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The God of Christianity is real.

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Started: 2/26/2014 Category: Religion
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1st round acceptance
2nd round arguments
3rd round rebuttals and conclusions

Let's go
Debate Round No. 1


Thanks Pro.

This should be a nice debate...

Argument 1:

The problem of Evil.

1. God is pure, all powerful, and all knowing.
2. If god was pure, he would have the will to destroy evil.
3. If god was all knowing, he would know where to find evil and how to destroy it.
4. If god was all powerful, he would be able to destiny evil.
5. Evil exists.
Therefore, god cannot.

Argument 2:

In order to prove there is a god, there has to be a need for one in order to explain the mechanics of our universe.
There is no need for one
Simultaneous causation

This is the idea that cause and effect can happen simultaneously. The cause of the Universe could have happened at the same time of it's effect. Let's say we have atoms A, B, and C. If atom A causes atom B, then atom B would cause atom C, and atom C would cause atom A.
Why should we accept God over simultaneous causation?



1. A. He gives the people the chance to make their own decision to do good or evil
B. He knows where evil is and he sends his followers to make it right
C. He already did when the Anti-Christ comes he will come back to earth and take his followers home

2. My argument
A. Do you think that life can only reside on this earth by coincidence if it was just a little bit closer to the sun it would be a desert if it was a little bit away from the sun it would be an ice age forever
Debate Round No. 2


LuckyStars forfeited this round.


Con gave up so I rest my case vote pro
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by thesupporter 3 years ago
Posted by LuckyStars 3 years ago
Lolz I didn't give up I just ran out of time mate...
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