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The Church is or isn"t good

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Started: 4/23/2015 Category: Religion
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Could we say the Church is really beneficial for people? What I mean is that, what does the Church really do? They help the poor but, do we really need the Church to help the poor? If people want to help the poor they don"t have to do it by the Church, in name of God. They can do it by other non-religious ONG"s. The Church also educates, have schools but they aren"t the only ones.
We don"t need any religious school or ONG but I don"t care if there are. What I really care about are those news which talk about children who had been abuse by their priests or those other news which say that the Church does not pay taxes.
After saying this, what do you really think about the Church? Does it really matters?


the church is a place for worship to unseen powers. miracles happen there and is the backbone completing the mystery of the whereabouts of mankind. The theory of evolution got us back to the question "where did those apes come from?" In conclusion we all got to the point of believing in some unseen powers who are supreme over us. The point is the church controls over 50% of the world and because of that fact the authorities desperately need it.

Anyone in the world needs a supreme being to rule over him or to confide in when things go wrong. Now the church provides that supreme being and it saves over a 5000 people per day from depression and thinking related problems. The fact that you have put your cares in someone's hands get it lifted from your head.

Every religion is based on the good and whatever the church offers as its ethics and principles that is good. We don't need good ethics in church only but for an community to function properly the people must be under a certain discipline. The church offers a discipline that cannot be bailed out or dodged through corruption unlike the one offered by the law. There no lawyers included and if the principles are broken a person feels guilty and wrong which is way more worse punishment than fine or prison. With this punishment you learn and the community is safe making the church the best place.

In the case of terrorist like osama who were did not abide by the law they were governed by their religion. The church is against terrorism and killing people and if anyone chooses to live out of the law as long as you are in the church you going to do nothing and what do have a good church.

To answer your questions the helps the poor and educates people and yes they are not the only ones but they have a part and if it disappear a great percentage of donors will go also because many are driven by the preaching from the church. Every place or institution has scandals and it will remain like that but what is important is the church is still doing its main aims and objectives.
Debate Round No. 1


Firstly, before talking about the theory of evolution, please, learn a bit more about it because, yes, we know where did those apes come from. Secondly, what does the Christian Church really control? It is not suposed to hold the political, military or judicial power of any country so, what is left, are the people"s minds. Is true that the Church still has influence over many people all over the world and, because of this, is true that the authorities many times need it to convince people. This might be something good for people who had the same beliefs as the Church but, for the ones who don"t have the same beliefs?
As you"ve said, religion (not the Church), saves many people from depression and other problems, shouldn"t we be strong enough to "save" ourselves? Should we really need religion to "save" us? However, if people isn"t strong enough and need religion to "save" themselves, is their problem. Anyway, this doesn"t say anything about how beneficial is the Church.
I agree with you in that every religion is based on the good, has good ethics and a discipline but, as the Church is ruled by people and not by machines, it could corrupt in any moment. You also have said that, when someone brakes the Church"s principles, he/she feels guilty. OK, but do really Christians need to follow the Church"s principles? Couldn"t they think by themselves and dictate their own principles? What if the Church has principles they don"t believe on?
Terrorists are people with mental problems and, if they kill in name of The Church or God, is because the have to kill in name of something. The Church is against terrorism as everyone with mental health.
About education: religion is something personal, something you believe or not and shouldn"t have nothing to do with education. The Church educates very young children, children who don"t think by themselves yet. So, what the Church basically does, is put ideas inside the children"s heads without giving them the oportunity to think what they really believe in.
And, finally, about helping the poor: you are correct. More people more help and the Church is definately, doing a great job in that sense.


Where did those apes come from and if you tell me they came from another specie i want to know where the first mother specie came from.This are questions that are answered by the church and as i said earlier it it the the finishing touch of the mind it helps us in making conclusions. I also want to to affirm that thought"what is left people's minds." That is very correct the church controls people's minds only and the minds of the people then control the political, economic and judicial country like you mentioned.That is the main purpose of the to control the most complex thing in the world to make considerate of others and acknowledge the environment"God's creations" and because that you hear people saying "God created that butterfly don't hurt it." Because of that we are saving the environment and the society wildlife included.

Strikes and problems arising from authority contradictions can be easily solved by the church as it teaches respect of people in authorities and patience and endurance to the problems of life.It teaches people not to worry but leave everything in God's hands and that simply removes depression and stress from the mind. It is definitely not the people's problem to breakdown in life and to feel the need to handover problems to someone just to let it go. That is a common human aspect and everyone breaks down some point in their life we are not machines and the church offers confession repentance and counselling programs meant to free the mind from guilt and depression and that is very beneficial.

