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Terrorists should be killed not put in jail

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Started: 5/7/2012 Category: Miscellaneous
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I think that terrorists should be killed by the chair and not be put in jail.
I'm sure there will be lots of people saying that it is there right to go to jail and not just be killed. Terrorists kill too many people to just be put in jail and not be worried about for the rest of there life. There is the chance they will escape and kill even more people. There is always the rule an eye for an eye. Why not make that the lives of thousands of people for the life of 1 man. Take this website for example

That's 400 terrorists that are back in our world because the chair was not used.

I hope my opponent sees my point and offers a reasonable counterargument
all in all vote pro


While I agree that terrorist and terrorist acts are despicable in nature and in many cases deserve swift and just punishment we cannot abandon our morals and values in pursuit of revenge.

Due Process

In the United States we believe in something known as due process. Before you go to jail or get the chair you must first go through a very structured process of justice to be sure that everyone gets a fair shake. Even terrorists. If we just give people death without due process or without chance for jail we are no better than the terrorists themselves who assigned themselves the position of judge, jury and executioner during their terrorist activities.

"An eye for an eye"

This is a term for revenge plain and simple. If someone takes your eye you wish to see their eye gone as well. Governments, especially one as well known and respected as the United States government (or any Western country for that matter) cannot partake in the business of revenge. There is no place for it. If we are to say that we believe in freedom and are opposed to terrorists then we must give everyone a fair and decent chance at life and liberty. We cannot practice revenge.

Inflaming Passions

If we decide to just put terrorists to death then we run the risk of inflaming the passions of various groups. These groups include: nationalists, human rights proponents, religious groups and international organizations. We cannot risk endangering more lives due to revenge or anger due to these killings. If terrorists know they will be killed if captured by the United States they will obtain a "nothing to lose" attitude which will make them that much more dangerous. Also, we would lose a lot of respect on the world stage particularly from the UN and liberal Western Europe.

Did you see the backlash the US got from water boarding? That's not even considered a real form of torture. Can you imagine if we just put all these people to death?

While terrorists are evil we cannot just put them to death. Not all of them necessarily deserve death and we have to extend to them the chance to prove their innocence before execution if one is warranted.
Debate Round No. 1


a-c-flem forfeited this round.


Point made.
Debate Round No. 2


i see your point you are a very good arguer



Vote Con.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by ConservativePolitico 6 years ago
That doesn't mean we should. That goes against what we stand for.
Posted by 16kadams 6 years ago
Due process does not apply to foreign born terrorists.

Also we can execute them with due process :P
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