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The C.I.S are the goods guys following and during the events of The Clone Wars (Star Wars)

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Started: 8/31/2016 Category: Miscellaneous
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I would like to debate that the Confederacy Of Independent Systems (C.I.S) were actually the good guys during the events of the Clone Wars and that the Republic was actually the side representing a more evil and corrupt faction.

My opponent must know what the ideologies behind both the C.I.S and The Republic and have a good amount of knowledge on Star Wars Lore and is taking the side of either the Republic or another faction that existed during The Clone Wars.

Round 1 is for acceptance

Round 2 is for arguments

Round 3 Counter Arguments

Round 4 Conclusions

(This is my first debate just to let people know)


I accept the challenge and I meet all the previous stated requirements made by the Pro Side.
Debate Round No. 1


I would like to thank my opponent for accepting the debate hopefully we can make this a enjoyable one with that said I will start with my opening argument.

Firstly, The Confederacy of Independent Systems ) C.I.S were created by the Republic by accident this happened due to the corruption within the Republic it is a well known fact that the Republic favored the Core Systems and disliked the Outer Rim systems this is evident due to the fact that before the Clone Wars the Republic raised taxes on a lot of Outer Rim systems this resulted in the systems feeling like they were being treated unfairly and eventually led to the forming of the C.I.S.

Secondly, I will bring up is the fact that the Republic attacked first the Naboo Crisis had happened before the C.I.S had formed and thus they cannot be held accountable for that. However I would like to address the fact that 2 Jedi Anakin Skywalker and Obi-wan Kenobi along with 1 Senator Padme Amidala was found trespassing on C.I.S territory. Not to mention Kenobi had been spying on the Separatist Leaders this means that when the C.I.S orders the execution of the 3 trespassers it is completely within reason. However the Republic responds by sending an army to rescue them resulting in the deaths of thousands of innocent Geonosians who were simply defending their home from this foreign invader.

Thirdly, I will also point out the fact that although the C.I.S used Slavery so did the Republic hence their clone army an army of people born to train and fight for the Republic. If any of them wanted to live their own life they would not be allowed to this was evident in one of the Clone Wars episodes when Captain Rex finds a clone living a normal life. Rex then threatens to report the clone which in that case the clone could have faced execution just for wanting to live a normal life. Eventually Rex doesn't report him and lets him live in peace which is against the rules of the Republic Army meaning Rex broke the rules all because a clone helped him open his eyes convincing him that the clones can be more than just soldiers.

Fourthly, The Republic has forced famines upon worlds that did not deserve to be treated in such a way prime example is Kalee. Kalee is the home planet of General Grievous, the people of Kalee (Kaleesh) were at war with a neighboring species the Huk. When Grievous rose up and began to defeat the Huk eventually removing them from Kalee however Grievous was not satisfied the Huk had slain so many of his people Grievous perused the Huk to their homeworld. It was then that the Huk pleaded to the Republic for aid and the Republic accepted the plead and send Jedi who ended the war at the cost of the Kaleesh people putting them into a famine. It was this unfair treatment of his people that led to Grievous joining the C.I.S.

Final Statement: I would like to point out it was injustices like these that led to the banding together of alien governments to form the C.I.S to fight for a galaxy rid of a corrupt Republic and bring about a new era free from the holds of oppression. Some of the C.I.S's tactics may be ruthless but they are ruthless because they opponent is ruthless there is no way to play fairly when fighting a galactic tyranny. How many more injustices could the galaxy take until finally someone stood up to it that is exactly what the Separatist did and have been doing throughout the entire time of The Clone Wars.

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Debate Round No. 2
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Debate Round No. 3
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Debate Round No. 4
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