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The Devil Is Not Evil

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Started: 8/3/2015 Category: Religion
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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First of all I am Atheist. I would simply like to make the point that the entity representing pure evil is doing a public service.
The bible speaks of eternal damnation and torture for sinners, so this is saying the Devil would punish those who would go against God?
In the bible itself God commits genocide and goes as far as killing two children for laughing at a prophets bald head...the Devil is harmless in comparison and is fair with punishments.
Overall I believe the mythological Devil is not evil but in fact fair but misjudged, this goes to show how poorly thought out the Bible is today.
So what do you think?
Do you agree?
Do you disagree?
Hail Satan,


Reptilian, I accept this debate, but I also express my disappointment in it's duration of only two rounds. However as that is the case, I will make the most of this opening.

First, I outline my argument.
These things ought to be proven in my argument:
Firstly, God was just in his biblical killings, and therefore good.
Secondly, The Devil caused Man to need to be tortured, which is not good.
Thirdly, The Devil is not really the punished, but the punished.

Now, just as a simple basis on which we may determine what things are good or bad, I establish that it is bad to take things which you are not entitled to. I'm sure we all can agree upon this, and I say this is why murder is evil. Because no man is entitled to another man's life, and therefore to take it is evil. So, I argue that God's killings in the Bible were not evil, because he is entitled to the lives of men. This is because of the Christian view of property. The view is that all our property (including our bodies) does not really belong to us, but instead belongs to God, and is entrusted to the stewardship of Man, for the glory of God. In this view, God may take what he pleases, because all things really belong to him. So, it is not theft if God takes your house away from you, and therefore it is not murder if God takes your life away from you.

Now, on the Devil. Reptilian, you thought that the Devil is not evil because he executes punishment on those damned to hell by God, making him like God's executioner, and therefore doing the work of God, therefore doing good. However, this is obviously not the case if you consider the reason why it is necessary for souls to be damned in the first place. Originally, according to the Bible, Man was perfect, apart from Sin (but not the ability to sin). The Devil, was the one who tempted Man into Sin, causing the need for damnation, and therefore causing all the pain in Hell. So, in truth, it was not God's will that the damned should suffer in hell, but it was the Devil's will. The Devil caused the need for damnation, so he is not simply "acting under orders," or anything along that reasoning. And also (this is very important I should have brought it up first), the Devil is not really the one punishing the damned, but is rather being punished alongside the damned. God is the one who sentences the damned to Hell, and the real punishment of Hell is knowing the full glory of God, and being completely separated from Him. So yes, the Devil does torture the damned in Hell, but not because it is his job, but because he is also in Hell, and (in the Bible) it is in his nature to torture, he is a corrupted soul, and corrupts souls around him.

So, all that is to prove that the Devil is Evil, because he caused Man to sin, he is not "fair with punishments," but is being punished by God, along side the damned men, and tortures them because it is in his corrupted nature to do so.
As well as God being Good, because the lives which he took in reality, belonged to Him.

This is a short argument, but substantial I believe, and I look forward to your response, Reptilian.
Debate Round No. 1


Reptilian forfeited this round.


SeekinTruth forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2
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Posted by SeekinTruth 2 years ago
I think there are simply not enough ample voters on this website.
Posted by Diqiucun_Cunmin 2 years ago
I think Pro is trying to parody conspiracy theories where the Illuminati is composed of Reptilians related to the Devil or something.
Posted by hldemi 2 years ago
How can something with perfectly good nature create something that has potential to develop different nature then of its creator if this perfectly good God is also omniscient ? This would mean that such God would purposely create devil that is evil and capable of doing evil while being aware of the fact that devil will in fact do evil.

Its like perfectly good human to knowingly create evil robot that kills people.

This is absurd.
Posted by Alpha3141 2 years ago
You take an unbiblical moral code and then judge what is morally right and wrong the Bible. Therefore, your claims don't really judge correctly
Posted by Addison98 2 years ago
On top of that, God is not evil.

It does not follow, however, that God created evil and is evil. There is no evil that dwells within God; it is contrary to His perfect holy nature [Psalm 5:4]. God is too pure to even look upon evil [Hab. 1:13].
Posted by Addison98 2 years ago
The word devil itself means the chief evil spirit.
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