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The American Enterprise System is the best form of economic system in the world.

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Started: 3/13/2017 Category: Economics
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For the sake of the debate, the American Enterprise System is not defined as the current system ran by the United States. It is instead defined as: A free market regulated in such a way that prevents monopolistic practices that unnecessarily raise ease of entry into markets and limits its own regulations on businesses and individuals. In essence a system designed to allow the most competition for all parties: workers, entrepreneurs, firms, and consumers a like.

Rules, Round 1 Acceptance and Opening Statements, Round 2 Body and refutation, Round 3 Rebuttal and Closing.

Post questions/clarifications in the comments.
Debate Round No. 1


I argue that the American Enterprise system is the greatest system, when implemented, in the world at our present time. It allows people the most meritocratic living they can have. Its perfect implementation simply would be optimizing freedom of opportunity to the highest degree by keeping barrier to entry into markets natural rather than artificially high or low causing market inefficiency with unnecessarily high product numbers, or inflated prices, or unneeded market scarcity. By letting the system naturally let suppliers meet their consumers demand, the system provides the best products at the fairest prices to producers and consumers. Government should only need to step in and alter this natrual flow if a company controls enough market share that it put down competition by raising the barrier to entry artificially high.
When government steps in any other matter as a regulatory being, it should be simply to make sure that company's are honest about what they're selling, and only putting strict regulations on something as a last resort. Like say a food company starts selling food that's old and stale and continues to do so, the Governments job would be to make sure that this is known by the customers rather than forcing them not to sell and not to buy because they'd go out of business pretty fast unless people started liking it, in which case the fault goes on the consumer for getting sick.
Now I'm sure you'll bring up workers, labor, and availability or at least point out I didn't mention that, but I'm tired and I'll talk about it in round three in response to whatever you bring up.
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Debate Round No. 2
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Debate Round No. 3
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