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Texting in school: is it THAT bad?

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Started: 4/7/2010 Category: Education
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Voting Period
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I don't believe texting in class is THAT bad. I did a study where I sent a survey to random people on (Taylor Swift official forums) and found that 85% of the high school students surveyed (300) felt like the administrators at their school spent most of their time dealing with cell-phone related issues while other more serious issued (cheating, stealing) were being ignored. I recently read an article ( from 2007 in which a parent is upset because his child was not paying attention because she was texting. He said he holds the school accountable. That's ridiculous. Would you hold the school accountable if your child daydreamed through class? There are many different ways to not pay attention, texting is just one of them.
Next bit: change of classes. Why are students not allowed to text in the change of classes when no one is in class? They can't disrupt anyone during this time period so that argument can be thrown out.
In my opinion, teachers should take up cell phones in a bucket or in the front of the room before a test or quiz and students may get them when they are done. This prevents cheating. And it does a much better job of it than simply telling children not to do it.


It's just THAT bad.

Maybe my views are swayed by the fact that I, personally, cannot text. Not a physical inability, no, more that I don't have the cell phone plan for it. But texting in class is wrong. You are there to learn, not to socialize with your friends. You can do that after class.

I only use my phone to call people, really. (Or for a calculator, when I need class.) And if you can't call someone in class, you shouldn't be able to text someone in class. I don't, however, believe that phones should be forced to be turned off during school, or that they should be taken away. I do make calls during school, but I've never really gotten busted for it. Maybe I'm lucky, but then again, I'm going to two different schools every day. But phone calls aren't the issue, I'm off topic, sorry.

At my school, we really only have ONE staff member, who watches out for texting, along with the teachers during their classes. He walks around campus during the classes, looks in the back windows of classes, and points out who's texting. It's quite funny, really, but those who text are creeped out and always looking over their shoulder for him. He is also the one who makes sure students stay on campus when they're supposed to and other members of society stay OFF campus, since we have a closed campus.

I agree that holding a school responsible for a student's texting is ridiculous. But they shouldn't be texting in the first place.

In between classes, I believe that texting SHOULD be allowed...same as making phone calls. But at the same time, if it was, there might be a MASS of people texting and calling people in the hallways, making it busier and louder and more stressful and annoying in between class. So maybe it's best if they don't.

Taking the phones and putting them in a bucket, however, is not the answer.

There needs to be a system the keep students from texting. It's disrespectful.
Debate Round No. 1


"And if you can't call someone in class, you shouldn't be able to text someone in class" "I do make calls during school, but I've never really gotten busted for it."

I text people in class and rarely get busted for it too.

Your school is a minority. Most schools have every teacher looking out for texting and every vice principal on it too.

I don't think texting in class will ever stop. I feel like we're wasting a lot of our time and resources trying to make it stop. Making it against the rules doesn't do anything for you. Actually, I think it makes kids want to do it more. I don't see the point in trying to put so much effort into preventing something you'll never even make a dent in.

With that being said, I think taking them and putting them in a bucket is the answer for test and quiz situations. I think for normal class, teachers should advise against texting, but understand that if a teenager makes the choice to not pay attention, they have just made that choice. By the time people get to high school they're old enough and smart enough to understand that you have to pay attention to learn the material. If a child doesn't feel the need to do that, it will be reflected in their grade. Its much like homework. High school students know they have to do their homework to receive good grades. If they don't do their homework, they get a bad grade. They made the choice and are held accountable.

I believe that there are some classes that a child might be in and already know the material while others are slightly more behind. In those classes, students get bored. There are also classes where students don't know the material and feel they HAVE to pay attention to get a good grade. I think if we give our teens the chance to make the right choice for them we would be pleasantly surprised. High schoolers are not babies who need you to tell them exactly what to do when. We shouldn't treat them as such with our overbearing rules.


"Most schools have every teacher looking out for texting and every vice principal on it too."

Fact or opinion? If fact...lets see your support.

Texting may not stop, but that doesn't mean we should give up hope. Some kids ARE rebellious and try to go against the rules, if they are told no, they'll do it.

You say too much effort being wasted, I think you're wrong. The teachers are still teaching, and honestly, it is HIGHLY disrespectful for a student to text while the teacher is trying to teach. And how students achieve in classes is reflected on the teachers. If they all do poorly due to lack of attention due to texting or whatever else, one might assume it is because of poor teaching, which may not be the case. So if effort is being put in to stop the texting, it will benefit the teachers AND the students.

But how about setting up some incentives? You text, you get points knocked off your grade. Text all the time, you may fail. But if you don't hurt to your grade there. So the incentive would be, if a decent grade is desired, not to text. And if anyone wants to get by in the world, they need to go to school and DO WELL in school. If they fail, and just drop down under the radar, they may be 'flipping burgers' the rest of their lives. (Not that it's a horrible job to have, no discrimination here, but I believe students can do better...besides, who needs the calories? ;] )

If the students make the choice regardless to text in class, and not pay attention, that's their problem. But I'd really like to see the incentives put in...make them FAIL if they don't pay attention and text all the time. Make the behavior change.

Again, I don't feel that putting cell phones in a bucket is the answer. I would NOT be comfortable with my phone being taken away and put in with others. How about another solution; have everyone take out their cell phones and TURN THEM OFF, under the teacher's careful inspection. Then put them away.

Students may know material, they may get bored...but they still shouldn't TEXT. Write a note, write a letter, read, PAY ATTENTION, something, but just don't text...because who have you got to text anyway? Your friends should (most likely) be in class paying attention as that leaves who...your mom, grandma, cousin who lives several states/countries away? It's not worth it.

High schoolers may not be babies, and I agree, they shouldn't be treated as such, but rules are there for a reason...TO BE FOLLOWED.
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I believe this means I have won. :]
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Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by historyhermann 6 years ago
I don't text in school. I don't like the idea of it and I think its disruptive. I think that trying to control it is impossible. Discipline won't change minds. Eventually, it should be slowly accepted.
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