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The Implementation of Competitive Matchmaking for Team Fortress 2 will be a benefit.

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Started: 5/7/2015 Category: Games
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Since I haven't done a debate in quite a long time, I figured that there would be no better way for me to get back into it by first whetting myself with a debate that I'm familiar with and won'r require much research, just for funsies.

1. Do NOT accept this debate if you don't know what this is about, I don't have time to debate with somebody who doesn't understand the basics of the argument at hand. If you accept this debate and violate this rule, you forfeit the debate, because I'm not going to waste x number of characters to explain the argument. (That said, if you have a basic understanding, but don't know some of the concepts, PM me and ask, I'll anwser any and all questions to help you.)

2. This argument is about a video game, since it's a debate, you are entitled AND encouraged to have your own opinion, but it's a GAME, not politics, so don't get hot-headed and start calling names, it's unprofessional and I've dealt with it way to much already.

3. You may use sources such as a valid website, a youtube video, reddit, anything along those lines, because like I've said, it's for a video game feature, so there isn't likely to be a whole bunch of documented research. Feel free to call out a source if it doesn't help or doesn't even matter. (Judges love that stuff.)

4. You may use examples from other games. (Example: Counter-Strike.)

5. Do not attempt to change any of these rules or add to them without making sure that both parties are in full awareness and agreement, failure to do so will result in a forfeit.

6. Finally, first round is for ACCEPTANCE ONLY! Please do not respond swinging, because not only will I argue back, I'll point out to the judge's that you broke a rule.

Good luck to whoever accepts the debate, and I hope it's a good one.
Debate Round No. 1


Con has accepted this debate, though his response was extremely minimal, and therefore he accepts the terms of said debate, with that said, let's begin. (Excuse the extreme amount of rust you may see from me.)

First off, I, as the Pro, define "benefit" in the parameters of this debate to mean "a good or helpful result". [1] And in terms of Team Fortress 2, it is Pro's stance that the implementation of competitive matchmaking into Team Fortress 2 will bring positive results from more than one angle, and I plan to show all of these angles.

Contention One - Aid for current teams.

If you look back to a previous debate of mine, titled "Competitive Team Fortress 2 is dying." [2] I show the statistics and numbers to prove that not only is there a competitive scene, but that it is doing a decent job of surviving. That said, my argument here is hypothetical. If a person were looking to join or create a team today with no previous idea of where they would be able to go, chances are high that they would flounder and eventually give up. Now imagine that matchmaking is included, now you have the added benefit of playing with a group of like-minded individuals who also may want to find a team, or players for a team they are creating. To expand upon this, a already formed team could easily go into a matchmaking game and use it for the purpose of practicing teamwork, positioning, or just the game in general, and as such, I hold firm on my argument that matchmaking will aid teams.

Contention Two - It gives players a goal.
Team Fortress 2 has been around since October 10th, 2007, as shown by the game's Steam page. [3] Since then, most players have come and gone frequently, with many players playing for fun, or leaving the game once they are the best in the servers they play, with no idea of the competitive scene that has been alive and kicking since the games release, and while players always come and go, I know for a fact that a larger percent of competitive players stay with the game than those who play casually. For example, the American player B4nny [4], has been playing competitive Team Fortress 2 since season 2. To put that in perspective, the year generally has three seasons, and if we are on season 18 now, that means b4nny has been playing competitive Team Fortress 2 for about 6 years. He continues to play, not only because he loves the game, but because he has the end goal of being the best. This gives to my argument that having matchmaking would give players a goal.

I'll be saving some of my arguments for countering purposes, with that said, I give it over to Con. (It's good to be back.)

1 - (First definition.)
2 -
3 -
4 -


ReturnofEbunga forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


My opponent has forfeited this round. I reaffirm all of my previous points in hopes that he or she replies so we can have a debate.

Back to Con.


in response to your previous round:

no no

For this round i ask my opponent for the following:

The definition of an ebunga seed.

Also, matchmaking pollyongronslompy slither the dice into the held
Debate Round No. 3


It appears that my opponent is having a completely different debate than the one being held here. Since my opponent has essentially forfeited half of this debate, I ask that the judges rule in favor of the Pro, as Pro is the only one who has had any arguments.


ReturnofEbunga forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by Lulzy 2 years ago
If need be, I'll clarify what I mean when I say "benefit". Didn't exactly have a lot of room to type a good argument.
Posted by Valkrin 2 years ago
I might try devil's advocate here.
But I'd have to think it over.
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