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The Cubs will repeat as World Series Champions in 2017

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Started: 12/23/2016 Category: Sports
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Dexter Fowler was a big loss, and to a division rival. However, while John Jay is no Dexter Fowler, he offers a solid glove, and speed. Jason Heyward should improve at the plate and settle in behind Brizzo, Zob and Addy. Starting rotaion remains in tact, bullpen has been rebuilt in offseason, even with the loss of Chapman, whom is good that the Cubs dont have to face him since he went A.L.. Also, Schwarber's bat is back, The pressure is off to win for the organization as a whole.


You have BOP and have proven nothing. Also they lost Chapman, and it is hard to go back to back. There have been 14 instances of teams winning consecutive world series and most of those were the Yankees when they dominated, the last time a team went back to back was 2000. There are plenty of other teams that will contend with the cubs, the Mets, Red Sox, and dodgers come to mind. It is not 100% certain that the Cubs will repeat therefore pro has lost this debate.
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Posted by Ragnar 1 year ago
If you actually care about this topic, please add additional rounds. Right now it's a free nearly-automatic win for whomever accepts (since you can't reply to anything they've written, so all they need to do is post a single sentence about BoP).
Posted by SamanthatheConservative 1 year ago
3 World Series wins. LMFAO! The Scrubs will always come in last place when compared to the Cardinals who are 11 time World Series winners. Now go back to smoking your crack pipe you brain dead bandwagon hopping Cubtard.
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