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Texting does more harm than good

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Started: 6/5/2016 Category: Technology
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Texting causes sleeping problems.
People stay up late to text and can"t stop because the person their texting doesn't stop and they don't want to stop because they're afraid that'll be rude.
According to, people feel pressured to answer texts regardless of what time it is, causing them to go to sleep later.


Texting only causes sleeping problems if you do not have the discipline to stop texting. Just because some people do not have discipline doesn't mean the overall benefits are not good. Eating food is nutritious, healthy and vital to living but some people abuse it and overeat. Similarly texting is great for communication, but some people abuse it to a harmful degree. Just because you receive a text does not mean you should answer it. We should encourage people have the discipline not to answer.

Text messaging has many benefits.

1. It allows you to communicate messages very fast. It allows you to communicate with multiple people at once (separately or together in a group text). Group texts allow multiple people to communicate quickly and easily.

2. Over 98% of texts are read within 15 minutes of receipt, so if you send a text, you know people will read it.

3. Texting doesn't require any downloads or internet connection, so it's easy to access.

4. Texting allows you to communicate when you cannot speak by voice. This is great for privacy and security.

5. Texting can be good for your mental health and thus all around health. Loneliness can lead to high blood pressure and death. University of California Berkeley researchers learned that people who felt depressed, isolated or alone felt more connected and cared for when they received text messages.

6. Texting can be an educational tool. "Texting and 'text speak' can be used to help build foundational reading skills, (link is external)such as word recognition and phonological awareness. It can also be used to generate discussions around formal and informal language (link is external) and writing for different tasks, audiences, and purposes (link is external), all of which are necessary skills for meeting College and Career Readiness Standards in reading (link is external), writing (link is external), language (link is external), and speaking and listening (link is external)."

7. Texting is short and to the point; it is very quick and easy to read, instead of a long message.

8. Texting is very mobile and does not require a computer, but you can still communicate clear messages.

9. Texting helps people learn faster and more fluently. It especially helps with grammar and vocabulary.

10. Texting is a great way for people to stay in contact with their family and friends.
Debate Round No. 1


There are a lot more car crashes because of texting.
Almost everybody talks or texts on their phone while driving. 25% of those people get into car accidents because of texting while driving.
According to, a study done in 2010 estimates that 200,000 people die in car crashes because they text while driving.


I've already said that texting is great for communication, but some people abuse it. Just because you receive a text doesn't mean you should answer it. We should encourage people to have the discipline not to answer while operating a vehicle. There are also devices and apps that prevent people from receiving texts while driving, so this doesn't have to be a problem. Extend all of my other arguments.
Debate Round No. 2


Agent_007 forfeited this round.


My arguments were just too good! Vote Con.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by mall 2 years ago
A lot of what was stated is a matter of perspective. In regards to texting its to each its own. Not everybody is the same. Texting does more harm for some people and nothing for others. Texting is one of the biggest things in communication today and continues on into the future, dangerous or non-dangerous. Why? because it works for people, apparently . Technology is in , non-tech, manual works are out.
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Reasons for voting decision: Pro argues that texting with make you no sleep, and that texting can get you killed in car accidents. Con refutes by saying that just because there is a text, you don't need to answer it right away. Con says that there are apps to stop you from texting, so this solves it. Con's arguments are that texting is good for your grammar, getting a way to stay in contact, etc. Pro does not refute any of these points. And, Pro forfeited a round, so conduct to Pro.