You said what about the people who do not believe in the church now if we talk about them we will not have a debate because we want to compare if the church is good or is bad to the people in it.That is my point of view in this debate.The church is not run by machines but by people yes i agree but its principles are based on the bible and those are God's principles so in other words the people are there for adminstration and to enforce the principles. It can be corrupt sometimes but then that is an individual thing and the people in the church know what they are looking for that is life in paradise and someone's sin is not to change their sole aim.

Christians really need to follow the church principles because they want to be christ like and the same christ says "i built the church it is my own body." and that is the main purpose of christianity to follow christ.Terrorist are not people with mental problems but they are people that people that are filled with hate and they wish to avenge the people that put them in that state. My point here was the church tells you that your prayers are not answered if you do not forgive and forget and with that terrorism will become extinct. About education the church offer schools and universities as the government and everyone has a choice between the two and they don't force people to join them. I dont see anything bad about helping the education system by building more schools and if you say the church feeds thoughts into children's minds i question what are the thoughts. Is it not to help others being kind, polite, respecting elders and parents which are very good and most of them are lacking in children's minds right now and the community is a disaster. You do agree with me the church is being of help lately.

The church will forever be good to us in any point of view because it is based on the good so how can it be otherwise. Thank you for agreeing with me the church is doing great in the charity department
Debate Round No. 2


IsaAzMar forfeited this round.


I am just going to outline my points.

I am saying the church is good because it controls the human mind something that can never be tamed.It also helps reduce crime and it makes the community a better place by instilling good morals in children and teenagers.It helps in reducing stress and depression together with guilt by offering services like confession repenting and deliverance and breakthroughs.Some people actually believe that it is God that takes care of their problems and they should not worry about tomorrow which keeps people healthy in mind.The church also helps preserve the environment and wildlife since they are God's creations.There is also charity, a big contribution that the church makes to the world.The education system is also helped by the church as it build schools and universities.

This amongst others are some of the good the church does.
Debate Round No. 3


Most of the things you are saying are good, are part ot religion and I"m not talking about religion. I"m talking about the Church. You"ve said that it controls the human mind. OK. But that"s not something good. As you shoud have realised, the Church always has an outdated mentality which is passed to all the people influenced by it. That means that, if the Church thinks women are inferior than men, a lot of people"s going to think the same. If the Church says that the theory of the evolution is wrong, a lot of people will believe it. People would accept what the Church says without thinking by themselves and that isn"t good at all.
You"ve said the Church reduces the number of crimes. Really? Maybe (and I just say maybe), religion would reduce crimes but, the Church? How many times have people commited crimes in the name of the Church? How many times along history has the Church encourage people to fight to get the Holy Land back or for other things? Definetly, the Church does not help to reduce the number of crimes.
Another thing you"ve said: the Church instills good morals in children. No. Religion does, not the Church. The same with stress and depression. Sometimes religion helps people with those things but not the Church.
And it offers services to stop feeling guilty... This is just for Christians but OK. However, God is suposed to be everywhere. Shouldn"t he listen to you if you confess yourself in your house instead of in a church? Do you really need a church and a priest to confess yourself when you feel guilty?
The Church helps preserve the environment and wildlife... As far as I know, the Church has never done anything to preserve the planet. Maybe it has. But, in my opinion, we should all respect the planet because it"s our home and we should let the animals live in peace because they have the same right as us. We shouldn"t abuse of our power just because we have it. And this are things we should do not because they are God"s creations but because they exist, are alive and have the right to live.
And, finally, the educations system is helped by the Church as it builds schools and universities. Schools and universities educate future citizens. Religion is something personal, something each of us should think about and decide what do he or she do believe and what don"t. But what religious schools do is to instil in very little children ideas they haven"t even think about yet. They don"t let them think what they really believe in because they don"t have time.
In my opinion, the Church doesn"t let people think freely. It imposes its ideas in people since a very young age and furthermore, it has problems like the ones with pederasty and the rent and taxes.


munyaradzi forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by WashierCoot 2 years ago
I read the first line of the pro argument then I decided to quit chrome for a few hours
Posted by AlphaTBITW 2 years ago
Darn, I was just about to accept this one.
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