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The Death Penalty should be banned in the U.S

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Started: 1/7/2017 Category: Politics
Updated: 1 year ago Status: Debating Period
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By accepting this debate, you realize that -

      1. This is a controversial topic, relax, and let's have a nice debate.

      1. I will be arguing for the ban of the death penalty.

      1. BIASED and UNRELIABLE sources are not allowed (philosophy, statistics, logic, and everything else is allowed.)

      1. That you must clearly label parts of your debate speech so your points are understandable.

      1. Finally, just so we both know what we are getting into, your first post or argument would be accepting these terms and the stance that you have chosen.

Thank you for your time,

- Faust


I Humbly Accept your Debate and do know the terms and conditions of it.

I wish you the best of luck and hopes of giving a Compelling Argument capable of Shifting even my very own Opinion on the matter. I will give a full Disclosure on my stance for Pro Death Penalty next round.
Debate Round No. 1


Intro - Before I begin I'd like to thank my opponent for taking the time to debate with me, and the audience. (Even though it sounds really stereotypical I mean it.)

Stance -
The Death Penalty should be banned in the U.S.

Contention 1 -
The Death Penalty is not a penalty.

The death penalty is not a penalty to those who it punishes. Let me illustrate, in the state I am currently in (the leader of death penalties with a record for most people executed in the U.S.) when somebody commits murder they can get life in prison instead of the death penalty if:

1. They plead guilty. (before trial)
2. They feel genuine remorse
3. The murder wasn't planned (anger breaking out)

These are all things that a sane person would do or at least consider, so we can conclude that people that get to death row most of the time (if not all the time) are crazy.

Knowing this, do you think that a crazy person would rather be trapped in a jail cell instead or get the sick pleasure of their own death?

Mary Blandy - made jokes at her own execution.
She was wearing a skirt or dress when she was about to get executed and her last words were. "For the sake of decency gentlemen don't hang me up too high"

Robert Alton Harris - made a poem about dancing with death before execution
“You might be a king or a little street sweeper, but sooner or later, you dance with the reaper.”

And there are more of these occasions, (including inmates saying "I'll come back" or "I wonder how decapitation will feel." but between you and me the research for this debate is disturbing the hell so I didn't include anymore.

So in conclusion, why kill them? (They'll enjoy it, no it's not far-fetched they really are demented.)

Contention 2
The Death Penalty is costly and ineffective.

Subpoint A -
Every time somebody is executed it costs thousands of millions of dollars backed up by people who work in the industry with UPDATED evidence.; (Go to link for more info)

"[D]eath by execution is excessively expensive. Most people who support the death penalty believe it is more cost effective than life in prison. Perhaps at one time, when executions were swift and sure, this may have been the case. It is not now. Most people knowledgeable about the subject will agree that the delay now built into the system, more trial preparation, much longer time to get to trial, much longer jury selections and trials, much more complicated and far more frequent appeals, and continuous motions, have increased the cost of capital punishment so that it is now many times the cost of keeping a prisoner in prison for life."

Apr. 18, 2012 - Charles M. Harris, JD

Jon B. Gould, PhD, Professor of Justice, Law, and Society at American University, and Lisa Greenman, JD, Attorney for the Maryland Public Defender Organization, submitted the following in the "ReporttotheCommittee on Defender Services Judicial Conference of the United States Update on the Cost and Quality of Defense Representation in Federal Death Penalty Cases" in Sep. 2010, available at "The median amount of $353,185 for authorized cases [of the federal death penalty]... indicates that cases in which a capital prosecution was authorized cost almost eight times as much as those death-eligible cases that were not authorized... there is no mistaking the vast increase in cost when the Department of Justice decides to authorize a capital prosecution."

Sep. 2010 - Jon B. Gould, JD, PhD
Lisa Greenman, JD

Subpoint B - It's ineffective in all its functions;
It doesn't keep people from killing each other and 88% of experts agree.

It fails in killing people.
(Man survives lethal injection)

By the way, they are going to try again
This is cruel and unusual punishment against 8th amendment.;
(Arizona killer takes 2 hours to die)
This is cruel and unusual punishment against 8th amendment.
And this has happened so many times before.

So to sum it up, I have proven that the death penalty is ineffective in all of its functions, and does not save money as it costs more than life in prison. So I ask you again humbly, why should we keep this?

Contention 3
The Death Penalty can kill innocent lives, and it doesn't bring comfort to the victims.

Subpoint A - In some cases, innocent people can end up dying, as a generous estimate shows that 1/25 of death row inmates are innocent.;

Subpoint A - It might not seem like a big deal (to some people), but when you apply that formula to the executions in the past so many people could have been innocent.

These people don't and can't ever get any compensation, how would you feel if somebody you loved dearly was killed on a false premise?

Subpoint B -And even the people that are on the opposite side of the trial the victims of crime say- More death changes nothing.; (The closure myth.)

So all in all, the death penalty is costly and ineffective, is not a penalty, and can kill innocent lives, while not bringing comfort to the victims. For all the is reasons I humbly request a vote for pro.

Thank you

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Debate Round No. 2
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Debate Round No. 3
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Debate Round No. 4
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Debate Round No. 5
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