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The Clemson Tigers will win the 2012 ACC Football Championship

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Started: 3/27/2012 Category: Sports
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The Clemson University Tigers, the 2011 ACC Champions in football, return a very talented team in 2012, including ACC Championship MVP Tajh Boyd, the player who will lead the Tigers' explosive offense from the quarterback position.Also returning is freshman All-American wide receiver, Sammy Watkins, as well as their talented skilled position players such as Andre Ellington and DeAndre "Nuke" Hopkins. Also of note, the Tigers hired new defensive coordinator, Brent Venables, a longtime assistant from Oklahoma. It is early as of now, but I think the Tigers have a very good chance at repeating. They have a decent schedule, with the toughest game being at Florida State.

The reason I am picking the Tigers, is that first and foremost, I'm a Clemson student. Second, the Tigers' schedule this year works in their favor, as they have home games against Georgia Tech, Virginia Tech, NC State, Maryland, and South Carolina, all teams that could compete with the Tigers for an ACC Title. The strongest case within the division that could beat the Tigers is Florida State, as it is always tough to win in Tallahassee. I know it's early, but I'd love to hear someone else from an ACC school and hear what they have to say.


" I know it's early, but I'd love to hear someone else from an ACC school and hear what they have to say."

Well you found him, straight out of the ACC live at the University of Miami I know first hand (unfortunately) what its like to have your beloved football team get sh*t on by other teams in the ACC......

I will be arguing simply that Clemson will not win the 2012 ACC Championship in football.

Other teams in the ACC:
Boston College
Georgia Tech
North Carolina
North Carolina State
Virginia Tech
Wake Forrest

Other than that

Debate Round No. 1


The Clemson Tigers really have the most explosive offense in the ACC. With David Wilson gone from Virginia Tech, I do think the Clemson Tigers have the upper hand this year. Let's take a look at the schedule (caps denote home games at Death Valley) :
Week 1- vs. Auburn (at Georgia Dome, Chick-Fil-A College Kickoff)
Week 2- vs BALL STATE
Week 3- vs. FURMAN
Week 4- at Florida State
Week 5- at Boston College
Week 6- vs. GEORGIA TECH
Week 7- OPEN
Week 9- at Wake Forest (Thursday Night Game)
Week 10- at Duke
Week 11- vs. MARYLAND
Week 12- vs. NC STATE

So taking a look at their schedule, the major non-conference game, Auburn, shouldn't be overly difficult for Clemson. If you remember, Clemson racked up over 600 yards against Auburn last year, and Auburn will not have the offense to keep up with Clemson, as both offensive coordinator Gus Malzahn and RB Michael Dyer have left and are both now at Arkansas St. This game really has no meaning with regards to the ACC, but will be a good barometer for the Tigers and where they will stand for the rest of the season.

The two next non conference games will not pose any threat. Ball State is a mediocre MAC team, and Furman is an FCS school. The game following, however, will be a war. Clemson-Florida State will always be a good game, and you being a Miami student, you know how tough it is to beat the 'Noles at Doak-Campbell. That will really boil down to Clemson's new defense under Coach Venables, and whether or not they can stop EJ Manuel. The Tigers' offense last year torched the 'Noles, and the FSU defense couldn't cover Watkins to save their lives. That is the only true game I can see the Tigers possibly dropping, just because of the intimidating atmosphere in Tallahassee.

Boston College is on a slump, especially with iron man Luke Kuechly leaving early for the NFL, and Clemson should not have an issue dispatching the Eagles. The home game against Georgia Tech should be a good one, but I do think that Clemson will win because Death Valley is one of the hardest places to play at, especially when playing a rival like GT. If it's a night game, GT will have trouble stopping Clemson.

The game against Virginia Tech will be another win for the Tigers. If you look at last year's performances against the Hokies, Virginia Tech could never get their offense rolling and could not stop the Tiger's offense. Look at it this way, if Virginia Tech got smoked both in Blacksburg AND at a neutral site in Charlotte, just imagine what will happen when they come to Death Valley. Logan Thomas struggled with turnovers both times last year against Clemson, and the Tigers neutralized David Wilson. Wilson is now gone, and the Hokies will have a major hole in their offense without him.

The Thursday night game vs. Wake Forest in Winston-Salem could pose some difficulty for the Tigers, as they have been known to lay eggs in away games like last year vs. GT and NCSU. I still do not think that Wake has the offensive firepower to stay with the Tigers on this one though. The next week is Duke, I really don't need to say much more than that.

Finally, the home stretch. Maryland and NC State at home, both teams that I think will struggle to keep up with the Tigers. I'm really relying on the home field advantage this season, as last year the Tigers finished a perfect 7-0 at home. Sammy Watkins pretty much pulled a King Leonidas-300 Spartans effort against the Terps and won the game for them in College Park. The new defense will not allow Maryland to gain so many yards from a mobile quarterback like they did last year. NC State has always struggled to beat Clemson at Death Valley, and this year will be no different.

