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The Big Bang, which began Evolution, was caused by a renovation in the west wing of God's Mansion.

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Started: 12/10/2014 Category: Miscellaneous
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The Big Bang and Evolution are scientific theories, they happen to be theories that I prescribe to through all of my school learings, however, I am also quite sure that our evolutionary intelligence was not by accident or purely through the process of evolution.

Please, nobody that's going to take this debate or their self too seriously.


I am a reverent Christian, but this was too good to pass up. No disrespect intended. Everything I say is facetious.

Sir, your premise is preposterous and an affront to all civilized intellectual discourse.

And that is a graphic and extreme understatement!!!! To say you are mistaken would be equivalent to stating that there are better hairstyles than the Mohawk, or that there are better-looking people than Gollum, or that there have been better presidents than Obama.

First: God does does not have a west wing! True, God's angels probably could have at least two wings, but, as everyone who has attended seminary or studied angels knows, those wings are termed "right" and "left" rather than "west" and "east," or, in the case of seminary, R1, R2, R3, and so on. If God had a west wing, that would require the owner of the west wing to stand still in order for that wing to always be pointing west. This would constitute an unnecessary limitation upon the mobility of the heavenly being.

Besides, West and East carry Worldly connotations that are inappropriate in the heavenly realms.

Second: God's wings need no renovation. To quote Danbury: "God must, in quintessence, be made up of only absolute actuality with illimitable potentiality for actuation with prospective (completely lateral) latent potentiality rendering purposive feats of ex nihilo creative inauguration and/or fabrication feasible and conceivable. The Divine personage of God is necessarily impermeable and impervious to the finite and mundane happenings of the material world, as Beings of pure actuality just straightforwardly and unambiguously exist, the Beings' shortfall or rather bereftness of potentiality being the causality for this eternal unchangeability . . ." [1]. Danbury puts just the right point to it. God can't change so His wings can't get renovated.

Third: The Second Law of Thermodynamics and all other finite material laws have no applicability outside of our Universe. So God's wings would warrant no need of renovation in the first place. In addition, to again quote Danbury: "Causality, must, in essence, proceed from a Being of Pure Actuality; nevertheless, Schubert's theory of Unintentional Delegate Elevatory Causality cannot support strict scrutiny, as is required by Supreme Court precedent, as must as a prerequisite to all theological ramifications of the Heavenly Sovereignty Doctrine based off Our Lord's Prayer (Luke 11:2), it being the case that every utmost implication and consequences has incontrovertibly been foreseen by the Omniscient Master of Everything and that His sovereign seraphic inclinations occur unfailingly, at least, in the celestial realm, (excepting naturally the cherubic insurgence transpiring as a repercussion to the one Angelic non sovereign Choice . . ." [2].

I have established that discussing God's wings requiring renovation is ridiculous, risible, and, I would add, unworthy of my time. I therefore bid my opponent adieu and wait with baited breath his next lunatic presumption.

[1] Danburry, Reginald. "An Exhaustive, Unabridged, and Unintelligible Dissertation Upon the Heavenly Aspects of Actuality and Potentiality, Leading Logically to a Discussion of the Finer Relevance to Natural Causality." Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch: Books No One Wants Publishing House. Print. Page 1,105, Chapter 44.

[2] Danburry, Reginald. "A Second Exhaustive, Unabridged, and Unintelligible Dissertation Upon the Heavenly Aspects of Actuality and Potentiality, Leading Logically to a Discussion of the Finer Relevance to Natural Causality." Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch: Books No One Still Wants Publishing House. Print. Volume III, Page 348, Chapter 13.
Debate Round No. 1


Thank you for your opinion good sir, however I'm having difficulty rebutting that which you and I are unfortunately cognitively incapable of comprehending without greatly increased excitation within the neural synapses contained within the nervous system. Such a great excitation is only achievable from an electrostatic discharge of approximately 30 kA, which very few have been able to survive.

There are, however, additional means of understanding truth behind the truth about the big bang theory which has caused so much evolutionary progress. For instance, prolonged cerebral exposure to gamma rays in some case can mutate cells in such a manner that increased level of understanding may be induced, however, if performed incorrectly undesired mutations may be observed.

Another method is to briefly suspend the circulatory system to the precise instance that fourth dimension realization has occurred. The method has been utilized and documented for many centuries, but must also be executed with exact precision, or else you will be executing the subject seeking further understanding.

The final path to understanding is through self-realization, realization is likely the shortest path between two vertices. Said forms of greater understanding have been practiced by many societies for millenniums. This manner of profound development does not require decades of thoughtful study, seeking the truth simply requires the ability to seek knowledge introspectively and project that knowledge beyond visible light waves.

The Higgs Boson particle is the sawdust that remains from the expansion in the West Wing of God's Mansion. Decomposition will someday occur to this amazing particle and all will see the truth that what so many already understand. The stability of Higgs Boson is unknown and the half-life is unable to be measured through carbon dating or through particle acceleration.

Finally, I will leave you a link to the words of the great Pope Francis, though I do not follow this great man's spiritual persuasion, he holds immense understanding about that which us mere sheep do not yet fully accept and can not completely comprehend. Reaching for truths that which his predecessors struggled to wholly possess. - Pope Francis speaks about the Big Bang Theory and God.


