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The Holocaust Happened

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Started: 11/30/2016 Category: Politics
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I'd like to thank MasonicSlayer for debating this topic with me.

This debate will be on the resolution: The Holocaust Happened

The Holocaust, for the sake of this debate, will be defined as the systematic murdering of Jews by the Nazis during World War 2.

It will be incumbent on Pro (me) to prove that millions of Jews were intentionally killed by the Nazis.

This debate will not quibble on the exact numbers. My burden of proof is NOT to prove that 6 million Jews specifically were killed, only that some large amount, numbering in the millions, were in fact killed by the Nazis.

In other words, my burden of proof will be to prove that millions of Jews were killed by the Nazis during World War 2 as an intentional genocidal action, precluding it being the unfortunate result of war or disease, but rather, a systematic and intentional act to exterminate as many Jews as possible.

My opponent's burden of proof will be to show that the conventional wisdom of the holocaust is inaccurate. In other words, that millions of Jews were not killed, nor did the Nazis have a plan to exterminate the Jews.

I don't want us to get hung up on the semantics of the above. I believe most readers, voters, and my opponent understands what is meant to be debated in this debate. I believe the conventional wisdom is generally accurate, my opponent does not. We will each present arguments making each of our cases, and the voters will vote for whomever they feel was the most persuasive in making their case.

This debate will consist of a total of 4 rounds, the first being acceptance only. My opponent should state only his acceptance in the first round, once he has, and only if he has, accepted the details and conditions of this debate.

Debaters will have 72 hours to post their rounds, and each round can contain a maximum of 10k characters. Circumventing the character limit in unethical ways will be considered poor conduct, and will disqualify any arguments made using this method (IE, using a google doc in round to expand the character limit, using embedded images with text to expand the character limit etc).

The voting period will last two weeks and is done using the Pro or Con method (not the 7 point system). Beyond the restrictions set by the site (which requires finishing 3 debates before voting) there are no restrictions on voters. The votes on this debate will be subjected to standard vote moderation standards, and as with any debate that involves a moderator or vote moderator, I will entirely recuse myself from evaluating the legitimacy of any votes on this debate. Votes on this debate will require a sufficient RFD, though the determination of that sufficiency will not involve me at all.

I believe that covers all of the details. My opponent should ask for any changes to the debate he'd like, or for any clarification he'd like (preferably in the comments), before accepting.

I'd again like to thank my opponent for accepting, and I look forward to an excellent debate.
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