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The Affordable Health Care Act

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Started: 10/24/2013 Category: Politics
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The Affordable Health Care act is a terrible Idea. So health care for all by itself sounds like a pretty good idea, until you learn the details. The affordable health care act forces people to pay for health care through taxes. Don't worry if you can't afford it, the president made the wealthy people who worked to make a living pay for it. I know somebody is going to say "not all people living in poverty don't try to make money" Here's my argument against that, I know people who aren't as wealthy as other's may try to make money, but when they hear that wealthy people are going to pay for it anyway, why would they even bother trying. It's a terrible idea. I'm very lucky and I live in a family that is pretty well off and I agree with my parents on the fact that if it's "free" for one group of people, it should be free for everybody.


Hi, I'm from the UK and under my experience of the NHS which I feel is similar to this, I agree with the act.
In the current society, some of the most important jobs are the worst paid, for example, a care worker such as myself is usually on not much more than minimum wage, however we work extremely hard to support thousands of people across the country that would be unable to live without us; we wouldn't be able to afford healthcare if we were expected to pay for it, we are also more likely to require healthcare because of the increased risk of illness and injury from our jobs.

Why should we have to put ourselves in to poverty because our job, a necessary role in life that not many people are willing to take on, has made us ill? Who should really pay that cost, or to rephrase the question, who is responsible for the illness or injury? It's either the worker, the service user or the employer, but in most cases, it is a combination of the three.

With your idea of 'if it's free for one, it should be free for all', where would the funding come from? Tax payers money, of whom the wealthier pay more than those with a lower income anyway. In order to argue that the wealthier shouldn't pay more, you should also argue that everybody should pay the same amount in tax regardless of income.
Debate Round No. 1


TylerRutherford120 forfeited this round.


Sorry... I must apologise on behalf of my opponent. He seems to be too busy calculating whether having equal taxes for everyone in the country would benefit him or not...

Meanwhile, an act like AHC would simplify things for the patient; the need to fill out lots of paperwork before you can be treated is eradicated as there are very few people that would not be covered.

The vast majority of the population pay taxes for trivial things like highway maintenance and garbage disposal, the argument for this is that they contribute to the need for it. As I pointed out in my previous argument, the causes of illness and accidents is very rarely clear and I would go as far as to say that EVERYBODY has contributed to somebodys hospital or doctors visit.
Debate Round No. 2


Thats the problem. Why should a more wealthy group of people be forced to fund something. It's welfare and I strongly disagree with that too. Democrats with their handouts, but people who side with this topic needs to understand that the United States isn't completely made up of people from the middle class. It's like saying "ok we're going to do a welfare program that is funded by african american tax money." It's not the same in the fact that my example was racial but you shouldn't create a welfare program funded by one group of people.
The two Major Issues with Obamacare:
1. The 'rich' people fund it for those who can't afford it
2. It's another welfare program. I'm so tired of people who are too lazy to work getting the same wage as somebody who actually works for their money.


I refer you back to the point I made about very hard-working people that do fundamental jobs but are on a low income- even if you compare nurses, who I am sure you agree are more than essential in the very healthcare we are discussing, are on relatively low incomes compared to many other jobs, for example executive managers. The fact of the matter is that some career lines have higher potential incomes than others and there is no way for everybody to earn the same amount of money, even if every person in the world put in the same amount of effort, yet you are suggesting that they should be penalised for that.

In truth, if every person were able to earn the same wage, then money would be useless. The tax system as it is, where you pay a proportion of your wage, is much fairer than to say that every person must pay the same amount- if you consider that 10% of the population holds 50% of the worlds wealth, I'm sure that you would end up paying more. As it stands, the higher your income, the more you pay in tax, but you also take home more than anybody with a lower income.

You also appear to be implying that the only thing that encourages people to work is healthcare when in reality there are much bigger issues at hand such as paying for a roof over your head and food to fill your stomach. People that choose not to work are a whole separate matter; paying their healthcare will make a negligible difference to them deciding whether to work or not. However the issue lies with those that are stuck in low paying jobs, positions that every economy needs to be filled in order for the country to continue to run smoothly, but that don't give much room for advancement as these people make up a significant proportion of the population whereas the higher tax for the richest of the population is not likely to make a significant difference to their income.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by BEM1019 3 years ago
Most other first world countries have a universal healthcare system. I pay taxes and am happy for my taxes to go towards health, education and social welfare programs. I live in Australia and we have healthcare for all and our society has not fallen into Armageddon. The claims I read about the USA falling into a caos society is crazy talk.

How can somebody justify denying another person quality healthcare because they do not want to pay tax and claim publicly with pride that it is their constitutional right to deny another and have them suffer unnecessarily so that their right is upheld? Australia(I am) is pretty apathetic when it comes to religion practice but for a country promoted as a God fearing nation there some pretty noisy people wanting to play God with other peoples health and future. Get out side the bubble the rest of the world can not understand your uproar. Just pay the tax and take comfort that a baby born in the Projects has as much access to health care as one born in Manhattan. To the rest of the world your uproar over this issue has as much credibility as the Salem Witch Hunts.
Posted by SloppyJoe6412 3 years ago
TylerRutherford dixit: "2. It's another welfare program. I'm so tired of people who are too lazy to work getting the same wage as somebody who actually works for their money."

Has it crossed your mind that you are on welfare too? I sure am, and I consider myself upper middle class.

The thing is, income distribution is so unequal in our country, that the uberrich pay the majority of taxes, even with all the magic loopholes they have at their disposition (and ordinary people like you and me do not). So the bulk of taxes is not paid by the ordinary American worker that grunts "why should I support those lazy bastards?" Well, cheer up, you're not. The very very rich are supporting both the lazy and the working.
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Reasons for voting decision: I'm from Canada, we've had a similar system for years and I think it is beneficial but I might have to look in to it more to develop a more strong opinion. I'm sorry if I'm a little bias also the fact that I only saw two arguments also hurt con