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The Current Border Fence should be consructed

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Started: 3/17/2012 Category: Politics
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First points:



We will be debating the current border fence being contemplated by the government. Not a 40 foot high great wall of china. The current border fence is metal layer, wood poles, metal layer, or it is a ton of aligned metal poles. I will provide pictures:

Other information on the fence we will debate:


Round 1: Acceptance and definitions ONLY (I get other privileges here like making rules)
Round 2: Arguments no rebuttals
Round 3: Refutations and arguments
Round 4: Refutations and whatever else is needed


No semantics (with definitions or resolution)


I accept. Some definitions: current - now, border fence - separation barrier wall or fence constructed to limit the movement of people across a certain line or border. I agree that we will base this on the Wiki article. Good luck.
Debate Round No. 1


ok so we understand :)

C1: The cost of the border wall

Before one can actually grasp the other pros/cons of the border fence, one must first observe the financial costs of the fence. One estimation claims the cost of building the fence will be 30 billion. [1] Another estimate puts 22 billion and 16 million per square mile. [1] Other estimates put it at around 3 million per square mile. [2] Other estimates say 15 million per square mile. [2] It is possible the fence, it grows at the same rate, will cost 6.5 billion dollars. [3] (still wouldn't be completed). But so far I have only touched upon the building costs, how about the maintenance. With the maintenance added it will cost up to 49 BILLION dollars. [4] es you read that correctly, 49 billion. This fence is very very expensive, and is it worth the extremely high cost? No, it is not. If the fence worked, I would be for it, but it isn't. I will touch upon 2 more points showing how it is no worth it.

C2: Environmental effects

This actually will have a cost into this as well, our goverment is going to pump in 50 million dollars (add 50 mill. to the 49 bil.) to help ease the environmental damage of the border fence. [5] Some say the border fence actually causes floods therefore effecting humans and the environment alike. [6] The border wall causes un-needed flooding, let me ask is this good? I like in a border state, the article doesn't say if it effects me as far up north, but if it does wouldn't you be mad? The border fence has no regulation and actually effects erosion for the worse killing plants and such through erosion increases. [7, 8]

The border fence negatively impacts animals that migrate border to border, stopping them from reaching breeding sites and such. [9] Many of the species it will effect are ENDANGERED. Many of the wildlife refugees would be split in two by the border fence. [10] The border fence may be detrimental as it restricts firefighters from fighting wildfires as they cannot reach them through the fence. [11] The border fence effect black bears breeding and migratory patterns, therefore hurts the bears. [12]

(no es bueno)

C3: Border fence; ineffective

The fence, unlike common belief, is highly ineffective and fails to at as a deterrent. [13] When people build fence, people go around it or over it. [14] Although the whole border saw a drop in immigrant infiltrations, areas with NO WALL had the largest drops. [15] The number of breaches with or without walls are no different, in 1992 we had the same amount of breaches as in 2004 in san diego after the walls where made. [15, 16] This shows the border wall has no impact whatsoever in the amount of break-ins.

Even after we increased wall construction and made these walls they have not deterred anyone! [15, 17] The border fence is just a speed bump, nothing more. [18] In the Show Penn and Teller BS (abbreviated) they disproved the fences effectiveness by making a fence exactly like the ones in san diego then got illegal aliens, then asked one group to go under, one over, one break through the middle. All of them broke through faster then 5 minutes. [19]


The ineffectiveness of the fence and the high costs are unacceptable, and the environmental effects are another no-no. With the info provided I urge a CON vote.

[16] "Border Security: Barriers Along the U.S. International Border" Congressional Research Service
[19] Penn and Teller BS Border fence.


acwixson forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


acwixson forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3


Its safe to say con won.


acwixson forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4
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