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The Chicago Bulls Will Be the 2012 NBA Champions

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Started: 3/27/2012 Category: Sports
Updated: 6 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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1. No semantics
2. 8000 character limit
3. Arguments cannot flow into the comment sections during or after the debate.

First Round: Acceptance. Defintions. State whcih team you will be arguing for.
Second Round: Arguments/Rebuttals
Third Round: Rebuttals/Defenses

Opponnent must argue that another team (must pick one other than the Bulls) will win.



As much as I want to argue the Los Angeles Lakers will win, I want to be more realistic so I have to go with my 2nd worst enemy team, the Miami Heat. The Miami Heat Will Be the 2012 NBA Champions. As agreed, no semantics.

NBA: National Basketball Association.
Champions: The Team That Wins The Championship.
Will Be: Going to be.

So let's do this.
Debate Round No. 1


My Case:

1. Coach [3]
Tom Thibadeau is an incredible coach. He had an a incredible record last season and this season became the fastest coach t reach a 100 wins.

2. Rebounds
The Bulls lead the NBA in rebounds per game.

3. Points allowed
The Bulls have the second best defense in the NBA, a crucial part to any NBA team.

4. Assists
4th in the league in assists, just one aspect of their cohesive offense.

5. Derrick Rose [4]
Perhaps one of the best players in the NBA. Rookie of the year last year, Rose's average 23 points a game has led the Bulls to victories. BUt even without Rose, the team is still able to pull off clear wins

6. Rest of Team [5]
Luol Deng (16 PPG)
Carlos Boozer (16 PPG)
Derrick Rose (23)
C.J. Watson (12 PPG)
Richard Hamilton (11 PPG)

The team has depth, something Miami lacks.

Comparison: [1], [2]

1. Rebounds per game:
Bulls: 1st
Miami: 18th

2. Points allowed (least):
Bulls: 2nd
Miami: 9th

3. Assists:
Bulls: 4th
Miami: 17th

4. Average win margin:
Bulls: 8.6 pts
Miami: 7.3

5. Record:
Bulls: 41 wins, 11 losses
Miami: 36 wins, 13 losses

6. Win Percentage*:
Bulls: 79%
Miami: 74%

*Despite having played 3 more games than Miami and having a tougher schedule.




1. Coaching

Let's compare the two coaches and look at who really is the best coach.

Erik Spoelstra: Erik's record is of coaching is 185 Wins and 109 Losses. (Currently At 3/31/2012) However, Erik may be the toughest coach yet. He led a team with only 1 star to a 7 game series while being 5th seed in the playoffs. Overall, I think that Erik is a very good coach and if compared to Tom, he has more experience and toughness while the other categories are basically the same.

Tom Thibodeau: Tom's record of coaching is 104 Wins and 31 Losses. (Currently At 3/31/2012) I will not deny that Tom is a very good coach and you're facts are totally true but if you consider that period before the Big Three when Erik was coaching, the Miami Heat was a disaster. The Chicago Bulls had already Derrick Rose, Carlos Boozer, Luol Deng.The Miami Heat had cap space but had no other "All-Star" players except Dwayne Wade. Erik was able to lead them to a 7 game series with the Atlanta Hawks and a 5 game series with the Boston Celtics. So, I'm going to say Erik is a much tougher and experienced coach under their separate circumstances which means Miami Heat wins this round.

I give you that. The Chicago Bulls are good at rebounding. Chicago is 1st place while Miami is 20th place. Chicago killed Miami in this category.

Miami Heat has the 3rd most points in the NBA while the Chicago Bulls are tied for 11th. This is pretty bad for the Chicago Bulls so Miami takes home this round.

Points Allowed:
This was epic. Chicago Bulls were 2nd while Miami Heat was 9. Chicago easily took this down.

Chicago Bulls did very well in this category. They got 4th while Miami got 17th. Chicago outduels Miami in assists.

