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The Cowboys vs. the Patriots in Super Bowl LI

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Started: 1/1/2017 Category: Sports
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I am taking the position that Super Bowl LI in Houston will feature the Dallas Cowboys and the Patriots. No other team has the ability to stop either of these teams when relatively healthy.

Pro/Me: Cowboys vs Patriot in Super Bowl LI
Con: Any Other Team

Con can argue that Super Bowl LI will feature a combination of any other team, or any team vs. the Cowboys, or any other team vs. the Patriots. As long as it isn't the Cowboys vs. the Patriots.

Round 1) Acceptance

Rounds 2 and 3) Arguments


The only team that I believe is capable of knocking off the Dallas Cowboys is the New York Giants, through the regular season both of these teams were evenly matched in the head to head games they played. The Cowboys defence against Eli Manning was not entirely great, otherwise I think Dallas will make it to the finals.

I'm in agreement that the Patriots will probably be the AFC representative with only the Kansas City Chiefs as a potential spoiler.
Debate Round No. 1


I'm not sure if you're agreeing with me, or if you think only Dallas or New England will make it and they'll play another team in the Super Bowl.

Dallas this year looks eerily reminiscent of the early and mid 90's team.

Troy Aikman and Dak Prescott, Emmitt Smith and Ezekiel Elliot, and both with number one ranked offensive lines. These similarities lead me to believe that Dallas cannot be stopped in the NFC. The only team that has a small chance is Atlanta because of their offense and the ability to just outscore their opponent. But they would have to match Dallas' offense and that will be tough to do.

New England is just outright tough to beat. I don't see any team beating them in the playoffs. It would be a dream match-up, ratings wise.

The Giants beat Dallas twice already and it's very tough to beat a team three times in the same season. I'm not saying it couldn't be done, but it's very difficult. I really don't see any other team beating Dallas.


I'm in agreement with you that I believe New England will be the AFC representative, I did say the Chiefs could compete, but after doing some more research I just believe it's not possible.

The NFC however is a little more difficult because while it's true the Cowboys definitely did have a terrific season. the Giants Defensively were one of the best teams in the NFL. Opponents only registered 22 sacks against them for the third best mark (only Oakland and Pittsburgh were better), the Cowboys were tied with two other teams for seventh allowing 28 sacks. The Giants have a slightly better passing defence than the Cowboys ranking 23rd to Dallas' 26th. Both teams have elite rushing defence with the Cowboys being number one in that department and the Giants ranking third.

The two times these teams played there wasn't a great deal of offense and both games were close. Prescott is a great QB and Ezekiel Elliott is a great RB but we will have to see how they do against a team filled with playoff veterans like the Giants, that is assuming the Giants can handle the Green Bay Packers and get to face the Cowboys in the first place, because this is the only team I can see preventing Dallas from a Super Bowl Appearance. The Falcons just do not have the defence to get it done.
Debate Round No. 2


If everyone on the Cowboys' offensive end plays to their potential as they have pretty much all season long, they'll represent the NFC in the Super Bowl, with a good chance of winning it all. Their defense can be suspect at times, but overall they have the ability to be good.

If Dallas meets the Patriots in the Super Bowl, which I believe they will, and they can shut down their rushing offense, they'll more than likely win it all. Tom Brady is good, but if you have a one dimensional offense, you're not winning many games.

Dallas isn't ranked high on the total passing yards as a team (23rd overall this season), but that's mainly due to the fact that Dak Prescott isn't a "gun slinger" QB. He is a short yardage passer, who throws the ball very effectively with few mistakes. And because Dallas dominates the game clock almost every game, they control the game. Very few, if any, teams will be able to handle that.

Dallas' run game is tops in the league this year, with Ezekiel Elliot dominating pretty much every defense he came across. That, coupled with a strong passing game, spells trouble for the rest of the league. As I have said earlier, it is very difficult to beat a team three times in one season and I honestly don't believe New York (IF they even get past Green Bay) will be able to handle it. New York is too much of a streaky team to do any real damage in the playoffs and right now they're in a funk.

Green Bay could match offense, but Aaron Rodgers is too much of a cocky "gun slinging" QB to not make any real threat for a longer period of time. And their rush offense is ranked 20th overall this season. Nothing to really shake a stick at, to be honest. No depth.

Atlanta and MAYBE Seattle could compete with Dallas, but they would have to play their best full game; not happening.

And since we're in agreement with New England, there's really no reason to get into why I believe they'll represent the AFC in the Super Bowl.

Dallas vs Patriots in Super Bowl LI.
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Debate Round No. 3
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