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The "Black lives matter" group is a racist, violent black version of the KKK

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Started: 7/26/2016 Category: Society
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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All lives matter. Be it white, black, brown or yellow we are all human beings but for some reason some members of the black community feel differently. They openly rant about there hatred of white people, especially the police. What happened In Dallas when the sniper started shooting people? All these black lives matter members RAN BEHIND WHITE POLICE OFFICERS FOR SAFETY. Some of these morons actually think some police officers wake up everyday and go to work in hopes of killing a black person. HOW STUPID CAN PEOPLE REALLY BE? Anyone curious why I have never been shot or tazed by a police officer? It has nothing to do with the color of my skin, when a cop is behind me and puts there lights on I pull over, when they ask me for my license or whatever I give it to them. I don't give them attitude or suck my teeth or do that chicken head move blacks do when they get angry. I also don't make sudden moves for my phone or my wallet or whatever else, I do what is asked of me. Police officers are people to, they have feelings and emotions, families and friends, dreams and values. They are just at work and want to do there job and return home safe to there families. COPS LIVES MATTER as does everyone else but if your gonna act like a N$%er REGARDLESS OF THE COLOR OF YOUR SKIN then you will be treated like one. Anyone reading this who hates America please let me know, I will buy you a one way ticket back to your motherland.


I negate that the Black Lives Matter group is a racist, violent black version of the KKK.

My opponent says that "all lives matter." This is very true, and at the crux of this debate. But my opponent misunderstands #BlackLivesMatter. The entire point of Black Lives Matter is to ensure the inclusion of black lives in "all lives." The goal is not black supremacy, but rather fighting discrimination to put the members on equal footing as people of other races. So the Black Lives Matter campaign is a tool in reaching my opponent's goal of "All lives matter."

My opponent says that the members of Black Lives Matter ranting against the police is proof that the group wants to be held in higher regard than the police. But actually, according to the Washington Post, 986 innocent people were killed by the police in 2015 alone. Shouldn't this group fear the police? Ranting against them only shows that the group thinks that the police force needs to change so that they don't kill over 900 innocent people in one year ever again, NOT that the group wants to be held in higher regard than the police.

When the Dallas sniper started shooting people, running behind the police, regardless of color, was a perfectly justified response. The police exist to protect the citizens, so the citizens relying on them for protection is actually good, not bad.

Even if people think that "some police officers wake up every day and go to work in hopes of killing a black person," as my opponent claims, then that only proves that those people are uninformed. Even if you believe my opponent that they are stupid, that has absolutely nothing to do with the resolution.

My opponent says that the only reasons blacks are being harmed by police is because they don't do what the police ask them to. This is entirely irrelevant--it does not prove that the Black Lives Matter movement is racist or violent.

My opponent only says that cop lives matter just as much as other lives. I am not saying that this is false. ALL lives matter. Cop lives matter, and black lives also matter. My opponent is needlessly shooting down a movement that is just trying to make their voices heard. They have no proof that the movement is racist or violent or even entirely black. Thus, they can't prove any part of the resolution true.

The world of the pro oppresses people who are trying to protect their rights. The world of the con accepts everyone. It is a clear choice for you to vote con!
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Posted by Longline 2 years ago
Imagine the moment women go on a strike for female rights, they come out with a saying female live matters. Right there you hear someone else say male lives matter, what do you think that person is trying to do to the female live matter protester?
Posted by Longline 2 years ago
We all know that all live matters. People never used to say such a thing untold the black live matter movement came to be. By saying all live matter and taking BLACK out of it as it was originally indented, you are driving attention away from black people. Destroying the whole POINT of BLACK live matter. Black people never claim that other live does not matter, why because society already knows that. However it seem that was not true for Black people, what it why it needed to be in the light.
Posted by SimSimm 2 years ago
I understand the Pros point of view by saying that you feel that it seems like they are in a way acting as if they desire supremacy but the Con point of view explained it correctly by saying how they just desire to be included and since many black individuals are being killed it is important to emphasize that they are important as well which is why blacklivesmatter is so emphasized and i completely support the blacklivesmatter movement; however, i do hate how people act as if it is a crime if one does say all lives matter when it shouldnt be that big of a deal
Posted by Longline 2 years ago
Black version of the kkk? are you not right in the head? are black people hanging white people, burning them? cutting there body parts? raping white women and children? and killing white folks for fun in public view? if not then shut up.
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