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The Clippers' Big Three are the best in the league compared to any other current Big Three.

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Started: 11/17/2016 Category: Sports
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The Clippers big Three Consists of Point-Guard Chris Paul, Power Forward, Blake Griffin, and Center Deandre Jordan. Chris Paul and Deandre Jordan were both selected for the NBA all defensive team as Blake griffin was in eligible as he missed over half of the season. Deandre Jordan also received ALL-NBA First team and Chris Paul was on the Second Team. The Three Altogether Average 49.2 PPG, 14 APG, and 27 RPG, with only 5.2 TPG. Which leads to an average of 2.7 Assist to Turnover Ratio, which would put them at 14th if this was one player, but Chris Paul averaged the second greatest assist to turnover ratio so far this season, and he leads the league in steals. Deandre Jordan almost beat the NBA record with above .7 field goal percentage. This is obviously an extremely good offensive and Defensive trio as long as injuries don't get in the way.


Thank you to my challenger for creating this debate. Now moving on, you mention the 3 members of the clippers and their various accolades but you are forgetting about the best team in the west and the best team in the league the last 2 years the golden state warriors. The warriors have the MVPs from the last 3 seasons along with either klay thompson or Draymond Green depending who else you want to add to the "Big 3". Steph Curry is the greatest shooter of all time and Kevin Durant is a top 15 scorer of all time, many consider him to be even higher than that. Chris Paul is washed up, Blake Griffin has disciplinary problems and Deandre Jordan is atrocious at the free throw line. Last season Blake scored 21.4 ppg after missing 47 games due to punching a team staff member and breaking his hand, Chris averaged 19.5 ppg and 10 assists and Deandre averaged 12.7 ppg. Steph Curry averaged 30.1 ppg, Klay averaged 22.1 ppg and Durant averaged 28.2 ppg. There is no way that you can say that the Clippers big 3 are better than this team offensively. And as for defensively there are not really a lot of stats that can definitively say that one player is better than another especially considering that all the players other than Curry and Paul play different positions.
Debate Round No. 1


You say that Chris Paul is washed up, but last season he led the league in Steals and ranked 4th in Assists in the league and Ranks 4th in all time. Chris Paul tied for first place in steals in the league last season and leads the league so far this year. Chris Paul has a career average of 18.8 ppg, but this season is at 18.3 ppg, which negates your statement that Chris Paul is washed up. Also, not only have you stated whether Klay or Draymond are in you top three, but you also stated KD and used his stats from last year. But Something that hasn't been accounted for is the fact that the Clippers have the best record in the NBA. Even though their are four stars which as I mentioned before hasn't been clarified which 3 are going to considered in their trio. Blake Griffin hasn't gotten into any disciplinary trouble this year, as this debate is focused on this season and only this season, and Deandre Jordan is shooting free throws above his Career Percentage. Offensively I can say that it is pretty equal, because the Clippers trio have been able to work well together this season so far. Defensively Chris Paul is Number 1 in NBA defensive Rating, while Deandre Jordan and Blake griffin are both in the Top 7, while neither of the four Warriors stars even gain a spot on the Top 20 List.
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Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by TheBenC 1 year ago
Chris Paul is old. DeAndre has little offense. Griffin has almost no defense. They look good on paper but when they hit a good team in the playoffs their weaknesses will be exposed and they will go down hard.
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