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The Dualshock 4 controller (PS4) is better than the xBox One Controller (Not Elite)

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Started: 12/30/2015 Category: Technology
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Would you like to have comfortable triggers with the Xbox 1 controller, or a better all-round controller with the DualShock 4? Choose wisely.

Thank you judges, readers, and my most worthy opposition. Today I am here before you to explain why the PlayStation 4's bundled controller (referred to by me as the DualShock 4 or the DS4) is better than the Xbox 1's bundled controller (referred to by me as the Xbox One Controller or the XB1C)

I will refer to the PlayStation 4 as the PS4 and the Xbox 1 as the XB1

I will state 2 arguments in this section of the debate. The first argument is that the DS4's joysticks and joystick positioning is much better than that of the XB1C, and the second argument is that the DS4 has tons of cool features like a touch pad and a built-in speaker and headphones jack.

The DS4's joysticks are much better than the XB1C's joysticks. The slightly concave, yet also convex shape gives the perfect amount of grip so that it is not uncomfortable while you rest your thumbs or do complex maneuvers. The spacing and positioning is also amazing, being extremely comfortable and ergonomic to hold, while using an XB1C cramps your left hand thumb whilst you use it. I find this uncomfortable, and my friend, who wishes to remain anonymous, has stated that he prefers to play Call of Duty: Black Ops III on the "PS4, hands down." This, combined with the amount of force it takes to move the joysticks, makes the DS4 feel "Much better than the Xbox 1's controller, even in long gaming sessions."

The DS4 has tons of cool features thrown in for none other than the price of free! (Based on the prices at for no extra cost over the Xbox One controller. (Based on resources Here and here as of December 29the, 2015.) One of these such features is a built in speaker, which, when well utilized, is an amazing add-on that will really enhance your gaming experience, giving you a 3-D sound stage with a much more convincing sense of surround sound than two TV speakers could ever provide, and will even enhance a surround-sound system or a home theater. Another amazing feature is the touch pad or touch surface in the middle of the controller. This is really well implemented in some games, and in Assassins Creed IV the map navigation feels really natural. These are amazing things that, at NO extra cost, make the DS4 a much better deal.

In the end, the PlayStation's controller is a much, much better deal overall. Thank you for taking your time to read this and vote for the winner.



XB1C is much better because it has more versatility, you can easily connect it to your computer or tablet. So would you rather have a controller that only works for one of your electronics? OR Do you want a real controller that can do it all.

I will now attempt to dismiss both your arguments

For your first argument I AM A MAN, I HAVE MAN HANDS I cannot use such a tiny controller therefor as a man I need a Mans controller like the XB1C it is huge like my hand. As far as joystick positioning I don't have to constantly outstretch my thumb and over exert it. It's in a good enough position to effortlessly move it around. For the right hand it constantly switches from the ABXY and the joystick which is good, gives it a good workout.

Now to shut down your second argument.

The DS4 just has a bunch of bells and whistles. The audio quality isn't that great, and you can't use the headphone jack argument cause both of them have it. As far as the screen being in the middle, Why would I want to look away from the screen just to look at the map? It's better if it's all on one HUD that way I don't die trying to find out where I am going.
Debate Round No. 1


d4th4x0r forfeited this round.


My opponent forfeit vote con
Debate Round No. 2
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Posted by armandos209 2 years ago
because ps4 has better stuff
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