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The Allies would have won World War 2 without the Soviet Union.

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Started: 3/9/2016 Category: Politics
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I believe the Allies would have defeated the Axis without the Soviet Union's sacrifices. The Allies having the numbers, size, tactics, and technology would have defeated the Axis eventually. The Soviets contribution simply saved Western Europe from having to experience the hell that they were force to experience or worse.


The Allies would have fallen if not for Stalin and the Soviet Union. The Soviet Union held off the German forces and dwindled their forces down with the help of the Legendary Cold Winters. The Cold also helped with Neutralizing the Heavy ordinance of the Germans. When the Germans were made to retreat after the battle of Stalingrad, their moral fell, and the moral of all the Allied nations were raised when some of the POWs were saved, it also gave time to make the Nuke and worry about Japan.
Debate Round No. 1


The Allies couldn't have fallen. The Allies consisted of all of North and South America, the British Empire (largest in human history), resistant groups in Europe, Africa, allies in Asia, and the Pacific. For the major powers to have fallen to the Axis required a navy. The Soviet Union had no part whatsoever in defeating the navies of the Axis powers. Japan being a nation of islands required a navy in order to maintain operations on land. Without a navy their armies abroad would have been defeated due to no reinforcements nor resources to replenish losses. The resource rich colonies that Japan took was reconquered by the Allies, not the Soviets. Japan was suing for peace before the Soviets joined the war in the Pacific, 3 months after Germany's defeat and 9 days before Japan surrendered. The German u-boats began to lose by the end of 1942. Without air superiority, a sufficient navy, and Britain's indomitable determination to keep on fighting prevented the Axis from defeating Britain on their home island. And with eventual supremacy on the oceans, more resources and manpower would be redeployed and with considerably less risk.

With Japan defeated, the allies in the Pacific and Asia could and would redeploy their combat strengths to confront the Axis in Europe with even greater numbers then they already would be dealing with. American-British bombings crippled Axis production for months on end forcing the Axis to rebuild just to have them destroyed all over again. The United States alone produced more aircraft then all the Axis combined over 320,000 aircraft of different types the British Empire over 175,000 not counting the other nations that produced their own or provided resources to allow us to produce more, the Axis produced almost 230,000. The Allies produced over 150,000 tanks and spgs compared to the Axis near 75,000. The Allies in nearly every single area produced more than the Axis. In terms of manpower the United States contributed over 16 million people and the British Empire at 14.6 million not counting China and the rest of the Allied powers. If needed the United States and the British Empire could have drafted more.

If by some chance that Allied air superiority over the Axis with our superior technology and capabilities in the air, vehicles increasingly getting better, superior numbers of troops and resources was still insufficient to defeat the Axis, I personally think they would be enough to defeat the Axis.. Then, in a last resort, the United States would have decimated Europe with atomic weapons until the Axis in Europe, like Japan, surrendered, or ceased to exist as countries as we know them today. The Soviet Union saved Europe from utter destruction from the United States' arsenal of nuclear weapons. They however was not needed to defeat the Axis.


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Debate Round No. 3
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