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The Dragon Pokemon Type is the Strongest of all Pokemon Types.

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Started: 12/10/2014 Category: Entertainment
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I propose that dragons are the master race of all pokemon types. You may choose any type of your choice, but may not dual type or choose a specific pokemon as the best one. First round is for acceptance, with second being for arguments and third and fourth being for rebuttals.


Thank you Pro for creating this debate.

I accept your challenge and argue that the Ghost Type Pokemon is stronger than the Dragon Type.

I accept the rule of not involving specific pokemon, or Dual-Type Pokemon. (This would include the Stats of the pokemon NOT being involved for argument)

I will let you begin your arguments next round.

Good Luck.
Debate Round No. 1


Diplomanic forfeited this round.


My opponents time limit has run out.

I will allow one more chance to post an argument before I post mine.

Debate Round No. 2


Diplomanic forfeited this round.


I will no post my argument for why the Ghost type Pokémon is the best.

First we must understand how the Type works. (What it is good/bad against)

Ghost Type
2x Effectiveness of attacking moves:

0.5x Effectiveness of attacking moves:

0x Effectiveness of attacking moves:

2x Effectiveness defending against a move type:

0.5x Effectiveness defending against a move type:

0x Effectiveness defending against a move type:

Based on every Pokémon Type Attack, the average type is 2x effective against 2.88 other types of Pokémon.
The average 0.5x effectiveness of a certain Type Attack is 3.38 types.
The average 0x effectiveness of a certain Type Attack is 0.4 types.
Now, the defending type averages:
2x defending effectiveness on average is 2.83 types
0.5 effectiveness defending type average is 3.16
Moves that are do not work against a certain type, 0x effectiveness while defending is 0.44

All of those averages are based of the total 18 types of Pokémon and their type strengths and weakness while attacking and defending.

Now how does this apply to the Ghost type:

Well, it is slightly below average in terms of how strong it is attacking other Pokémon. It is Super effective against 2 other types of Pokémon.
However, it is only 'not very effective' against one type, well below average.
It has no effect on 1 type of Pokémon, meaning it is above the average.

While taking damage from Pokémon attacks, based on their type their are only 2 types of Pokémon that are strong while attacking Ghost type. Below average.
Their are 2 types of Pokémon who are 'not very effective' against Ghost, keeping it below the average.

The best attribute for Ghost type, 2 types of Pokémon have no effect while attacking. This is highly above average and puts Ghost types at a distinct advantage against other types, especially dragon.

The Pokémon Type Chart can be found at:

Debate Round No. 3


Diplomanic forfeited this round.


It seems I have gone ounoppsoed :/
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by DaveRamseyRKO 2 years ago
Psychic is the best because of Mr. Mime
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