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The 49ers/Seahawks rivalry is/will be one of the biggest in the history of the NFL

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Started: 7/26/2013 Category: Sports
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First round will be to accept and clarify position. 2nd will be to argue position. 3rd will be to conclude. My position will be that the 49ers and Seahawks rivalry in the NFL is one that is up there with CHI V. GB, GB V. MIN, or SF V. DAL. Good luck to the opposition! I am a 49ers fan by the way.


I would like to thank my opponent for starting this debate. I accept this debate and wish my opponent good luck. In my opinion, the Green Bay Packers and Chicago Bears rivalry is the biggest in the history of the nfl.
Debate Round No. 1


First off, I would like to clarify that the debate states it will be "one of the biggest", meaning that even if the rivalry is not THE biggest, it will be talked about amongst rivalries such as GB V. CHI.
The definition of a rivalry is "Competition for the same objective or for superiority in the same field." as stated by A top ranking rivalry should include rivalries on the many different sides of the football. This could include offense, defense, special teams, coaching, team history, the (non)chemistry, etc. I believe that this rivalry has most, if not all of these.

Offense: the QB situation is one where both QBs have taken the spotlight over their seeming predecessors ("Matt Flynn", and Alex Smith). Both of those quarterbacks were seen to be the full time starters for their teams (Matt Flynn just got a 3 year contract, bigger than Alex Smiths. Alex Smith just reconstructed his contract, and led his team to an NFC Championship, and an 8-2-1 record in the 2012 season). Both QBs parallel in several ways as well concerning their humble beginnings, and their style of football (both are capable of avoiding the rush and running with the ball).
The runningbacks for both teams are both considered to be among the best (49ers were ranked 4th and Seahawks ranked 3rd). They both favor hard-nosed running style offenses first.

Defensively, both were ranked very highly. The 49ers were 2nd in points allowed, behind only the seahawks, and vice versa for yards allowed (49ers at 3rd, Seahawks at 4th). and

Perhaps most important to the rivalry is the coaches. The history of these coaches does not only go to the beginning of the season, nor last season; the two coaches played against each other at rival college schools as well (USC and Stanford). Neither coach likes the other very much, however both are respected for their success in the positions. Just a few years ago, the NFC West was among the worst of the divisions, with rumors of a team under .500 going to the playoffs (Seahawks did it in 2010, Carrol's first season with the Seahawks). Since the hiring of both coaches, both teams have risen to exemplary levels of playing, (both went to the playoffs, and almost played each other in the NFC Championship). In addition, in the offseason, nearly every move was countered by the opposing team; (WRs Harvin/Boldin, the draft picks )

A rivalry should include teams who play each other often, and both teams should be competitive in the NFL. Because they are both in the NFC West, they are guaranteed 2 games a year, and at the moment, both are fighting for the top pick to win the superbowl.

I look forward to reading CONs justification for his argument, and wish him luck.


I would like to thank my opponent for his quick respone. In my opinion, the 49ers/Seahawks rivalry is nowhere near that of the Redskins Cowboys, Packers Bears, and even the Broncos Patriots.

History: The 49ers history is much richer than that of the Seahawks. The San Francisco 49ers were founded in 1946 by Tony Morabito. The Seahawks were founded in 1975. The 49ers have had some of the greatest players in NFL history like Joe Montana, Ronnie Lott, and Jerry Rice. No player in the Seahawks 37 year history can be compared to any of those three players.

Super Bowls: San Francisco has been to 6 super bowls and won 5. Seattle has only been in 1 super bowl and has not won any championships.

In rivalries, the two teams are about even in terms of history, super bowls, and star players. In this one, the two teams aren't even close when comparing.

Debate Round No. 2


I would like to thank the opponent for his rebuttal.

I believe that rivalries change over time, and the fire between two teams lessen when one becomes less relevant. For example, The 49ers and Cowboys used to be a heated rivalry, with them meeting 6 times in the playoffs in a relatively short amount of time. In fact, "this rivalry was not at its height until the early 1990s when for three years, from 1992-1994, the Cowboys and 49ers were unequivocally the best two teams in football." (
A few years ago, the 49ers were relatively irrelevant in the larger scheme of things, having missed the playoffs for several years in a row, and the Cowboys have disappointed their fans recently with bad choices in personnel. Because of their minimal competitiveness, the teams rivalry dampened. The rivalry of the early 90s between them, however, is still one that is remembered throughout time as one of the top rivalries.

The fact that the 49ers have a much richer history should not have a large effect on the rivalry, because the teams are playing for a current superbowl, not one of the past. It is true that Seattle has not played in many championship games, however as of right now, the two teams are both recognized as top picks by several analysts to be an early superbowl favorite. Because they are both in the same division, the two teams recognize that every meeting that the two get, could be recognized nationally as an early view of what the NFC championship could look like (or a meeting of two great teams). Thank you to all the viewers, and to CON for the debate! Vote PRO!


Thank you Dashy654 for your response, and good luck to you in the voting process.

My opponent states that the current season is what matters. Even then, the season hasn't started yet so we don't know how good both teams will be. Also, just because analysts have picked both teams to contend for the Super Bowl does not mean that they will actually contend. Analysts have flaws themselves and don't actually know if they will contend.

My opponent also states that since both teams play in the same division, and since both meeting could be on national television, and that they could meet again in the playoffs, this builds up the matchup. It is way too early to look ahead to future meetings, and this will not be a rivalry until both teams prove that they can have success this season and in the future.

Vote Con!
Debate Round No. 3
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Reasons for voting decision: If anything, Con proved that the rivalry was not THE biggest, but could never disprove that, as the resolution states, it is ONE OF the biggest. Next time, Con should be careful to address clarification, along with every contention made.