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Tesla is better than Edison

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Started: 3/24/2015 Category: People
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Both Tesla and Edison were very smart inventors, no doubt about that. Edison held thousands of patents on inventions. Tesla, not so many. However, many of Edison's inventions were ideas of people who worked for him, Tesla being one of them. Tesla also created things that cannot even be recreated with todays technology. Whenever the two had similar inventions, Tesla's would usually be first, like the light bulb, or better, such as Direct Current, or DC.


Edison was a thinker, a tinkerer
He had many important inventions that helped people (lightbulb) his inventions were cheap and could be used by poor families
He also invented modern innovation

NiKola Tesla was haughty and cared too much about fashion. His great distrust of other people lead to him dying penniless
Debate Round No. 1


Tesla did distrust people, but he died penniless by being stabbed in the back by JP Morgan. Tesla was being funded by Morgan to create world wide wireless energy that could be used in every home around the globe. The reason that funding was cut was because Morgan found out that Tesla's intentions were for the energy to be free. Since Morgan could not make any money off of it, and he was a business fat cat, he cut funding. This project was what would make or break Tesla, and ended up breaking him. He was also mentally ill. He went insane afterwards, broken hearted and defeated, and eventually died.
Edison was a tinkerer and brought to light the idea of innovation, but for purely the reasons of capital gain. If it was not for Edison's workshop workforce then this air of innovation would not be so strong. Edison hired workers, Tesla being one of them, to work for him and invent and innovate. This is where a majority of his patents came from. They came from the hard work of other people.
Edison and Tesla were also both in a race with each other to create a useful form of electricity. What was created in the end was Edison's AC and Tesla's DC. This made Edison upset that Tesla created a form of electrical current that was better than his. To deter people putting favor to DC, Edison held a public demonstration where he electrocuted zoo animals using DC.
Tesla was also asked to help with the exhibitions at the Chicago Worlds Fair. Tesla used his very own light bulbs to light up the fair. To light the bulbs, Tesla used his own form of electrical energy, using a power source that was miles away, and without any wires. This was not only an accomplishment that Edison could not create, but has not been reproduced since.

Not only were Tesla's ideas miles ahead of Edison's, but Edison was also an unkind, and rude individual.


BestDebate forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


I was hoping on having one last back and forth for the third round, but it looks as though Con has nothing left to say. I would like to take this round instead to thank Con for giving me a chance to have a debate with some one. Hopefully Con can do better in their next debate.


Edison is a great inventor. Tesla was just as good, but Edison patented and invented more helpful and everyday used inventions
Good Job
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by evanallred123 3 years ago
Edison was a lying dirtbag.

Edison actually hired Tesla to improve his DC motors for $50,000 (about $1million today). Tesla did improve Edison's motors, but when he came asking for his payment, Edison shook him off and said that Tesla didn't understand his "American sense of humor". So basically, Edison ripped off Tesla of $1 million and got his motor upgraded. What a piece of scum.
Posted by triangle.128k 3 years ago
Edison's greatness was a hoax. All Thomas Edison really did was beat everyone to making a commercially avaible lightbulb. He rentlessly took credit for things he didn't create just for money.

The world would do just fine without Edison. Edison also went against Tesla's concept of free electricity rather than paying for it. If the concept was taken more seriously and more people would try to make it a reality, we could have solved the energy problem. Edison gave the concept a bad reputition so he could make money off direct current.
Posted by TBR 3 years ago
Well, I am not taking the Edison side, but... We really needed both. Edison was not as interesting or... forward thinking (That is hard to say, like Edison was not forward thinking) as Tesla. Edison brought these practical inventions to the market.

Let me put it this way. We would have the light-bulb regardless. What Edison did was make it, sell it, bring light to the world.
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