saw was a bow and arrow sniping monsters. In Terraria I am fighting enemies for stuff I need (such as materials for summoning the eye of Cthulhu for demonite ore) not just being a troll to monsters. Of course on the first night I am just waiting it out only to occasionally fight a lone monster. Terraria has NPC's, which can really help you. You can get advice on how to play or buy some items that take too much to craft. Some of these items are invaluable. Let's say after a long mining or monster hunting trip you want to get home. Well if you have 20 mana, you can use the magic mirror. Back at your starting point where most people build their homes or at the very least a temporary base.

As one of the millions (can't find an exact number of millions) that play Terraria, I am not only proud, but happy to say.
"Terraria is better than Minecraft"


Thank you again, Darth_Dreavas.
Pro can try to argue that Terraria is a better RPG, but Minecraft is definitely a better sandbox game.

Before that, let me rebut Pro first.

Pro argued that the mods should not be taken into account. Alright but what about the modes of gameplay? In Terraria, you can only adjust the difficulty of the game you are playing. However, in Minecraft, you can adjust the not only the difficulty, but the gameplay itself. Be it for building, searching for resources or even just admiring the world through another entity's eyes, Minecraft allows you the freedom of these choices.

Pro conceded that the effects of the three dimensional world in Minecraft that I have pointed out do exist. He then mentioned that Terraria also has a 3D perspective. However, I believe that the 3D world in Minecraft allows players to better relate their creations to the real world by viewing their creations as a whole in a 3D format. Even with the 3D perspective Pro mentioned, players still see their creations as 2D. Thus, I believe that Minecraft helps players to better relate their creations to real life.

Now, Pro's only argument on how Terraria is better as a sandbox game is that Terraria has more items and is more complex. However, I believe that the complexity of the game itself dilutes the act of creativity. Creativity is freedom. When the game itself becomes more complex, it becomes hard to follow. Players would need time to understand the game itself before even starting to build. That time itself could have been used to already build, innovate and create their own world. Minecraft provides a simple, realistic platform and gives players the freedom to animate. However, Terraria is more complex (as stated by Pro), thus resulting the players actually having to understand all the features before they can actually animate. Even then, players can only animate and view their creations in a 2D world, thus restricting animation.

Music. Alright, maybe Terraria has some good music. However, the music in Minecraft is just as good, soft and soothing music for players to listen to while they build, create and animate their world. The soothing music relaxes players, and allows them to build calmly and create amazing structures. True, not everyone wants to build but as conceded by Pro, a large majority wants to.

In conclusion for these rebuttals, I say that Minecraft is better than Terraria as a sandbox game.

Now, Minecraft as an RPG.

Terraria may have the excitement of a well planned RPG, however the beauty of Minecraft is that you build your RPG.

Pro talked about more monsters and such. Even so, can you manipulate these monsters to your ideal adventure map? In Minecraft, we can spawn monsters ourselves and manipulate the world around us to our perfect adventure map. Want to fight 10 creepers, 20 skeletons and 30 zombies in a steel cage? Build it!

An additional benefit to building your own RPG is that players can enjoy the RPG to the fullest. They will also treasure their creations better. Be it the dungeon, arena or even the mountain full of monsters, these players will treasure it because they built it. They will enjoy it even more because they built it. This, is the magic of creation.

And I believe, that the effects of building your own RPG and creating your own adventure in Minecraft outweighs the variety in Terraria that is pointed out by Pro.

In conlusion, even as an RPG, Minecraft is better than Terraria.

Soon, in my fourth speech, I will talk about the effects of both games towards scociety. Stay tuned
Debate Round No. 3


Darth_Dreavas forfeited this round.


Hello again,
As Darth_Dreavas did not respond to my arguments the last round, I'll move on straight to my arguments for this round.

I believe that both games generally provide positive effects towards society. However, I will argue that Minecraft provides it better. I will list down the effects as I progress in my speech this round.

1. Generating creativity.
You can be creative in Minecraft. You can be creative in Terraria. And I believe, that this creativity can be carried to real life. Thus, the more creative you are within the game, the more creative you will be in real life. So, the question is, which game can generate better creativity?

I argue that Minecraft provides this specific aspect better because as I mentioned before, Minecraft is 3D and also is less complex than Terraria. As a whole, the 3D environment provides a better stimulation of creating and animation within the game world. Also the less complex environment also attends to a bigger part of society compared to Terraria as it is easier to understand for the younger generation of the family as well as the older generation.

To conclude this argument, Minecraft provides better creativity, both in the aspect of quality and quantity.

2. Better planning in real life
Minecraft causes people to develop better planning within the game as well as in the real world because it is 3D. When it is 3D, players have to plan for the width of the creation, not only the height or length. Terraria has you plan only those two aspects when creating, but Minecraft has you plan an additional one. Thus, when individuals play Minecraft, they have better planning of their creation compared to when they play Terraria. This will develop better planning in real life, thus allowing individuals to live a easier life by planning their daily routine, activity, and such.

3. Developing the feeling of appreciation

As I have mentioned before, Minecraft allows players to relate their creations better, thus resulting in better appreciation. When these individuals are able to appreciate their creations in the game themselves, I believe they will be able to appreciate things in real life. This will allow better interaction and relations between members of the society, and thus a better society as a whole.

In conclusion for all of my arguments, I only have one thing to say:

Minecraft is better than Terraria.

Thank you.
Debate Round No. 4


Darth_Dreavas forfeited this round.


First of all, Thank you to everyone who has viewed this debate and stayed with us until the end.

Alright, let me tell you why Minecraft won this debate.

I gave three burdens and I have proven it all:

1. Minecraft is a better sandbox game.

2. Minecraft is a better RPG game.

3. Minecraft has a better effect of generating creativity, better planning and appreciation in real life.

I have rebutted Pro's points and have taken down his arguments.

Now, for my closing statements.

Minecraft is a game where you can animate your own world. It is a game where you can build your own haven and relate it to your life. You can do anything in Minecraft. It's your choice, your decisions, your world. All in all, I am proud to close this debate with six words:

Minecraft is definitely better than Terraria.
Debate Round No. 5
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