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That the world would be better if it had gender equality

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Started: 4/15/2015 Category: People
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Many women have brilliant ideas, ideas that can change the world for the better.


A man is defined as:
  • an adult human male.
  • a human being of either sex; a person.
  • a group or person in a position of authority over others, such as a corporate employer or the police.
  • a figure or token used in playing a board game.

A woman is defined as:

  • an adult human female.

The world is coping fine with male domination. Men make up 53.3% of choices, men have initiated the general relationship at 60%, 56% of females seem to be more intimidating in relationships and more statistics shown on

Women have generally been worse off than men and as I am against this topic it is hard. If you are reading this, just know in your hear it should be fair. Like white and black people, gay and lesbiane, female and male; it should be fair. It should be fair, and you know it.

Hope you enjoyed :)

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