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The God debate.

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Started: 4/1/2015 Category: Religion
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Same as yours.


I accept your challenge on the premise that your referring to the God game debate I made.
Rules you describe your self as a god or describe your God in an attempt to argue you would or it would make a better god than me :) and I will then argue why if given the powers/chance i would make a better God than you or ur god.

I will however not be debating pro for a god debate as the title may be interpret and ask the voters to hold no such thing against me if this may be the case...

I also ask the voters to not hold spelling or grammar to harshly vs me or my opponet since we're only gods and we aren't perfect :P

Let's have some fun m8 and may the godly odds be ever in your favor!
Debate Round No. 1


Origin: I am the strongest and fastest man on Earth and for that the Roman Gods have blessed me with even more strength and with that extra strength I was able to kill the Roman Gods and steal their power.

With my new powers I kill 5 billion humans thus eradicating world hunger then I eradicate all of their buildings so the Earth is back to nature and man now lives in caves with their technology and weapons. Now the animals roam free and happily and then I expand the earth and make it thrice as big then I cool the earth down thus eradicating global warming then I put a force field around the earth so asteroids and aliens don't come in. Then I create a new galaxy filled with extinct animals and plants and one planet will be called Cybertron there the transformers will live.



Godly origins- A young athesit has just had a rough 5 years, his degree is failing him on landing him a job. His lover abandoned him for an absolute tool, student loans are due bills are piling up and the young atheist has no choice but to move back home and take a job at Burgerking .to top it off on the 5th year 3 of his loved most closes loved people to ever be in his life die. The young athesit grows depressed sickness hits him life seems pointless and he starts poundering suicide..
He thinks this endless darkness will never end love and happyness are fairyttails and propaganda from movies, He dose it, he slits his wrist long ways down his arms and as the blood slowly leaks from his arms and leaves his brain he feels euphoria for the 1st time in a long time. Finally he screams in his mind blissfull nothingness will be mine!

The young athesit awakens in a room filled with all the Gods of man, wow ur all real? The Gods asked him why he ended his life so soon? He promptly screamed the answer becuse you failed me you pitiful beings not only did you fail me but ur failing all of creation I'm here becuse of all of you!! The Gods chuckle at him do you think your more capable than us?
Without a doubt he said unwavering! The gods said we shall all give you part of our power and see. Thay Imbuned him with there God powers. He practiced with them for a bit then used them to conquer the Gods themselfs and cast them down to earth as mortals to live as normal struggling humans!
^this is how I became a God.

The 1st thing I did with my new powers was fix all the pollution and disease and hunger in the world. Then promptly destroyed all afterlife realms/worlds/laws/ideas and replaced them with my own utter blissful nothingness no eternity of buring or singing or being reincarnated over and over ect just nothingness.

I then remove all machines that produce toxic waste and have a negative effect on the planet and replace them by giving the entire human race the abilty to fly and telport.

Then I would demolish all the governments in the world since there's coruption in them all and re-establish a fair and just Godly dictatorship over the entire world with this one law.

#1.Do no harm to you fellow humans

I would enforce law with my godly powers to see everything and with the abilty to split into countless me's/clones
Violations would be handled properly per circumstance!
Someone flys into another person by accident I'd heal both them.
Someone kills another person intentionally I'd end there existence and bring the dead back to life good as new. And so forth

I would then enlarge the solar system by 100 times its current size keeping all things in balanced and create a pill that restores your life force that end death if taken daily, (from time and natural causes)

---------Summary of events so far-------------
This would eradicate the class gaps of ppl having nothing wile others have more than thay can use.
This would give people the option to keep living on earth or to end it all to blissful nothingness.
This ends crime thru process wile still giving humans the choice to still do it, and it also end overpopulation.
This ends world polution and disease and the coruption in government .
This established a divne law the right to be unharmed and is enforced perfectly.
This abolished unless gods and there ways and forced them to walk thru the shoes of the humans who thay forced to do there bidding .

Il post more in the next round :)
Debate Round No. 2


Next I will eliminate sickness for all animals and humans. Then I will make all animals' and humans' life span tripled. Then I will eliminate the ability for animals to kill their own kind. Finally I will give the most righteous man per country the power to kill anyone, create anything and see the future but will remove their power once they become unrighteous.

Things I have done.
- I eliminated word hunger.
- I eliminated global warming.
- I made the word a better place for all animals.
- I made sure no asteroids or aliens will be able to enter the planet Earth
- I also created Cybertron and Transformers.


I would then create a portal for every person to a parallel dimension where thay could create and be gods of there own realms/worlds and would be allowed to share with other's.
The restrictions on these portals would be nothing created in the portal could come out of it.

I would then start crafting the 100 times bigger planet (mentioned in round 2)
I would make impossible skyscrapers of solid dimonds carved from one peice and massive Themepark with a rollacoster that go around the entire world in 5-30mins depending on the settings and since I countrol death the G-force wouldn't be an issue, imagin a Ferris wheel that peeks in the upper stratosphere, or a rollacoster that drops right thru the planet to the other side. With free food stands everywhere being run by my duplicates (split off versions of me being controlled by me)
And free inns everywhere to crash and unwind if ya get tired, there would also be attractions like real haunted houses (safe of course) and giant water slides and wave pools ect.

I have given people the abilty to create/do w/e thay want with portals
And made an exciting world for them to chillax at if thay don't feel like doing anything I belive I have satisfied everything anyone could want!

But I'll try and think of more for next round :)
Debate Round No. 3


I now will create laws.

1. No human shall be able to create any objects.
If they want something they most pray to me and I'll give it if they deserve it thus making the good richer and the bad poorer

2. No human can kill without my permission.
Thus making the human race and the animals live in peace.

3. No human can steal or rape.
Reasons are obvious.

The punishment for any rule breaking is amputation.


G-g-ghost forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by ClashnBoom 3 years ago
For those wondering here is G-G-Ghost's God debate
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