It is extraordinary regrettable that Pro's neural synapses were excited. Although I do feel rather sorry for them, as they probably don't get excited very often, living where they do.

Pro's comments on mutations are very interesting. Gamma rays are indeed a lethal and dangerous force, and they cannot be stopped without a large bribe constructed of thick nickels. In fact, if you fall into their tank they will likely tear you apart and then eat the tears too.

Mutations is derived from the Latin root "mut" "to change," and the Idahoian root "tat" meaning "potato." (The "tion" part is irrelevant as it has something to do with the aquariums the Romans were famous for.) The true meaning is "to change potatoes."

As the 4th dimension is time, we would have to wait for very long before that realization Pro is talking about. See, once time gets taken off the tracks it can take a bit of while to get it going again. However, thyme is much quicker.

I cannot understand how self-realization could be practiced for millennia. I tried it myself, and no matter how many times I gave it a go I could never traverse between my vertices. Getting from one finger to another was the hardest. I don't know how you do it.

Pope Francis may be a great man, although his name doesn't help him out. France is what? Cheesy? Pentogramatic? But he has nothing on Reginald Danburry. I suggest you buy all twelve volumes of his Third Exhaustive, Unabridged, and Unintelligible Dissertation Upon the Heavenly Aspects of Actuality and Potentiality, Leading Logically to a Discussion of the Finer Relevance to Natural Causality. It was dropped by Books No One Still Wants Publishing House (they didn't have enough paper) and is now being published by Beautiful Books for the Boring Blind.
Debate Round No. 2


The Pearly Gates are only but a small entrance to God's vast estate. God's Mansion undergoes continuous redshifts by numerous development angels, performing the arduous task of expanding the Universe.

During the Big Bang, God requested that his development angels expand the west wing in order to grow for a new solar system around spectral class G2, luminosity class V.

Once again, I state, no worries, when the Higgs Boson particle decomposes into a new sub-atomic particle, all will be forgiven, peace and understanding will be the ultimate reward.


*sighs* Pro, Pro, Pro. Have I been with you so long . . . ! And yet you still persist in your materialistic falacies. In the light of your continued and unabetted ignorance, I will make only one more attempt to set your inner Mississippi steamboat in the right direction. (That is, North.)

God is outside of time and space. Hence, he cannot have wings (and he can't even eat them unless in human form, I think).

God DOESN'T LIVE IN THE UNIVERSE!! Making such an assumption is equivelant to believing that an author lives inside the book he wrote. God lives OUTSIDE of the universe, which is why (even if we someday rule every galaxy) we will never find Our Heavenly Father living in a galaxy far, far, away. Anyway, the universe is expanding by itself. The angels aren't involved.

Besides, the universe was actuated at the time of the Big Bang. You can't say God was planning a NEW solar system when the old one hadn't even been invented yet.

Okay: If God's West Wing (assuming he even has one, which I have already disproven) exists, then either it existed Before the Big Bang or After the Big Bang. If it existed before, then it wouldn't have been material and as a result couldn't be renovated. If it existed afterwards, it couldn't have caused the Big Bang.

Which is why lizards are green and, while constituting 3/5 of Uganda's navy, don't do very well in high seas (or D's, or E's, or even F's. The only letter they actually enjoy is Kk).

You have no evidence, while I have Danburry, the greatest philosopher to ever live. I feel so sorry for you (as well as for those poor little neurons you mentioned earlier, not to be condescending).

No, when the Higgs Bosun decomposes into a sub-atomic party everything will go crazy and tiny and mass chaos will erupt. This has been scientifically evidenced by the high-seas tale of Bradshaw Blackbeard. When Higgs, his bosun, decomposed, he become most upset as he had been planning on giving him a proper burial at sea, and, as a result, he shrank and finally committed suicide in a glass of rum.

Teacher: "Kids,what does the chicken give you?"
Student: "Meat!"
Teacher: "Very good! Now what does the pig give you?"
Student: "Bacon!"
Teacher: "Great! And what does the fat cow give you?"
Student: "Homework!"

By the way, what's fuzzy, green, and could kill you if it feel out of a tree?
Give up? It's a pool table.

Thanks for the debate. I've noticed you have one thing in common with Phil Mickelson: You're consistently under par. Tell your neurons goodbye. It was fun exciting them. And take care of yourself, especially when traversing the vertice between your right second toe and your elbow in teh 5th dimension.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by dtaylor971 2 years ago
I question cons sources :/
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Reasons for voting decision: Conduct - Tie. Both had proper conduct throughout the debate. S&G - Tie. Both had adequate spelling and grammar. Arguments - Con. While pro presented a compelling case, most of his claims were founded on unproven premises which Con pointed out. Additionally, Pro failed to provide rebuttals to several counter arguments raised by Con. Due to Con having several arguments that remained standing unchallenged, as well as overcoming the claims made by Pro, Con wins arguments. Sources - Con. While both debaters utilized sources, I found Con's to have a greater degree of quality. Pro merely utilized a youtube video. Thus, Con wins sources.