Field Goal Percentage:

Miami Heat is the 1st while Chicago is tied for 5th. Miami gets this category.

Derrick Rose: While he is a great player with Carlos Boozer and Luol Deng, they are sadly not the equal of LeBron James, Dwayne Wade, and Chris Bosh. The Big Three have more experience, more talent, and more effective. Therefore this case makes the Miami Heat have a better outlook.

Miami Heat:
LeBron James: 26 points.
Dwayne Wade: 23 points.
Chris Bosh: 18 points.
Mario Chalmers: 10 points.

So it seems that the Chicago Bulls are better at rebounds, points allowed, and assists while the Miami Heat has a better coach, better at scoring, a better field goal percentage, a better "Big Three" and overall a better team. These are the reasons that Miami Heat has more of a chance to win than the Chicago Bulls. Also the regular season is much different from the playoffs. Last year, the Miami Heat had the best record and everyone expected them to win but they didn't. Therefore the regular season wins don't count for anything.

Debate Round No. 2


Dropped/Conceded Arguments:

1. Rebounds

2. Points Allowed (fewest)

3. Assists


5. Team depth

6. Record

7. Win Percentage

8. Schedule Toughness


1. Coaching

Let's just compare their records:

Tom (Bulls): 104-31

77% win percentage

Erik (Heat): 185-110

62.7% win percentage

Bull's coaching is clearly better when it comes to results.

My opponent talks about coaching from last season. Tom Thimboeau was the 2011 COACH OF THE YEAR! This destroys his argument.

He was also a the coach for the EAST in the 2012 All-Start Game.


1. Points Scored

This statistic is not relevant or indicative of how good a team is.

For example:

Denver is 2nd with an average of 103 points a game.

But their opponents average 102 points a game, so this statistic alone does not make them better.

The relevant statistic is win margin. This shows how much they beat their opponents by. Chicago beats Miami in this area. Sadly, my opponent dropped this point.

2. Field Goal Percentage

Again, this statistic alone is not relevant (see above). One must also take into account the average opponent's percentage.

The Bulls defense is better than Miami, in fact, that they are 3rd in the League in defense %. Miami is 5th.

In 3 point %, Chicago is 4th, Miami is 5th. Defensively, Chicago has the 7th best 3-pointer defense. Miami is 27th!

3. Big Three

Chicago has 6 players that average over 10 PPG. Miami only has 3.

Chicago has more depth, as I showed last round.

"The Big Three have more experience, more talent, and more effective."

This is unsubstantiated. Deng, Hammilton, etc. have all played in the NBA longer than the Big Three. Obviously they are not more effective as their record is worse and are statistically inferior in almost every category.


Let's see who is better in all of the following categories:

1. Win Record:Chicago

2. Coach's Record: Chicago

3. Rebounds: Chicago

4. Assists: Chicago

5. Win Margin: Chicago

6. Points allowed (fewest): Chicago

7. Win percentage: Chicago

8. Defense (Field Goals): Chicago

9. Defense (3-pointers): Chicago

10. Field Goal Percentage: Miami

11. 3-point percentage: Chicago

12. Players averaging over 10 PPG: Chicago

13. Defense (opponent assists per game): Chicago

14. Rebound Margin: Chicago

Chicago: 13/14

Miami: 1/14










First of all, my opponent claims that I dropped 8 points which is absolutely absurd. I actually categorized each of the topics including #1-#3 and the Chicago Bulls obviously won. I categorized many topics and then tryed to see who who won the most. The Miami Heat won the most but Chicago Bulls won these three categories. It'd be like saying for you all the Miami Heat topics that were won are conceded/dropped arguments. I also said that #4,#6 and #8 were irrelevant because the regular season is extremely different from the playoffs as my example was the Miami Heat last season. The Miami Heat had the best record and everyone expected to win the championships only to see them fall without a championship. This proves that the win margin and record don't matter. Also I would like to say that #5 and #8 were hardly arguments. You wrote 1 sentence about them which made me fail to notice that they were arguments. However I would like to point out that you give no sources or back-up on your statement. All you say is that the Miami Heat lacks depth. I won't bother refuting it because there is no back-up or any explanation on it. Same thing goes with schedule toughness. Who are you to say that the Chicago Bulls have a tougher schedule? They have to face the same teams, correct? That means that they have equal schedules.

