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The Denver Broncos will wn the AFC West.

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Started: 12/5/2011 Category: Sports
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Awaiting opponents opening statement.


My opponent is attempting to argue that the Denver Broncos will win the AFC West. I will be providing evidence and show the reasons why i say they will not win their division.

Why broncos will not win division:
1. Broncos upcoming schedule is, Chicago bears, New England Patriots, Buffalo Bills and Kansas city chiefs. I shall explain reasoning on each.

First Chicago bears. Chicago gets 2 injured starters back and Devin Hester may also return. Broncos are ranked 1 in rushing yards per game. Now the bears combination of Brian urlacher and Julius peppers are more than enough to stop rushes. If the rushing game is stopped then they are gonna have a hard time in the passing game. Tim Tebow has throw 1 interception so far. Because he barely throws the ball and even when he does he has a low completion percentage. Tim Tebow has won several games by rushing. Again Julius peppers has shown he is a good contain.

New England patriots are the top team in passing yards per game. Broncos have a bad pass defense and have beat teams that have had little success this year in passing. Kyle arrington may still lead NFL in interceptions he might be tied with nick Burnett. But he is a key factor along with vince wilfork in the running game. These two games are obvious possible losses s but are more than likely gonna be that way.

Buffalo Bills Have had a rough season yes. but they are 4-2 at home. Look for bills Ryan Fitzpatrick to pick apart Broncos defense. I will be fair though this is a game that might be won by the Broncos if they establish the run.

Kansas city chiefs Despite their record are a very well organized team. Almost beating my favorite team Pittsburgh which is a big dill considering Pittsburgh has one of the top passing defenses. Broncos are very poor on pass defense. Dwayne bowe should have an easy game along with Kansas city chiefs getting a win.

i see the Broncos finishing at most 9-7,

1. Broncos are winning in overtime and by very little points against low record teams.
2. Tebow is effective at running but faces teams with good defensive linemen and linebacker
3.Again the rushing game is their best weapon and they cant rely solely on running the ball.
4. They need to pass without making mistakes and a loss can easily ruin a teams confidence.

Raiders are as well 7-5 and face Green bay and i see that as a definite loss
Then they face Lions who are on a big losing streak and will more than likely not win at the raiders home field.
Then they face Kansas city who could be a very easy win as Carson Palmer is having one of his best seasons.
Then to wrap the season up they play the chargers who just cant seem to get jump started so expect to see cahrgers lose in the Oakland home town

at least they will finish 10-6 possibly making them on top
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Posted by FeatherlessTurkey 6 years ago
I totally forgot about this debate. Would have liked to participate, but I was basically forced to post one so soon.
Posted by FeatherlessTurkey 6 years ago
I totally forgot about this debate. Would have liked to participate, but I was basically forced to post one so soon.
Posted by Jhate 6 years ago
when its done sry haha
Posted by Jhate 6 years ago
Please vote everyone thankyou :)
Posted by BlackVoid 6 years ago
Don't the Broncos play the Patriots next week? o.O

Well the Pats gave up 400 passing yards to Vince Young, so I don't see why not...
Posted by imabench 6 years ago
I honestly cant see why not...
Posted by Ore_Ele 6 years ago
This might be a good one for Lasagna. Most likely, the Raiders will split their last games, and there is a good chance Denver will too.
Posted by Ore_Ele 6 years ago
Umm... The Raven are not in that division and do not play the Broncos for the rest of the year.
Posted by 1stLordofTheVenerability 6 years ago
While I believe that the Ravens will halt the Broncos, I simply don't have time to debate... I'll watch this one with interest, however!
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