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The Earth can be both spherical in shape and disc in shape.

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Started: 7/18/2016 Category: Religion
Updated: 1 year ago Status: Debating Period
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As I see it if you belief in an all powerful God, God can do anything God wants. The rules of nature, physics, and geometry don't apply to God. Just as via religion young earth creationism and evolution are compatible, so is the Earth being flat and round simultaneously.

Think about it God doesn't make any sense to us, because God is so much more complex than us. Religion is not supposed to make sense. Religion is irrational. We are force fed a bunch of ideas, until we just give up and accept without question nor evidence, and say "yeah, that's right!" This is what religion is about, believing what cannot possibly be real.

Many believe God is omnipotent, so therefore such a God could simply bend the laws of nature and make the Earth both flat and round simultaneously. Both spherical and disk. Thanks for reading.


The Earth cannot be both at the same time and there is far too much evidence to suggest that the Earth isn't round. Ships sink in the horizon, the higher you are the further you see, time-zones, photography from space etc. So for the planet to be both, there would need to be equal evidence for both. In addition, how would people separate the two Earth shapes? Would religious people see a flat earth and non religious people see a spherical earth? If religion is about believing what cannot possibly be real, why acknowledge that and continue to preach lies?
Debate Round No. 1


The evidence for the world being round scientifically and evidence based is ample. I'm not disputing that. Your missing the main point.

Many people believe in an omnipotent God who created the universe as seen in monotheism. These people claim God has always existed. This makes no logical, scientific, or evidence based sense. The reason this is because as humans we are unable to understand God. God is infinite in everything including complexity. As homo sapiens who evolved from apes we cannot possibly understand God.

Therefore, any attempt to understand God via logic, reason, science, and evidence is non-sequitur. The train of logic does not follow the premise. Think of the characters in a video game trying to understand the player playing them and the world within which the player is in. There is no feasible way for those characters to understand the players.

Finally, an omnipotent God can do anything he/she wants. The rules of physics, geometry, and reality itself are just illusions to God. So, yes the idea of a supreme being bending the rules of geometry and physics is well within the bounds of monotheism. Thanks for the debate and thank you to my opponent for continuing the debate.
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Posted by malalo75 1 year ago
a debate in which the opponent says "physics" and you say "God".

This seems to be a big trend in the debates on this site.
Posted by Cobalt 1 year ago
This topic, as you have presented it, does not lend itself well to debate.

You've essentially defined terms such that "logic doesn't apply here", meaning any claim made is fundamentally irrelevant.

The opponent will almost certainly reject this claim, which will lead to a debate in which the opponent says "physics" and you say "God".
Posted by Stupidape 1 year ago
Then, you get my point. God doesn't make sense and neither does religion.
Posted by Vict0rian 1 year ago
I don't get the reasoning behind this...
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