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The Christian God does exist.

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Started: 8/24/2014 Category: Religion
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I hold full BoP. You may start your arguments. I do not care about the upper hand, that decision is up to you.
Thanks and can not wait!


I accept and decline to give arguments first.
Debate Round No. 1


I am fine with your decision and glad to start off with my arguments.

What can Science tell us?
Science can explain a lot of great things, like proper foods and nutrition. Science gives us medicine and new inventions to improve daily life. Science also tries to explain big questions. Like...
Who made us
Why are we here
How did all 'this' come to be.

Science tries to answer and give them credit they have tried.
But science is silent on the true issues.
What created the Big Bang? Nothing -> Something is illogical and just a true guess to something not with the truth.
Science cannot and will never figure out the answers unless they became Christians.
Albert Einstein and Isaac Newton were very religious, Jewish and Christian (Protestant) respectively.
Albert described his job as to figure out God's thoughts.
We look at a word, perfect for life, and degrees off balance or a few miles change of speed, chaos. The atmosphere has just barely good enough composition to sustain. Our Sun's power and distance along with the Moon is perfect. We have a perfect world.
I believe in Evolution, but only because it supports my God.
For Evolution to take place or happen you must have something making a logical decision to change.
In order to make a decision to adapt or improve yourself you must be intelligent or be backed by an intelligent being.
Also you often makes a case about omnipotence. Please explain your issues again and I will get make with answers come round 3.
I will leave it short and await.


Well pro has offered nothing that affirms the resolution so I shall just make some brief points.

There being a universe:

Noll Hpothesis
"A type of hypothesis used in statistics that proposes that no statistical significance exists in a set of given observations. The null hypothesis attempts to show that no variation exists between variables, or that a single variable is no different than zero. It is presumed to be true until statistical evidence nullifies it for an alternative hypothesis."

So it's the case, one should not believe in any gods, until they're supported by evidence.

So on the basis there's no evidence for god(S), atheism is more rational.

-The Oscillating Universe
This is a self-contained model in which the universe evolves from a big bang, then expands and expands and then collapses upon it's self and then re-expands. This model is perfectly self-contained and no god is needed.

-Hartle Hawking

Any universe that is described by quantum mechanics with non-zero energy and a time independent Hamiltonian is eternal in both arrows of time.
Ekpyrotic Universe: "...our current universe arose from a collision of two three-dimensional worlds (branes) in a space with an extra (fourth) spatial dimension."
The point isn't that any of these are the right model, rather that there are self contained models.

1. Let's visit the multiverse. The multiverse is a natural consequence of inflation. Via BICEP2 Primordial gravitation waves have been detected, which is almost indisputable proof of inflation.
Inflation accounts for the:
1.Uniformity. The cosmic background radiation is quite uniform. Inflation adequately accounts for the uniformity. A uniform region expanded rapidly, evolving into our visible universe.
2. Mass density. Inflation predicts the omega should 1. The Planck satellite measures the omega as 1, which means our universe should be flat, which it is.
3.Small non-uniformity. The small non-uniformity in the universe is easily accounted for by quantum fluctuations, which have been observed in the CBR.
As explained the multiverse is a consequence of inflation. All the other predictions have come true. I would say that would constitute a good reason to think the multiverse is true.
Via inflation, some parts of the early universe expanded more than other, created bublbles of space time, which later developed into other universes, and our universe is just a bubble universe and requires no creator just a prior universe. The multiverse can be eternal.

Fine tuning:
Fine Tuning-
All fine tuning s perfectly explained by the multiverse.
In some universes, one would expect to see the life permitting parameters we observe.
Pro makes it sound like all the universe is fine-tuned for life, but only a profoundly small percent of the universe can support life.

Composition Of The Universe:

Now <0.03 of the universe seems to allow for life
0.03% of the universe has heavy elements(which life needs)
So life presumably needs water
"Two percent of the water on earth is glacier ice at the North and South Poles. This ice is fresh water and could be melted; however, it is too far away from where people live to be usable. Less than 1% of all the water on earth is fresh water that we can actually use."
1% -.-

The universe as a whole is definitely not fine tuned for life.
Now within this 0.03 % space in the universe, some life has evolved, but this does not point to a god.

