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The Death Penalty is not humane.

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Started: 12/18/2013 Category: Politics
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The death penalty is a wrong and barbaric punishment. This is a new era! Not the era for public murders like the times of the kingdoms! The death penalty violates the eighth amendment section titled "Cruel and Unusual". It states that no cruel or unusual punishment shall be given out. The death penalty is obviously violating the eighth amendment. To make it easy to understand, let me put it in another way. Imagine that you did something so horrific; for instance you burned a family or something. Would you want to be sentenced to death? I wouldn't! Criminals who are sentenced to death are human beings. NOT monsters or animals. What I mean by that is that the death penalty has many choices of how to die. There is the firing squad, lethal injection, hanging, electric chair, deprivation of oxygen from your lungs, and many other possibilities that may have not surfaced yet. The state also lets a small crowd watch the killing of the murder. Are we time traveling back in time?! No! Not yet! We as the world need to progress and learn from our mistakes. We need to treat each other like humans and not like crazy animals! One thing I really think is horrible is that sometimes the accused criminal is killed but they are proven innocent after they were killed. That sickens me to the max! The accused criminals that are proven innocent before they are killed get released. Between 2003 and 2012, 42 people have been proven innocent in court and in the execution room. Can't you see that the state(s) are accusing 100% innocent people? I know the state doesn't do it on purpose but come on, give the investigation crew and defendant's lawyer/ accountant more time! Therefore, I'm saying this. Just lock the criminal up. They will suffer anyways once they die. It's more humane to lock them away forever than killing them in front of crowds. We are human beings; not crazed animals.
Debate Round No. 1


It sounds to me that my opponent us giving up. If that is so, I may have a chance to win. In 1978, a man named Earl Charles was sentenced to death. He was convicted of a murder he didn't do. Later that year positive evidence emerged and supported his alibi of innocence. The USA is sentencing too many innocent people and sometimes have them killed.


I'm not giving up just yet. I was just too lazy to see what you had written. That, and there's other debates that don't interest me. Regardless of which, allow me to state my point of view.

First off, you seem to be going off-topic. First you talk about how we are not animals, but human beings. Then you were talking about how innocent people are being executed. Innocence and death penalties don't relate. Now allow me to get to the core points.

Allow yourself to think a crime that is worse than no other. This could range from a bank robbery to a serial killing. The criminal is, from that point, in court. You lose the lawsuit, and your sentenced to a death penalty. However much later, you get executed. As horrible as this sounds, it is simply not inhumane.

Think about what goes on in the judges head when it is time for a sentence. He or she probably is thinking that this criminal should deserve the worst sentence (assuming that the committed the "worst crime"). Plenty of thought goes into his or her head, and as they would feel awful to do it, they would think that it would be best to kill them while they are in prison. It's not like the judge is heartless. That person knows what will happen for the rest of his life. Now why would it be considered inhumane?

Think about it. What is the difference between a life sentence and a death sentence. Well, with the first option, the criminal will die on its own, and as for the second option, the criminal is executed. You can see that there is not much of a difference between the two. You even think of it that way yourself from your Round One argument.

"Just lock the criminal up. They will suffer anyways once they die."

Also, you seem to be touching the basis that the "execution" portion of the death sentence is "humiliating". Unless if he or she is an infamous prisoner, there is no point of the humiliation. Who's going to watch? Police officers? Other prisoners? You seem to be over-exaggerating the issue a bit.

Now am I saying that the death penalty is humane? No. Maybe some changes could be occurred in the court and imprisonment department of government, but it is most definitely not inhumane.
Debate Round No. 2


First off, innocence and death penalties both relate. The USA gives death penalties to innocent people. Too many people want to see the convicted person dead. And the USA allows the criminals family, the victim's family, and other law enforcement people watch the execution. As I said before, nobody deserves to die. Not even if they did the most horrific crime imaginable. Think about it. If you committed a horrible crime, would you want to killed? Now, if you didn't commit this crime and you still killed, how would you feel?


Ok yeah, now I'm done. I was just being a bit too competitive. I usually am not like this, so if I was thought of as cruel, then I am immensely sorry for what I have done. Davee has given all criteria for the question, and I can no longer ask anything else. Vote for this man, please. He deserves it. Though, I will say one thing: You seem to be a bit too empathetic, but I guess inhumane does have to do with empathy. Nonetheless, you win, good sir. Well done.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Davee 3 years ago
Not everybody is perfect now are they?
Posted by kawaii_crazy 3 years ago
not humane? you shouldve just put inhumane
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