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The Federalist Papers Cannot Support Political Parties

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Started: 3/4/2015 Category: Politics
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You cannot use the Federalist Papers to support political parties because the Federalists were a political party. It is like proving the Bible with the Bible.


Yes it is true that the Federalist papers were written by those within parties, but the papers were not actually written by only Federalists. James Madison who wrote Fed. 10 was actually a Democratic-Republican, which differs from Federalists in many ways. The argument made using Fed. 10 was that factions/parties are inevitable in places where liberty exists. Liberty allows different thoughts to occur and different opinions to voice their opinions which is what this Fed. paper argues for.
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Posted by Hanspete 3 years ago
Well this isn't much to vote on.
Posted by Joss_Whedon 3 years ago
2 things. Firstly, I meant tge original Federalist political party, those who supported the rataficatikn of the Constitution, of which James Madison was a member. Secondly, wea both want liberty, but eqch thinks our method is right. This is somehow ironic.
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