I don't know what else to say, considering pro has not said anything interesting.
There is not evidence for a god, and there does not need to be a god, thus per Occam's razor, one should not propose the existence of one.
Debate Round No. 2


I understand that there is no possible way I can support a full BoP of the Christian God just like you couldn't do the same for atheism. But let me rebut and argue some.

Figure 1.8 Model of the Oscillating Universe THEORY.
Take that word theory,

noun: theory; plural noun: theories

a supposition or a system of ideas intended to explain something, especially one based on general principles independent of the thing to be explained.
"Darwin's theory of evolution"
synonyms:hypothesis, thesis, conjecture, supposition, speculation, postulation, postulate, proposition, premise, surmise, assumption, presupposition;

Look at the synonyms are any of them called fact, or truth. No, so your first point is invalid because it is not a scientific law.

I am very interested in your graph that shows what and how much of our universe can contain life.
"Pro makes it sound like all the universe is fine-tuned for life, but only a profoundly small percent of the universe can support life."
You are very correct about the .03% of course. The universe is not made for life nor life to travel through.It is a complete vacuum that kills any human almost instantly if enter unprepared. Also objects like planets and stars are not a hop, skip, and a jump yet hundreds even thousands of light years away. You see even or .03% is also very lucky because on our planet even a micro change in gravity or our elector-magnetic field would cause life to go extinct. Also we are very lucky to be a perfect position from our sun and our sun's size as well. As well as with the moon and the control it has.
You can also say we humans are very lucky to be alive because we were the one in a couple million sperm cells that reached the egg first. All just to life on a planet like none other in the cosmos.

Science is support and very well in the Bible.
The earth hangs on nothing, the Bible made it clear that the Earth has nothing supporting it just floated in dark space. Around 1500 BC and beyond it was commonly thought that a beast or giant man was limiting the planet up yet the Bible debunked this thought long before we knew the whole truth.
"He stretcheth out the north over the empty place, and hangeth the earth upon nothing."
Job 26:7

Job itself is a very interesting book when look for future advancements.
"Do you send the lightning bolts on their way?
Do they report to you, "Here we are"?" Job 38:35
Sounds like radio waves to me or the technologies of phones or some other.

Many famous people strongly believed in the Bible and the faith yet still became amazing scientists.
Newton, Einstein, Copernicus, Bacon, Kepler, Galileo, Descartes, Pascal, Boyle, Faraday, Mendel, Kelvin, etc.

I await for your response Con.


KhalifV forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3


The main issue is this and I will keep it short because Con forfeited the last round.
There is little proof for that my God exists like all other religions except one small difference. My God sent his only son down to Earth. A Jewish peasant that was here and gone like a flicker of light. Yet in only three years of public ministry and two thousand years later He has got 2.2 B followers.
My God has living flesh proof and the sad part is there are four canonical gospels and some 46 other gospels of His life. Seen and watched by hundreds and even thousands. His devout followers traveled from India to Italy converting hundreds of thousands of men women and children. Also 100% proof He was crucified for what? That answer isn't given but we should all know why.
Hope you hear from you.


KhalifV forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4


Closing Points:
Grace be to you, through Jesus.
Bless God for He knows every star, and knows every planet, and names them
Bless God for the chance to be being and the astonishing odds.
Bless God for your temple for you have equal partner.
Bless God for the nature and atonement of the earth.
Bless God for the animals and food He provides.
Bless God for the plants for the provide taste and comfort.
Bless God for that you know that you exist and have an actual life to amaze at his creation.

Yet other men like you try to undermined Him and throw away His light because you cannot see?
Just because you cannot see the light of His glory you shall mock Him and betray Him?
Be open to the others changing the weak and innocent to mock Him as well?
How dearth he to do to God?

But I know none for only a sinner like you, I believe but do wrong and you and me both deserve Hell for eternity, we took His life and threw it away. I cannot Judge for this is the law of the messiah, and of the prophets before Him.

