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The Anglo-Saxon education model should be radically reformed

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Started: 2/24/2009 Category: Education
Updated: 8 years ago Status: Voting Period
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She could be alright if she put a bit of makeup on, got a half decent hairdo, bought some fashionable clothes and lost a bit of weight, but no, she's a swot (nerd) and she's from Britain.

Of course, I am talking about Gail Trimble: the licker from Corpus Christi College, Oxford who answered most of her team's questions on University Challenge.

There's absolutely no reason why an intelligent girl can't also be attractive - I've personally been out with some right stunners that have achieved doctorates and post-doctorate degrees from the best universities, but they originated from Japan, Korea, Iran, Turkey and Taiwan – none of them from countries with the Anglo-Saxon education model such as Britain, the US, Canada or Australia.

The reason for this is that schoolgirls in English-speaking, Western schools tend to align themselves to one of three distinct camps:

* The Lickers and Swots (brainy but dowdy teachers' pets);

* The Fly Girls (glamorous but dim-witted – often cheerleaders if they are in America);

* The Fat Slags (chavettes that are neither bright nor good-looking).

By time British or American girls reach university age they are completely moulded into one of these three social circles. This means that the girls from the Lickers and Swots camp would consider it unconscionable to combine their academic studies with beauty and fashion tips from the Fly Girls.

This is a shame because it means that most British guys have to choose between clever but frumpy girls or fit but thick girls (or big, fat ugly slappers of course).

For this reason I affirm that the Anglo-Saxon education system should be completely overhauled to break down the social barriers that currently prevent intelligent girls developing into glamorous young women.

Thank you.


This should not be to hard , I have seen it all before in school however I am arguing against it , oh boy .

Right I think you have the right idea but you are going the wrong way about it , Girls should not be judged on appearance , personally sometimes I would rather go out with a girl who has a more interesting personality , than one who is just very attractive , but as the saying goes for me ... beggars cant be choosers :)

anyway I think that your debate is actually promoting the way these girls are treated . Girls shouldn't have to be attractive etc . The only way to go around this is not by having an overhaul of the education system , that's just to radical and unnecessary. The reason why these girls from a country in the east can be glamorous there and smart is that for many reasons , the main one being to an extent they are still developing countries , not economically but socially , they are not as exposed to the media or " teenage propaganda " seen in so many Hollywood films about cheerleaders etc. Personally I think the education in the west is better than that of the east , just in the east you need to work hard for a living in most areas however here , you still do but not as hard. Peoples attitudes need to be changed by not changing the way that they learn , its fine. Just changing they way the think of others , which I think is impossible to be honest. I have no ideas how that could be done except having same sex schools as that's the only way people could be who they truly are. However I am opposed to same sex schools so any ideas ?
Debate Round No. 1


With many thanks and with utmost respect to my opponent, I'm afraid I must disagree with his analysis of the problem.

Essentially, girls (and boys) who perform well academically at school are denounced by their peers as "swots". They are ostracised from the "cool" gangs and are forced to take refuge with the "lickers" and are branded as "teachers pets".

Conversely, in Eastern countries, academically gifted kids are admired, rather than despised, by their classmates and soon become the most popular members of the class.

This encourages them to take a leading role in school, not just in studies, but in social activities too.

This sort of attitude towards academic success should be fostered in Western schools to the end benefit of the pupils and , also, society as a whole.

Thank you.


I agree with you it should be , but its not going to happen. This country's education system does not need reformed the peoples attitude does , in order for kids to do well academically and not be ashamed off this , the government should use financial incentive I think. The better you do on tests you could receive a higher weekly payment.

This country ( UK) has an attitude towards education , they believe that children from these eastern countries will come in and take lower paying jobs for a better job , while children here will take higher payments for being under qualified.
Debate Round No. 2
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Posted by RoyLatham 8 years ago
Pro did not make a prima facia case, that reforming the "education model" would do anything to change the social structure that he describes. since Pro didn't define "education model" we are left the common meanings of the words, which implies something about the way that schools are organized and courses taught. Con didn't state explicitly point out this problem with Pro's case, but he didn't have to, because Pro has the burden of proving the resolution should be affirmed. I think Con was barking up the right tree. Both agreed that the ridiculous characterization of women was true, so that wasn't an issue.
Posted by KRFournier 8 years ago
Nice debate topic, Brian. She really didn't look as bad as you described her. She was a bit homely, but the other blokes on her team were just as nerdy. There is perhaps hope for all of them, though. Extreme Makeover, Swot Edition maybe?

I gave Pro the vote for better spelling and grammar and for more convincing argument. The keyword in the resolution was "should," so Con's point that it will likely never happen didn't really negate the resolution. Pro also made an excellent point about the social climate in eastern schools and how academic achievement is a social virtue rather than a social stigma.
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