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The Bible is a truthful record of the Earth's history

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Started: 1/6/2015 Category: Religion
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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I believe that the bible is a factually untrue piece of literature. My reasoning is as follows:

1. The widely accepted theory of evolution, (which is backed by undeniable, hard evidence), dispels any notion of our species being created by instantly by a God.

2. Various dating methods (such as carbon dating and ice core dating) have proven that our planet is much older than the bible states it to be.

3. The story of Noah's ark has been proven to be extremely unlikely, if not false, by the lack of any discovery of colossal ark remains. Furthermore, a tree in Sweden has been found to be 9550 years old. It is far older than the date of Noah's flood, so how could a Swedish tree survive a flood sent by God to "destroy all life"?

4. There are thousands of other religions in our world, all of which contradict every other religion. What makes Christianity the one correct religion?


I accept the challenge and I Believe I am for God.
1. How would these mountains and canyons still be in shape if it was formed Millions or Billions of years old?
2. Many articles of evolution have been proven to be fake and false
3. Noah's Ark has been found
4. There has to be a creator of all things. They can't form by themselves
Debate Round No. 1


I assume you accidentally switched points one and two.

1. I would like to see your evidence of evolution being proven false. Simply stating it doesn't make it true, you must be able to provide some sort of proof. The proof for evolution is in the fossil records, and observations can be made of microevolution taking place in fruit flies, guppies, insects, etc. Here is an additional link to the Smithsonian that better describes the fossil records.

2. You completely disregarded my argument, I said that modern dating methods have discovered the Earth to be much older than 6000 years. Please address my argument instead of changing the subject. source:
As for what you said in the place of an actual argument, it doesn't make much sense. Mountains are formed by colliding and separating tectonic plates, which are constantly moving very slowly. It's a concept taught in Elementary school. Mountains are constantly being formed, and canyons are formed by extremely long periods of erosion. Geographic formations are always changing; they either grow or shrink with time.

3. I have no reason to believe that Noah's ark has been found unless you can show me proof. Please back up your claims with evidence.

4. Again, you ignored my argument. Please address it.
And to answer your statement, There does not have to be a creator. Science can not pinpoint where matter originated, but it does offer possible explanations such as the big bang theory. There is no evidence of a "creator" existing. If there was a "creator", where did it come from? As you said, everything must have a creator. So who/what created god?


clashofclans forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


vote con.


Who would you rather listen to humans who lie or God our creator?
Besides there needs to be a creator of the universe as science says. It couldn't have just formed by itself as evolution states.
And as I previously stated no tree could have survived that long it would have died and dont get me started with what the animals could have done to the tree
Debate Round No. 3


You've ignored almost all of my arguments and questions. Again, I ask you to respond to points one, two, three, and four.

To address your other argument, I would much rather listen to scholars and scientists. They devote their lives to determining truths, and back up their theories with evidence. Who told you that God exists? Humans who can lie? Until proven otherwise, "God our creator" is a character from a book written by humans (humans who can lie). The only "evidence" for the existence of the Christian God is the Bible itself. The Bible claims to be true, but does that make it true? No. If I tell you that I am a talking giraffe typing this on a laptop I built out of grass and leaves, does that make me correct? No, it proves nothing. Anybody or anything can claim to be correct, but they will never be correct until they prove them self through physical evidence. If I showed up to your house and you saw that I am indeed a talking giraffe, you would be justified in believing me. The Bible is only a book. While the Bible is an interesting piece of literature, it has no credibility.

Where exactly does science say that the universe needs a creator? Please send me a link. Evolution states no such thing; evolution only explains how species change over time due to certain DNA traits giving an organism a better chance to survive and breed. Science can not currently explain how the universe came to be, but the answer may be found some time in the future. I encourage you to read about the theory of evolution; it's some interesting stuff.

You never said a single word about the tree, so I'm not sure what you mean by "as I previously stated."
Here, read about the tree. If "no tree could have survived that long", why are there multiple trees older than 6000 years?


clashofclans forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4


vote con.


I am sorry for my forfeits I am very busy right now
I was not here to debate but to rather spread the good news
Repent for your sins and beleive in the Lord Jesus Christ!
He will save you from going to hell and you will go to heaven!
Turn away from the devil Satan for he is trying to drag away as many people as possible into hell with him!
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by Purple_Potato 2 years ago

The fossil record is "hard evidence". If a detective at the scene of a murder finds a bloody knife with a suspect's fingerprints on it would call that "hard evidence." Fossils are like the fingerprints on the knife, they are physical products of the past that tell us things about the time whence they came. Currently, this evidence is "undeniable" as there is no contradictory evidence. If evidence disproving evolution arose, it would be a different story. In my opinion, close-minded deniers of proof are what's destroying learning and intellectual growth.


