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The Disney Resorts are better than the Universal Studios Resort

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Started: 10/2/2009 Category: Entertainment
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The Disney Resort such as the amusement parks and the land property that the public can get to (such as the hotels and downtown Disney) are better than the Universal Resort because the Disney Resort have more than one parks in one particular city, like two parks in the Anaheim Area and several parks in the Orlando Area. The Universal parks have only one in the LA area and Universal has only two parks in the Orlando Area.

Plus the Disney Parks has several hotels in their property for their 'guest' to stay in the property on their parks. Disney have better shows than Universal, such as Disney's "Fantasmic" which is the best amusement park shows, says by the majority of critics. Plus many of Universal Studios ideas are originally from Disney's idea, like have their studio and film organization to have a theme park.

For four years in a row 2005-2008, reports says eight of the Disney amusement parks are in the top eight spots of attendance worldwide. Top five in America for many years in a row. Such as in 2005, the Magic Kingdom is number one, Disneyland (Anaheim) is second in attendance, Tokyo Disneyland in the third slot, Tokyo Disney Sea in fourth, Disneyland in Paris in the fifth spot, Epcot in the sixth spot, Disney's MGM studios in the seventh spot, Disney's Animal Kingdom in the eight spot. In the last twenty years, not a Universal Park never made it number one in attendance, ever. A Disney Park made it number one in attendance worldwide in twenty years in a row. It is just like winning the Super Bowl for twenty years in a row.

The Disney Resort also trained their employees (Cast Members) to be nice and respectful to their guests so they can have a great experience. Plus the Universal Studios lost the Marvel Comic Organization to Disney.

Plus Downtown Disney in Anaheim don't have a one sports team store like the LA Dodgers have their own store in City Walk in Universal Studios Hollywood to scare off any out of town tourist. These theme parks has to know that there are people are coming from all over the world, especially San Francisco who is the home of the San Francisco Giants, the Dodger's arch-rival. Disney don't do that and they have sports products of many sports teams, not just one. So Universal Studios are not giving themselves much credit.

Plus the Disney Resort have their own cruise lines and the Universal Studios have no cruise lines, yet.


I want to thank my opponent for this debate, plus this is my first debate so forgive me if I go off track and I don't know all the ropes yet.

It is not about attendance, it is the momentum and highlights that a theme park receives. What I meant was that the Universal have better rides than Disney, such as roller coasters. Plus the Universal Studios let their customers into their studios and see all the sets of their past movies and have a chance to meet some stars, like one time I was able to meet Jim Carey when he was shooting "How the Grinch Stole Christmas". In Disney, you don't get the chance to see their studios up close, except for Hollywood Studios of Disney on Orlando but that ride was lame, no offense.

Plus Disney is known for a kid's theme park, even though it may not be but it is known for a kids theme park. Universal is known for all sorts of age. When I was in Disneyland, I wanted to have some wine but there was no wine and it was suppose to be the "Happiest Place on Earth". In Universal, they keep their word and provide everything what is on their brochures.

Plus having their employees go through training (like what Disney requires for their employees) would scare people away to work for them. Business knows that people needs work, especially for the young adults. Universal Studios doesn't require training because people need to work. Disney have little consideration than Universal for young people to have a job. Plus Universal Studios have Jay Leno with his Jaywalking. Plus Disney's characters in costumes at the theme parks don't attack children, such as the attacking Tigger.

Universal Studios might have lost their major character theme (Marvel Comics) to Disney but the Universal Studios are known to comeback to with more characters.
Debate Round No. 1


The Disney Resorts is for all ages because there are rides for little children and rides for older children and adults. The Disney resorts are for FAMILY VACATIONS so the Disney resorts are for all ages.

Attendance does matter because the people goes to these theme parks because that these theme parks provides, which is the momentum and highlights. The theme park who has the best attendance has the best momentum and highlights. The attendance always have the final word of which theme park resort is the best because the attendance are critics and critics do know what is good and not good.

"Universal Studios might have lost their major character theme (Marvel Comics) to Disney but the Universal Studios are known to comeback to with more characters." Since the Mummy Series, there hasn't been much new Universal Characters than the Disney Characters. The last new big Disney Characters is Nemo from "Finding Nemo".

Plus the Disney Resorts have hotels in their property to have guest to stay in their property so they would have to waste on gas money and the guests can travel a short distance to the Disney parks. The Universal Studio park customers are having problems going from their hotels to the Universal Parks when they need to rest. The Disney Resort were smart enough to build hotels on their property so it would be easier to get to the parks and back to the hotels if the guest feel they need to rest.

Many of the Universal Studios ideas for their parks are originally from Disney's idea. Such as having their own theme park, having ride that fits their theme of their movies or shows, and having shows in the theme park for the customers' entertainment.

The Disney Theme Parks have many different themes to their parks. Such as EPCOT having pavilions of many different countries with experience of different countries. Hollywood Disney theme is about their movies and shows in the past of Disney. Animal Kingdom is about animals of the Safari for their guest to enjoy. While the Universal Studios have only one theme idea to lead their customers to be bored.


Kohaku is good, I will admit that.