Finally, even though this game is of no consequence to the ACC, Clemson faces South Carolina at home. This game will be a war. It will all depend on how Lattimore plays after his ACL injury and how Venables prepares the Tigers for South Carolina's offense. I feel that he will be better prepared for the Gamecocks and the Tigers' offense will not sputter in front of a home crowd like they did in Columbia last year.

The ACC Championship game is in Charlotte for the next 2 years, which is a great draw for the Championship. The Tiger faithful sold out their allotted tickets and packed their half of Bank of America Stadium last year. I can see them beating Georgia Tech, Miami, or possibly Virginia (if they have another explosive season) in the ACC Championship.

Now that I have gone through each game on their schedule, I feel like between the returning starters from their offense, such as Boyd, Watkins, Ellington, and Hopkins; the new and better defensive scheme under Venables, and their relatively decent schedule, the Tigers are poised to win another ACC Championship and not totally embarrass themselves in a BCS bowl game this year.

Given if the Tigers can play the way they did against Auburn, Florida St., North Carolina, and Virginia Tech, they will be tough to stop. When their offense is clicking and firing on all cylinders, the weapons that Boyd has at his disposal will be a nightmare for ACC secondaries. It is up to Boyd to be comfortable in the pocket and not collapse under pressure. The only real loss on offense was Dwayne Allen, but I do think that the Tigers will do just fine without him. If you ever watched the Tigers last year in those games, you know that they are a formidable force to be reckoned with.


Ill keep this short and simple so that i dont scare away voters with too many words.... So let me start by saying this,

Clemson lost to West Virginia a whopping 33-70 in the Orange Bowl and West Virginia was ranked 7 pegs lower than them in the BCS rankings, and the current record for most points allowed in a Bowl Game....

So right off the back, Clemson can get their a** handed to them by teams barely ranked under them. To be fair to the Pro though, my beloved UM wouldnt do much better......

Second off, Clemson went 10-4 in 2011 where they lost to the following teams,
Georgia Tech (who they face again this year)
North Carolina State (who they face again this year)
South Carolina (who they face again this year)
and West Virginia, but that was a bowl game.

So right off the back, Clemson is going against teams who beat them last year again this year.

Who did Clemson lose this year?
Daniel Adams = LB
Andre Branch = DE
Kantrell Bown = S
Steven Demaras = LB
Chad Diehl = FB
Will Harrison = WR
Marquan Jones = WR
Mansa Joseph = RB
Antoine McClain = OG
Rennie Moore = DT
Philip Price = OT
Brandon Thompson = DT
Drew Taylor = TE
Dawson Zimmerman = P

Clemson lost a LOT of players, on both offense and defense, and some of them were pretty damn good.

Last argument for now, Recruiting classes. All teams lose players from season to season, so how well a team recruits will determine how well they perform next season.....

Current College Class Recruiting Rankings for 2012,
1) Alabama
2) FSU 3) Texas
4) UF
5) Georgia
6) Ohio State
7) Michigan
8) UM 9) Notre Dame
10) Clemson

So 2 teams in the ACC recruited better than Clemson, and one of them both the Pro and I admit are a tough challenge to Clemson.

Those are the basics, I will expand on my arguments next round so that I dont saturate voters with text to read, but let me recap real quick
1) Clemson lost to a lot of teams last year that they will face again this year
2) Clemson lost a lot of players this year
3) Clemson did not recruit as well as other ACC teams who pose big challenges to Clemson in the ACC
Debate Round No. 2


"Those are the basics, I will expand on my arguments next round so that I don't saturate voters with text to read, but let me recap real quick
1) Clemson lost to a lot of teams last year that they will face again this year
2) Clemson lost a lot of players this year
3) Clemson did not recruit as well as other ACC teams who pose big challenges to Clemson in the ACC"

1) The teams Clemson lost to last year all were away games. You failed to answer my claim- being in the friendly confines of Death Valley makes a huge difference as Clemson finished undefeated at home last year ( NC State defeated Clemson mostly because Sammy Watkins was out with a sprained shoulder ( Georgia Tech ended up finishing with a mediocre season and a loss in the Sun Bowl to a mediocre Utah team ( Finally, South Carolina will be a toss-up. That will really be depending on how Lattimore returns after his injury. Sometimes great backs have great returns from injuries, sometimes they don't play the same. If Lattimore fires on all cylinders, South Carolina will be tough to stop. Besides, that game is irrelevant to the topic at hand; it is a non-conference game after the ACC regular season concludes for Clemson. The away games that they face this year, Wake Forest, Duke, Boston College, and Florida State; the only real tough one is Florida State. The combination of that and the fact they play the teams they lost to last year at home this year (I hope that makes sense) Clemson comes out ahead from a relatively easier schedule than last year. You know, as a Miami fan, that Death Valley is one of the most intimidating places to play and makes a huge difference in the Tigers' play. So, those teams they lost to last year: GT, NCSU, and South Carolina, all are home games, with a current winning streak of 7-0 at Death Valley coming into the 2012 season. After having one of the toughest schedules last year, Clemson has a favorable schedule that should play into their favor.