1. My opponent goes on to ignore all of my arguments on coaching and instead says that his coach was the Coach of the Year and the Coach for the East in the 2012 argument. I would say that those arguments prove nothing since Erik had to coach two years when the Miami Heat ONLY had Dwayne Wade as a star. He led them to a 5th seed and a 7 game 1st round with the Atlanta Hawks while being 5th seed again and a 5 game 1st round with the Boston Celtics. That's why he's a much tougher coach. Under much harder circumstances, he prevailed. Awards don't refute my points. Just because he won two awards means nothing as awards can be very biased such as the MVP award. Is Steve Nash really better than Kobe Bryant? Biased awards and a better win record mean nothing against much tougher circumstances, experience, and leadership for the first two years for a team with lack of superstars.

2. My opponent thinks that points being scored is less important than assists, points allowed, etc. Points scored is one of the most important factors of the game. Also I didn't drop anything. I categorized each topic (an analysis) and found that Miami Heat won more than the Chicago Bulls. My opponent simply ignores my important analysis and calls them "Dropped/Conceded Arguments". That is simply wrong. Also my opponent ignores the Field Goal Percentage. Field goal percentage is a huge thing and is one of the major things in basketball.

3. My opponent ignores what I give. Chicago has 6 players and the Miami Heat has 5 players. Stop ignoring my arguments. If you look at the efficiency rating of all 5 players, they beat the efficiency rating of the 6 players for the Bulls. Also they have more talent and experience as all of the years with those 5 players beats the Chicago Bulls.

Now here is the accurate analysis:

1. Coach Toughness: Miami
2. Coach Experience: Miami
3. Rebounds: Chicago
4. Assists: Chicago
5. Points Scored: Miami
6. Points Allowed: Chicago
7. Field Goal Percentage: Miami
8. Talent: Miami
9. Experience: Miami
10. Big Three: Miami
11. Rest Of Team: Chicago
12. Defense: Chicago

So let's see my accurate analysis which minuses the unimportant and irrelevant things that won't matter in the championship run and are not any major factors that will help them get to the championships and win. The Miami Heat wins 7-5 and that's how they're going to win the championship. I have taken out everything that is extremely unimportant to the championship run and all the things that are absolutely irrelevant. Vote for Con.

Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by asatrang337 4 years ago
Lebron will take them down himself
Posted by lakeshoww 5 years ago
they can't win without d-rose and thats fact
Posted by thesportsguy 5 years ago
oh wow, my bad, i thought this was for 2013.
Posted by Viper-King 5 years ago
I won because the Miami Heat won.
Posted by thesportsguy 5 years ago
I hope this is a joke. You are obviously a biased chicago sports fan. There is no chance the bulls will win as long as the heat stay together. Even when Rose was healthy they couldnt get past the heat. Without rose they lost to the sixers, THE SIXERS. They some decent bench players and will be missing Rose for half the season. They will get into the playoffs, but theres no way they can compete with the heat, thunder, spurs, or lakers.
Posted by Apollo.11 6 years ago
There should be an NBA Playoff prediction forum.
Posted by Viper-King 6 years ago
That was technically an argument but whatever.
Posted by Apollo.11 6 years ago
That wasn't an argument. It was an observation.
Posted by Viper-King 6 years ago
"3. Arguments cannot flow into the comment sections during or after the debate." You broke you're own rule.
Posted by Apollo.11 6 years ago
I'd like to point out that my 14 points were based on FACTS and statistics. Con's arguments were based on subjective opinions that were not grounded in fact.
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