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The British Army should be paid more than footballers.

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Started: 8/14/2014 Category: People
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Yes of course they course they should, footballers get a flock in the leg and scream, soldiers get their arm blown off and carry on. An infantry soldier gets paid about 18,000 pounds and a footballer gets paid about 250,000 so I'm just thinking that something wrong here and you might try and say that its not paid by the government but its potable the manager, well the manager shouldn't be paid that much either. If you think that the people protecting the country which protects all the banks which protects the footballers money should be paid less than them, then I am truly shocked. Source: I'm an ex soldier who served for 11years and my two friends were killed next to myself so this is from experience.


Interesting topic, since you have posted arguments at the beginning I'm assuming first round is not acceptance.

To start off lets look at why people are paid different wages. In a capitalistic society, supply and demand are the main driving force behind why people are paid their respective amounts. Usually, jobs that require unique skills pay more than those that do not. Based on your argument, you are comparing the average infantryman to an elite footballer. So lets look at the requirement differences between the two in order to be hired:

British Soldier-

Age: 16 years - In Army phase 1 training before your 33rd birthday
(Parental consent needed for under 18s)

Minimum qualifications: None required except for certain technical jobs

Physical condition: Your GP must fill in a medical questionnaire and you will have to pass a full Army medical

Gender: Male and female (Infantry and some other units male only)
Fitness Standards:

Static lift
You need to lift up a power bag by its handles and place it on a surface 1.45 Metres tall. They vary in weight between 20kg and 40kg.The weight you lift will depend on the job you have applied for.

Jerry can test
You have to carry two 20kg water containers over a set course of between 30 and 120 metres, depending on which job you are applying for.Complete the course in two minutes or less.

2.4km (1.5 mile) run
A timed run over a fixed distance. The course is on level ground and on a good running surface.Your target time will depend on the job you have applied for. The fastest time is 9 minutes 45 seconds for the Paras but for Junior Entry you only need to complete the run in 14 minutes 30 seconds.


So that's it, those are the standards. If you meet them you become a soldier. In football it is very different.
Many of the elite footballers in Britain have been playing since they have been very young. They start off playing recreational then continually play in tougher and tougher leagues and very few make it to the elite. It is those elite players that make a lot of money, the vast majority of athletes do not only an elite few. In fact the second highest football league in the United States cannot even afford to pay all its players and that"s the second highest professional league for football in the United States.

The elite footballers make so much money because they are extremely popular. Spectator sports are a billion dollar business and as such the main attraction is going to make a big chunk of that money. It"s just how economics works. If the players make less money it does not mean it"s going to help the soldiers make more (you have to pay more taxes to do that), it just means the owners kept more of the money for themselves instead of giving it to the athletes the people paid to see. It"s the economic system in place that allows this to happen and it is the same economic system soldiers give their lives to defend.

The role of a soldier and an athlete is incomparable when it comes to risk and sacrifice. Those traits are not recognized based on how much money each person makes. Your wage does not define you. Being an elite football player in a popular league, you get a large sum of money due to being a part of a successful business. Defending you country with your life, priceless. Footballers do and should make more money; but that does not mean they deserve the eternal respect of the people. That is reserved for soldiers and it means more than all the money in the world.
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Posted by codegrey 3 years ago
is it gg?
Posted by Malacoda 3 years ago
I feel that this debate will be too emotionally-fueled. I'll keep tabs and vote if I'm messaged when it ends though.
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