2) Clemson did lose quite a bit of players, the biggest gaps from the losses being defensive with Branch, Thompson, Sensabaugh, and Moore. Given these losses, I do believe the players that are retained more than make up for this. If you look at the stats Sammy Watkins and Tajh Boyd put up (Watkins: 82 rec, 1219 yds, 12 td; Boyd 298-499, 3828 yds, 33 td, 12 int, 141.2 rat;( learning a completely new system under offensive coordinator Chad Morris, they more than over-achieved given their stance last year starting the season unranked. With Boyd, now comfortable in the new system, Watkins, Hopkins, Ellington, Brown, Bryant, Peake, Bellamy, and Howard all returning on offense, it will be hard to stop the Tigers. The losses they had on offense aren't nearly as substantial as the skilled players they retain. For you to think that the losses due to graduation are going to hinder the Tigers this season as much as you do is extremely naive because the core of the Tigers' explosive offense is intact.

3) Clemson finished behind Miami and Florida State in recruiting. Like I conceded earlier, Florida State is the only realistic game that the Tigers have a possibility of losing. Clemson does NOT play Miami this year (, so the fact that they finished behind the Hurricanes in recruiting is irrelevant. They finished ahead of the rest of the ACC teams in their division, as well as Virginia Tech (whom they do play this season) and South Carolina. Being a Miami fan, you must be keen to note that Florida State almost always has great recruiting classes, but seems to choke during the season and fall apart. Look at last year- they began the season ranked 5th ( and had a stellar recruiting class ( yet lost three straight games to 1) an overrated #1 Oklahoma team; 2) #21 Clemson; 3) unranked Wake Forest. The Seminoles always have a chance to be dangerous season after season, but have a proclivity to have a sort of meteoric collapse. If you look at last year's match up at Death Valley (given it was freshman Clint Trickett at QB for the Seminoles), the Tigers outperformed the Seminoles in every offensive category. ( Boyd finished 22-35, 344 yds, 3 td, 0 int with a rating of 173.7; Ellington 23 carries for 71 yds and 1 TD; and Watkins had 7 receptions for 141 yds and 2 td. All three of these top performers from last year's game return this season, and as I said before, all three will be better adjusted to Coach Morris' offense. The true determining factor in this game will be the defensive preparation under Coach Venables, and believe me, he knows how to shut the Seminoles down. At Oklahoma, his defenses defeated Florida State the past two years by scores of 47-17 in 2010 and 23-13 in 2011. (
Essentially, he knows how to shut down Florida State's offense, even in 2010 when they had Christian Ponder. As a coach, he is far superior to Kevin Steele, and will run simpler and better defenses at Clemson. Steele's main issue was the complexity of his schemes, and a lot of the young players on Clemson's defense ( had problems understanding those defensive setups.

Even if Clemson loses to Florida State, they still have a very good chance at winning the division, as Florida State has to face both your beloved Hurricanes and Virginia Tech on the road, both extremely tough wins for the 'Noles to get. (

The West Virginia game was a combination of extremely poor defense (and lead to the swift firing of Kevin Steele) and the 14 point turnaround when the Mountaineer defense caught a break from that strip and run back for a touchdown. In reality, as a true football fan, you know that won't happen again. If you also look, Clemson's offense still put up 33 points on the board. Given the scope of the whole season, as people had already talked about Dabo being fired after the Wofford and possibly if Clemson lost to Auburn again, the overachieving and the feat of beating Virginia Tech twice in one season (neither of which were played at Death Valley), the Tigers had a better season than expected, still won an ACC title very handily and made their first ever BCS bowl. Given the talent that returns, including the only ACC first team All-American, a FRESHMAN, at that, Clemson's outlook is bright and will make a run for the ACC championship this year. (


Im convinced, Vote Pro
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by dbertel 6 years ago
Silly Auburn fan. If Auburn couldn't shut down Watkins as a freshman, what makes you think they'll stop him as a sophomore? Dabo Swinney was quoted that Watkins will most likely see the field against Auburn, so I'm not inclined to think the fake tigers will perform that well, especially with Michael Dyer and Gus Malzahn gone.
Posted by jbeaver212 6 years ago
At the expense of sounding like a moron...

Posted by imabench 6 years ago
oh sh*t i thought this was a 4 round debate
Posted by dbertel 6 years ago
yeah, i'm not sure if we'd be in the national title talks this coming year. 2013, maybe.
Posted by Ore_Ele 6 years ago
oh, I mis-read, I thought you were talking about the whole BCS, not just ACC.
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Reasons for voting decision: Imabench conceded? Wtf is this?
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