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The Federal Minimum Wage in the U.S. ought to be raised substantially.

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Started: 10/22/2013 Category: Economics
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First round is acceptance only.

Pro must prove that the current minimum wage (7.25 USD per hour) ought to be raised by a substantial amount. The Con mus argue that the current minimum wage ought not be raised by a substantial amount.

No new arguments may be made in the final round.

Please do not accept if you will not be able to complete this debate.

I look forward to a provocative and fun debate.


I would like to thank you for having me onnthis debate. You say that the federal minimum wage should be increased, however I disgree. First off, the minimum wage has negative consequences. What the minimum wage does is that it artificially sets the labor cost above the market value, and this is partially because the value of an employee is not sets in stone and changes with the market cycles and company success and structure. When the minimum wage exists, or is increased, the employer is forced to either lay off workers, or or increase pruces, causing inflation. When inflation happens, the minimum wage must go up, leading to a vicious cycle. Second, the minimum wage does not make sense. There is no way there can be a minimum value of one's labor in the whole economy, for years, and this ties in to what I said earlier about how the value of an employee is not set in stone. Third, minimum wage is not neccessary. The government does not need to force employers to not pay slave wages. Unions and boycott groups can do that. Fourth, minimum wage is not intended to be a living wage, it is for workers who are just entering the workforce, and they later move up. Lastly, many say that employers will go out of there way to pay the lowest wage possible to employees, however, if that were the case then all low-level workers would be paud minimum wage. Instead, it is also possible for an employee to be paid $8.25 an hour for flipping burgers at McDonalds.
Debate Round No. 1


tylergraham95 forfeited this round.


acidman forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


I apologize for my accidentally forfeited round. I went on a camping trip and was unable to access the internet.

I would argue in affirmation of the resolution for the following contentions
1. The current minimum wage does not account for inflation
2. Raising the minimum wage will improve the lower class.
3. Raising the minimum wage will help the economy.

Contention 1: The current minimum wage does not account for inflation.
Without adjusting for the average 3% yearly inflation means that every year the minimum wage becomes lower and lower with respect to the cost of living. This makes it very difficult for persons living off minimum wage to have a healthy living. The minimum wage needs to raised in order to account for inflation and ease the burden of those working for minimum wage.

Contention 2: Raising the minimum wage will improve the lower and middle class.
Working members of the lower class will be able to enjoy a higher standard of life with a higher minimum wage. The American lower class will see improved living conditions with a higher minimum wage, which is good because a strong working class makes for a powerful economy. This leads me to my third contention.

Contention 3: Raising the minimum wage will help the economy.
Every dollar that the minimum wage is raised will probably be spent back into the economy. A person working for minimum wage likely spends near 100% of his income to cover necessities. This means that raising the minimum wage will increase the spending power of the lower class. Increased spending will be better for business, and therefore, the economy.


acidman forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3


I hope my opponent will return to this debate.


acidman forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by tylergraham95 3 years ago
I am sorry to forfeit a round. I was on a camping trip and unable to access modern technology. I apologize to my opponent for my poor planning.
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