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That media organizations should not report on ongoing court cases

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Started: 8/4/2016 Category: Politics
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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For WODC 2016.


We were supposed to have three debating rounds, not including acceptance, so we'll have to put the final round in the comments. The round structure will go as follows:
2. Opening arguments
3. Rebuttals
Comments: Defense
Voters: Please take note of this, although it normally isn't required to read the comments, please read the conclusion round before voting.
Debate Round No. 1


I apologize for the first round. Debate challenges on DDO confuse me immensely. In the WODC, there are no round structure specifications

Since this is technically considered the first round of debating for the WODC, I will follow my usual format of framing arguments in the first round.

1. Media can complicate matters for both the prosecution and the defendant.

2. Court cases are serious. The media has no business capitalizing on them.

3. The media is concerned with entertainment. Not providing honest coverage.

During a high profile court case, the kind that the media usually covers, the prosecution and defendant invest a lot of time into their particular positions. When media casts perceptions on to the American populace, the expensive and burdensome court cases become more complicated. Public outrage, risk of influencing jury members, ect.

It is most important to recognize that media organizations either exist to make money, or are at very least sustained by money. Court cases always involve someones life, liberty, and property. Fundamental natural rights as declared by the founding fathers. Someones life, liberty, and property, should not be made subject to the greed of media organizations.

The media organizations that actively make money, do so by providing entertaining news. Entertainment is not always in line with the truth. More often than not, entertainment is in direct conflict with the truth. Media has historical renown for embellishment and outright lying.

When someones life, liberty, and property is at stake, the media has no business getting involved.



Thank you for bringing to my attention the fact that the WODC has no round structure specifications, and I have now realized that breaking the round structure that I mentioned in the first round will make this easier as Con.

My position on this issue is that there is no harm caused by media organizations reporting on ongoing court cases; therefore, there is no reason to believe that they should not do so. If I can negate your arguments, I have proven my case.

Rebuttal #1: Complicating matters

There could be public outrage due to media reporting, but it would have no effect on the outcome of the case, and it could also happen after the case is over. When the media reports on the case has no impact. As for influencing jury members, people who learn about the court case would not know all the evidence that had been presented, so they could not tell a jury member anything that they had not already heard and couldn't be easily dismissed as baseless.

Rebuttal #2: Capitalizing on a serious matter

Media organizations can't make money off influencing court cases without doing anything illegal. In fact, reporting inaccurate information about a court case would most likely decrease their popularity, causing them to make less money.

Rebuttal #3: Entertainment

I agree that media should not lie about a court case, but that's not in the resolution. If you can prove that media should not report inaccurately on ongoing court cases, you haven't proven that they shouldn't report on them at all. You have to prove that media should not report on ongoing court cases, whether they do so accurately or inaccurately.


There is no harm in media reporting on ongoing court cases.
Debate Round No. 2
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Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by WODCStagMk5Edeb8 2 years ago
Its been so long since I have been on DDO. Forcing the argument in the challenge is really stupid.
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