Quick thing for the floor, if you live in America you kind of need to listen up.
"The Bible is the Word of God According to the United States Congress.
1983 declared the 'Year of the Bible'"

*Sources: Ray Comfort 'Scientific Facts in the Bible'


KhalifV forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by CountCheechula 3 years ago
Thanks KhalifV
Posted by roark555 3 years ago
I don't think aerogant is a troll, just stupid.
Posted by BlurtItOUT 3 years ago
God is the word 'nothing' when associated with Science topic such as Big bang. Nothing is before that big bang. 'Nothing'.

He's always silent. However, I keep my faith.
Posted by Mehehe 3 years ago
We can"t say that God doesn"t exist for the reasons that:
First, Science can say and prove facts, which are true but religion is out of its perimeter and they can"t put God under microscopes or any laboratory apparatus so in conclusion, no evidence can prove that God does not exist.
Second, the Big Bang Theory. It was said that everything started from a very small, dense and hot matter. But the question is, who made that matter called "singularity"? This statement opens a very wide window of possibility that someone "mightier and superior" than human created such a well calculated universe that if we move the earth one inch closer to the sun, all life-forms will perish in an instance.
And lastly, God"s existence and reality depend on how a person discern this matter for religion is a belief and a belief is within oneself. No one can dictate to you what to believe for law does not prohibit you from believing in God and law has no right to persecute you for whatever religion you have.
In conclusion, NO ONE CAN EVER SAY THAT GOD DOES NOT EXIST for there are possibilities that someone superior than human is the source of everything.
Posted by JacobDoe 3 years ago
Unless you have not honed a proper grasp of the modern English language, you may be interpreting my words wrong. Another idea I propose is that you are an example of mental devolution.
Posted by Aerogant 3 years ago
Or maybe I am speaking the truth - you lived in a society that's lied to you for years, so you think I am from another planet because the society you lived in never taught you what I speak of.
Posted by JacobDoe 3 years ago
"What Aerogant means is that he hasn't yet taken the chance to have actual intercourse, he's been busy with the delusion that he's good at trolling debaters." Where exactly am I inconsistent? What I implied is that you aren't good at what you are clearly trying to do. By the terms of successful trolling, the victims must not be allowed to know you are trolling, yet you openly show it. Giving you attention in no way means you are successful for I am on a debate site, clearly I'm either bored or I'm bored. Which is referencing me in particular and no other individuals. Though, I would also like to include that if you had any thought on a "cosmic" level, you'd be dead by the lack of any human mind to comprehend such a process. Though I may be wrong by perspective of what we deem cosmic level thinking.
Posted by Aerogant 3 years ago
You call me a troll, then you say I mean "this"... Make up your mind, Jacob. You're as inconsistent as an old man trying to get his lanky dingaling in his wrinkly lady's sink hole.
Posted by Aerogant 3 years ago
I can solve Riemann's Hypothesis - I'm not sure that's social science.

I can read people like books.

I can interpret subconscious symbols naturally.

I am wise.

You are not wise.

For you are telling someone who figured out the most perplexing of things with their brain alone - the amount of knowledge I have over this Universe allows me to make connections without doing research first. My brain is practically the Universe, itself.
Posted by JacobDoe 3 years ago
What Aerogant means is that he hasn't yet taken the chance to have actual intercourse, he's been busy with the delusion that he's good at trolling debaters,
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Vote Placed by MrJosh 3 years ago
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Who had better conduct:Vote Checkmark--1 point
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Total points awarded:13 
Reasons for voting decision: Conduct for the forfeit, but PRO held full BOP, and himself admitted that he could not meet it at the beginning of round 3.
Vote Placed by Ajabi 3 years ago
Agreed with before the debate:--Vote Checkmark0 points
Agreed with after the debate:--Vote Checkmark0 points
Who had better conduct:Vote Checkmark--1 point
Had better spelling and grammar:--Vote Checkmark1 point
Made more convincing arguments:-Vote Checkmark-3 points
Used the most reliable sources:--Vote Checkmark2 points
Total points awarded:13 
Reasons for voting decision: I feel Con won even though he forfeited so many rounds. The reason is that the BoP is on Proposition alone here. Pro never provides me with any proof per say, and can never address Con's contentions properly. I therefore vote Con, however I will say this, Con looses Conduct, and he should know this was a very dishonorable thing to do. I wanted to hold off on voting for arguments, but that would not be particularly fair.