Thanks for the well wishes.
Posted by ATRUE-ISRAELITE 2 years ago

And this is how we know people like you do NOT know the Bible. I don't know what Bible you are reading but no where in my bible does it say anything of what you wrote the prophecy was supposed to be.
Posted by rezapci 2 years ago
False Prophecy #14 - Mark 8:31
Jesus incorrectly predicted the time of his resurrection
False Prophecy #15 - Matthew 25:41
Jesus contradicted Micah's and Jeremiah's prophecies about God's forgiveness
False Prophecy #16 - Matthew 26:29
Jesus incorrectly predicted something that happened during his crucifixion
False Prophecy #17 - Matthew 26:34
Jesus is off by two crows
False Prophecy #18 - Mark 16:17-18
Jesus made an obviously false, and quite dangerous, dietary prediction
False Prophecy #19 - Matthew 27:57-60
Matthew, Mark and Luke all contradict a famous prophecy made by Isaiah
False Prophecy #20 - Luke 1:32
An angel contradicted a prophecy made by Jeremiah
False Prophecy #21 - Luke 8:10
Jesus contradicted himself about saving lost souls
False Prophecy #22 - Luke 23:43
Jesus falsely prophesied when he was on the cross
False Prophecy #23 - John 7:38
Jesus forged an Old Testament prophecy that never existed
False Prophecy #24 - Ezekiel 26:7-12
Ezekiel himself said that his own prophecy wasn't fulfilled, so do Matthew, Mark, Luke, Acts and satellite photos.
False Prophecy #25 - John 14:12
Four very good reasons that this prophecy, made by Jesus, is false
False Prophecy #26 - John 14:13-14
Jesus himself tried to fulfil this prophecy, and failed
False Prophecy #27 - John 15:25
Jesus supposedly wrote the Old Testament, but he showed his ignorance of it in this verse
False Prophecy #28 - John 16:13-15
Millions of Christians have proven that this prophecy, made by Jesus, is false
False Prophecy #29 - Acts 1:16-20
An apostle quoted parts of two Psalms and took them both badly out of context to create a "fulfilled prophecy"
False Prophecy #30 - Acts 2:25-27
An apostle said this was a fulfilled prophecy. But if it is, every Christian's salvation is in trouble
False Prophecy #31 - Acts 2:30
An apostle was unaware that Jesus was conceived by the Holy Spirit
Posted by rezapci 2 years ago
100 False Bible Prophecies: heard that the Bible supposedly contains miraculous prophecies? This statement is accepted without question by many Bible believers. Is it really true? This book examines 100 prophecies from the Bible by comparing them to other Bible passages and known historical facts.

This book discusses in detail the following Bible Prophecies which are demonstrably false:

False Prophecy #1 - Matthew 12:40
Jesus incorrectly predicted the day of his own resurrection
False Prophecy #2 - Matthew 12:38-40
Jesus prophesied falsely about many major events in his own ministry
False Prophecy #3 - Matthew 2:23
A fraudulent claim that a prophecy was fulfilled
False Prophecy #4 - John 13:18
Jesus claimed that he fulfilled a "prophecy" in Psalm 41 that cannot possibly be talking about him
False Prophecy #5 - Matthew 2:12-18
Jeremiah never predicted "The Slaughter of the Innocents" like Matthew said he did
False Prophecy #6 - Matthew 1:11-12
If Old Testament prophecy is true, then Matthew's genealogy proves that Jesus cannot be the Messiah
False Prophecy #7 - Matthew 1:23
Isaiah's famous Messianic prophecy wasn't one
False Prophecy #8 - Matthew 2:14-15
Matthew twists Hosea's words and takes them badly out of context to create a "prophecy"
False Prophecy #9 - Matthew 5:18
This one verse, attributed to Jesus himself, contains two contradictions and a false prophecy
False Prophecy #10 - Matthew 5:22
Jesus sinned by breaking his own command
False Prophecy #11 - Matthew 12:40
Jesus himself proved this wasn't true
False Prophecy #12 - Matthew 18:19-20
If this is true, why does penicillin without prayer work better than prayer without penicillin?
False Prophecy #13 - Matthew 2:23
Jesus made a false prediction about the Judgement Day
False Prophecy #14 - Mark 8:31
Jesus incorrectly predicted the time of his resurrection
False Prophecy #15 - Matthew 25:41
Jesus contr
Posted by McCool 2 years ago
I would have accepted this if the con side wasn't already taken, good luck in this debate, I'll be rooting for you :)
Posted by donald.keller 2 years ago
"Undeniable, hard evidence" is the phrase that's destroying science as a respectable system of learning and intellectual growth.
Posted by A-REAL-ISRAELITE 2 years ago
Christianity is not best religion. Christianity is a pagan religion just as all other religions. No where in the Bible does it say YAHUAH gave us religion. It is man-made, besides, Christians don't even know their own Bible.
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Reasons for voting decision: In the words of Pro: "I was not here to debate but to rather spread the good news". Pro dropped most arguments as the debate progressed, whilst Con's points and counter-points remained in tact. Therefore, Con wins arguments. Conduct to Con for Pro's round forfeits.