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The Hunger Games games Adaption was better than Divergent

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Started: 8/29/2014 Category: Movies
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The Hunger Games was better than Divergent! 1. The characters actually have fun.
The Hunger Games is really one long relentless slog through war, misery, poverty, and celibacy. Katniss and Peeta go from their bleak, gray home to the hellscape of the Arena, with a quick stop in the Capitol to feel horrified by and superior to its partying, colorful denizens. When Tris leaves her gray but kind of happy home to run with the wild boys and girls of Dauntless, you can feel her thrill to their endorphin-fueled swagger and unbridled physicality. Sure, things DO go wrong and the training involves knives flying at her head, but it also involves lots of dancing and tattoo-getting,


I will happily accept this challenge! As to which side you are on I am unsure. (Terribly sorry for the misunderstanding) The Hunger Games and Divergent are both similar and different. It will be interesting to find out what can be debated from each. With that said lets begin!
Debate Round No. 1


The debate is about the movie adoptions, not the books.
I'm pro for THG
CLAIM- The Hunger Games was better adapted to screen than Divergent was.

Gary Ross (director) did a fabulous job adapting The Hunger Games. Thrilling and superbly acted, The Hunger Games captures the dramatic violence, raw emotion, and ambitious scope of its source novel Ross manages to keep the pacing remarkably swift, given that the games themselves don't start until halfway through the 144-minute running time. It features a functioning creative imagination and lots of honest-to-goodness acting by its star, Jennifer Lawrence, who brings her usual toughness and emotional transparency to the archer-heroine Katniss. It shows what can happen when you allow your government too much control. It is violent, it is horrible, but kids are killing kids in schools to day, and driving kids to suicide, and we aren't doing enough about that either. The Hunger Games Is not only a good movie but important to watch.

The Heroines
Katniss Everdeen, the hero of The Hunger Games and Lawrence's alter ego, has quickly become one of the most recognizable characters in film and literature. A reluctant hero if ever there was one, Katniss uses the skills that her father taught her to provide food and protect her family, and to become The Girl on Fire who galvanizes a repressed nation. Beatrice "Tris" Prior has no immediate skills, but she is smart, resourceful and, you know, divergent. Unlike Katniss, Tris chooses her path to some extent" even if she doesn't fully realize what that means for her future.
The Villains
Donald Sutherland's President Snow is a megalomaniac dictator who uses threats and violence to keep an entire nation subservient to him and the ruling class of the Capitol. He pits young people against one another in death matches to remind his citizenship what will happen if they step out of line. In the upcoming The Hunger Games: Mockingjay films, Julianne Moore joins the cast as President Alma Coin, who on the surface appears more concerned for the needs of the people but in reality might be even more unfeeling than Snow. Divergent's Jeanine Matthews (Kate Winslet) is a dangerous genius, who's willing to drug the population and start a war to consolidate her power. Still, she's just trying to control Chicago; Snow and Coin have the whole country under their thumbs.

Hunger Games wins easily.

Divergent is a fun story but the story, characters and writing in HG is much more effective and believable. The book also doesn't focus on romance like Divergent does.

Katniss is a much more realistic heroine (same goes for Pita and Gale as characters) she may not be perfect but she wants to survive over all else. I think this aim is more believable as it is what most people would probably choose when placed in her situation

RESOLUTION: The Hunger Games was better film adapted than Divergent was


AbbyH forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


If you have forfeited this round you have lost


I am CON for Divergent.

Divergent is a movie directed by the talented Neil Burger and is based off a book by Veronica Roth. The film really brought the story to life. For all those Dauntless fans who are willing to take a dare. Tris' life begins in a small Abnegation city, all gray and self-less squares. Beatrice Prior or Shailene Woodley, is a young sixteen year old girl and she is fascinated with the Dauntless. A group of renegade rebels in black. They are fearless and she is fascinated with them. Her father actually runs the government in this epic film. This movie teaches us the values of courage and following your own path. Where the film was shot actually in its plot based city Chicago. It brings what the imagination conjures to life.

The first thing that comes to light in this film is the factions. There are five. The selfless Abnegation, who believe that selfish desire was to blame for the worlds disorder. The intelligent Erudite, who wanted knowledge above all else. The caring Amity, who only wanted peace. The honest Candor, who tell the truth no matter how painful it is. And finally the daring Dauntless, who believe that fear kept those from doing what needed to be done.
At sixteen you take an aptitude test. It will tell you what faction you belong in. Beatrice takes this test with Tori, a dauntless tattoo artist. She ends up with three results. Dauntless, Abnegation, and Erudite. She is Divergent. Tris faces a death sentence for being who she is.

The Good?
Beatrice/Tris Prior has a big heart and a good bit of selflessness. She tries to protect herself, her family, and friends. She faces trouble Katniss hasn't ever seen. The fear of not being able to make the team. Whereas Katniss was just thrown in there. Tris has more character development during the film. She struggles with who she is. If she made the right choice. Labeled as First Jumper after jumping off a roof into a net.
Four/Tobias Eaton: Tris' initiate instructor and crush. He is a quiet fellow with a soft-ish heart. Tris and he have a budding romance. It's slow and complicated at first, but the work it out.
Christina, William, and Al: Christina is Tris' best friend. A Candor initiate who wanted away from the total truth. William is her friend and Christina's crush. Another Candor initiate with a big heart. As for Al, I'm pretty sure Katniss didn't tell anyone to leave her alone or she would kill them, because he was a coward.

The Bad?
This film has some dynamic characters for its villains. Tris must expect danger from all directions. Our first and foremost is Jeanine Matthews. A controlling cold-hearted woman looking to be leader. She plans to overthrow the government run my Beatrice's father. She is on the hunt for Divergent to kill. They pose a threat to her plans. Peter is a little nuisance to Tris. He tries to kill her and get her dropped out of Dauntless compounds many times. Though he doesn't pose a major threat he is still like a thorn in her side. Finally there is Eric, Jeanine's minion. He rules the Dauntless and is working hand in hand with Jeanine.

This film really portrays the true nature of the Dauntless. They are fun and daring. The Hunger Games happy moments rest under a cloud of thick morbidity. They are not happy. It's just a mask put on for the sake of the watchers. Divergent opens insight to the reason of why people loved the movie. They directed it with flying colors. Divergent has you on the edge of your seat willing to fight, love, think, give, and trust.

Tris lives in a world with strange circumstances, as does Katniss. But she handles those challenges with down-to-earth solutions. She fights to protect and change. She teaches us all to stand up and fight, but have fun while your at it. SHe shows us the light in the dark tunnel of danger. To follow your own path.

Resolution: Divergent was better film adapted than the Hunger Games.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by AbbyH 3 years ago
Sorry about the first forfeit. My internet connectivity faced a malfunction and I was not able to fix the problem until recently.
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Reasons for voting decision: This debate was about which ADAPTATION was better. Con focused on the plots of the two works, when it was the aspects of the adaptation that was under consideration. Pro didn't offer all that much in support (in part because of Con's forfeit), but Con didn't offer anything at all, really, that touched the actual motion. As always, happy to clarify this RFD.