Universal Studios resort is better than the Disney resorts because it has been known for uses of reality shows. For an example, Donald Trump's "The Apprentice" was use for a task at Universal Studios at the Los Angeles area because Trump would know that Universal Studios would have more people to buy from than Disney, even though Disney had more attendance but people would go to the Universal Studio's City Walk because of better stores and more things to do than the Disney's Downtown Areas. Donald Trump knows everything and he sides with Universal Studios because he knows that Universal Studios is better than the Disney resorts.

Plus the Universal Studios have better 3-D IMAX movie theme there, like the Terminator. They have live actors for the Terminator while Disney have no live actors for their 3-D IMAX movies, people likes seeing live actors for their 3-D movie theme. Plus the Terminator 3-D is considered the best 3-D IMAX movie in a theme park, much better than Disney's IMAX theaters.

Since the studio area of the Universal Studio counts as a Universal Studio resort, Universal Studios actually let people into the studio area as a personal tour and walk around the studio area and touch the sets and get your germs on the set to be on TV in the future. I went to the Back to the Future set and put my bare feet on the set and many of the sets of the studio of the Universal Studio, which you are allowed to do (except inside the buildings). In Disney Hollywood in Orlando, there are no personal tours you are not allowed in the studios except for the tram tours.

Universal Studios have hotels to their parks. Universal has three hotels in Orlando and the one in Los Angeles, the Hilton near the Los Angeles Universal Studios would probably counts as a hotel for Universal Studios Hollywood because you can walk to the park because there is a bridge that connects from the hotel to the park and city walk entrances.

Plus parking in Universal Studios is better than Disney because park was impossible in the Disney resorts but in Universal Studio, parking is easier. Plus drop off and pick up in Universal Studio is easier than Disney, when my family needed to drop me off at Disneyland to avoid the fees of parking, there was almost no place to drop off or pick up when I am done for the moment. At Universal Studios, there is a pick up and drop off spot where family can drop off their family.
Debate Round No. 2


Like I said, many of Universal Studios ideas for their theme park are from Disney's theme park ideas, such as the hotels and 3-D IMAX shows. It takes more than the best theme park 3-D IMAX movie to have the best theme park resort. Like I said, it is attendance that counts. The theme park and resort who has the best attendance does have the best offerings to their customers, such as rides, shows and etc.

Plus any the Universal Studio City Walk doesn't have a celebrity restaurant, Downtown Disney has one in Orlando. Bongos owned by Gloria Estefan. People do like to go to places like restaurants or stores that are owned by a celebrity (not including celebrity chefs).

Another reason that the Disney Theme Park and Resorts is better than the Universal Studios Theme Parks and Resort is became it is the resort of choice for the NFL Super Bowl winners. The NFL Super Bowls winners always says "We are going to Disneyland" or saying "We are going to Disney World", not once that they chose to go to any of the Universal Studio resorts or theme parks because the best always knows what is the best. The best of the NFL knows that the Disney theme park and resort is the best.

The Disney Theme Parks likes to to have rides for all sorts of ages. There are sorts of rides for a certain age, like for small children, preteens, teens, adults, and seniors. For an example, the Indiana Jones ride in Anaheim is for small children, preteen, adults and for some seniors. Mostly seniors don't like rough rides like Indiana Jones, so Disney have smooth rides like Small World, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Haunted Mansion in Disneyland and Magic Kingdom. The Universal Studios have a very few of those rides. The only senior type ride in Universal Studios is the Universal Studio tour in Hollywood, thats it. Theme Park needs to give all sorts of ages more to do, Disney was smart enough to realize to do something about it by having rides of all sorts of ages Universal Studios has not yet to do that.

Closing Statement:

Eight of the Disney Theme Parks were at the top eight sports in attendance for four years in a row. That was makes the Disney Resort better than the Universal Studio Resort . The attendance always knows what resort is better and the attendance says that Disney Resorts are better because eight of the Disney Theme parks are rated in the top eight spots in attendance for four years in a row and a Disney Theme Park has been rated number one in attendance for more than twenty years in a row. Plus most of Universal Studio theme park ideas are from Disney's theme park ideas, so the Universal Studio ideas that were from Disney's ideas should be credited for Disney. Without any Disney ideas for the Universal Studios to use, Universal Studio resort and theme park would not have the attendance and Magnitude it would have in Universal Studios Past Years.


Many of the Universal Studios ideas for their theme parks and resort might have been stolen from the Disney ideas, but Universal always make better versions than Disney's versions, like the Terminator 3-D.

You say the best always knows the best, Donald Trump is one of the best icons of the world and Donald Trump chose Universal Studios City Walk in Los Angeles for a task on "The Apprentice" because he knows it was the better place to produce a small business than Disney because Universal Studio City Walk attracts more people than Disney's Downtown. More people means more business.

Plus Universal Studios have Nickelodeon, one of the best television channels. Because of Nickelodeon, Universal Studios have the Nickelodeon Characters like Dora the Explorer, so people around the world (mostly children) have something to look for when coming to Nickelodeon.

Closing Statement:

Universal Studio theme parks and resort is better than Disney's theme parks and resort because of Donald Trump's "the Apprentice" and Nickelodeon. Both Donald Trump and Nickelodeon are the best in the world and the best always knows what is the best, so two of the best means Universal Studio theme parks and resorts is better than Disney's theme parks and resorts.
Debate Round No. 3
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