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The Avengers would defeat the Justice League in a fight

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Started: 5/29/2013 Category: Entertainment
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The fighters for this battle will be as follows.

Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, Hawkeye, Doctor Strange, Captain America, Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver, and Vision

Justice League
Superman, Batman, Wonder woman, Aqua-man, Martian Man-hunter, Green Lantern (Hal Jordan), Flash (Barry Allen), Green Arrow, and Cyborg


I will argue on the side of DC comics, the Justice League. I await your opening arguments.
Debate Round No. 1


I propose that this debate be split into several rounds of battles between the heroes.

Round One
The first casualty in the battle would be Superman, as he would be the one to quickly engage a battle, most likely with the Hulk. Now the two heroes are both evenly matched, but Doctor Strange and Scarlet Witch would severely weaken Superman with magic, which is one of His major weaknesses. Black Widow would quickly find herself in defeated based on the sheer power of the Justice League, and Quicksilver would be outmatched by Flash. Ironman and Cyborg would be evenly matched but Ironman would eventually win due to his combat experience fight other techno-heroes. Batman and Captain America would fight in a stalemate, as would Hawkeye and Green Arrow. Thor would be fighting Wonderwoman and Aquaman, but he would be able to barley take down Aquaman due to his type advantage over water. Lastly Green Lantern and Martian Manhunter would be able to neutralize Vision.
Avengers left Hulk, Doctor Strange, Scarlet Witch, Ironman, Captain America, Hawkeye, and Thor
Justice League left Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern, Green Arrow, Batman, and Martian Manhunter


With all due respect, I decline to split these rounds into battles. You should have declared your intent to do this in your first round acceptance. Since you are new here (from what I can tell from your status) you need to properly outline all of the details of the debate in the first round. I cannot accept your terms because it is unfair. We are here to debate which team would win; if we do this debate in battles it doesn't allow the other to rebuttal. To put it simply, if this was a chess match, would you want me to move your pieces?

Let's go over a few points from your first battle.

1. Superman's Quick Engage

I concede that he would be one of the first to charge out in the middle of the battle. However, consider who would engage quickly on your team as well.
1. Hulk-Pure brute strength. In most iterations he attacks without intelligence at the first enemy in his path.
2. Thor-Same thought process as Superman; both believe they're unbeatable and invincible.
3. Iron Man-Very vain, would charge out first without understanding the situation.
These three would lead Marvels assault team. In terms of brute strength, both Hulk and Thor could withstand Superman. However, Tony Stark could be easily defeated as he is just a human in a suit. Superman could overpower him using brute strength, use heat vision to target specific parts of the armor, or use his freeze breath to stop Iron Man dead in his tracks. Also, there is an assumption that Strange and Witch would automatically single him out and know his weakness. Also, his weakness to magic is not nearly as significant as krypotonite, leading me to believe that while the magic would disable him temporarily, another JL member could easily free him from an attack, such as Green Lantern or Flash.

2. Black Widow?
You didn't even mention Black Widow in your line up. Did she sneak onto the battlefield just to get beaten up immediately?

3. Quicksilver
As you said, he can't beat the Flash. While similar in power, the comics depict Barry Allen (the Flash) as a police detective. Before he was the Flash, Allen was intelligent. Although shows and movies depict Allen as a goofball, he's extremely intelligent. Quicksilver does not have this same training and is known to be quite impatient and rude. After all, he used to be a villain working for his father Magneto. It comes to reason that Allen would be able to edge out an advantage against Quicksilver, then immediately turn his attention towards helping out the rest of the JL.

4. Stalemates
Captain and Batman would be a stalemate, agreed. Same with Hawkeye and Green Arrow. Both pairs would naturally seek each other out and remain in a deadlock.

5. Vision
Agreed, due to the double team.

6. Thor and Aquaman
Honestly, I think they would take each other out. Both of them are extremely powerful in their elements. If this was Pokemon, you would be completely right. I would say that Wonder Woman double teaming would be able to defeat Thor, but one of the DC heroes would fall during this.

If this was chess, our strongest pieces would have to be Superman and Thor. If the spell casters focused on Superman, they might defeat Superman, but that's assuming that their attention is not broken. Anyone from Cyborg to Martian could disrupt them long enough for Superman to sweep the opposition.

As for Hulk, Superman could just fling the Hulk into deep orbit. According to ScrewAttacks youtube video "Death Battle Goku vs. Superman" (can't post links from my computer), Superman's strength is equivalent to 6.6 quintillion tons. Wow. According to the Marvel Wikia, Hulk can lift anywhere from 70 to 80 tons. Let's compare the zeros.

Hulk: 80 tons.
Superman: 6,600,000,000,000,000,000 tons.

Bye Hulk.

Thank you for this interesting debate. I rest my argument here. Again I'm sorry for not using your format, but I do not want to assume control of your side. You have your pieces and I have mine : )
Debate Round No. 2


LordRomulus forfeited this round.


Extend all arguments.
Debate Round No. 3


LordRomulus forfeited this round.


Vote for me.
Debate Round No. 4
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