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The Internet does more harm than good.

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Started: 3/1/2015 Category: Science
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The Internet has made a great impact on our daily lives. Not only does the Internet provide helpful information, but it also brings a lot of convenience in our daily lives.However, it has also dealt a lot of harm to many people. The debate here is to state whether the Internet do more harm than good.


First of all, I would like to convey my heartiest greetings to the instigator of today's motion. Hopefully, this debate will be a splendid one. I think, it is needless to talk about internet's history as everybody knows about that. So, I am directly going to my main speech. Today, in this debate, I would like to show 4 biggest sides where internet has benefitted us. They are as follows- Education, Health, Business, Official Activities. Then, in the last and 5th round, I will talk about the rebuttal items. The first side is Education. Now-a-days, the concept of infrastructural classes have begun to become history. Over the online classrooms, we can join in a course at any time, in any place, in any situation. Isn't it a beneficiary thing for us? Now, the concept of e-books is now well-known. In the case of real paper books, one can carry 4-5 books highest. But if he/she uses e-books, even a library can be carried. Of course, internet has to be used in downloading these books. In many developing and under-developed countries, there is not much infrastructural facility. In these cases, virtual classrooms can be built up without much expension. The activities of a virtual classroom cannot be thought of without internet connection. Moreover, if the practical and pragmatic things cannot be shown for want of adequate facility, then internet can be used. According to, 53% of the world's student are not getting all the required facilities they should get. So, in these cases, internet is a great friend. Reference informations can be collected from the internet. Internet contains all the necessary informations which is totally impossible in case of books. All kinds of necessary experiences are shared over the internet. So, one cannot deny the fact at all. According to Wikipedia, 87.39% of the US students think that internet is greatly benefitting the education. Yes, one may talk about the only harmful thing of internet in education which is facebook or other social networks ruining students' study. But the fact is, these things are not bad themselves. When they are used in a bad way, then they are called bad. If students don't use it badly, we won't have to call it bad. Yes, Newton's third law says that every action has an equal reaction. But being afraid of the reaction, will we stop the action? Not at all. Just like that, being scared of the negative sides, will we stop taking the positive sides? Also, not at all. The use of internet is up to us. So, it's our case to use it whether in a good way or in a bad way. But, internet cannot be blamed at all for that. See you in the next round.......
Debate Round No. 1


Thank you Hossian for replying to my debate. I truly appreciate it. Now to continue with the debate.

Point 1: While it is true that the Internet can be used for a greater and more efficient learning experience for a student, it must be noted that the information in the Internet must not always true. Research has shown that only 10% of the Internet is true.Even trusted sources like Wikipedia can be inaccurate. Therefore, in order to get the correct information for research, a person would need to search information on a lot of sources. The world we live in is full of 'grey truth' , in order to get the truth, we need to check a lot of things, such as the accuracy of the source, the reliability of the source and more. Although most people know that, almost none of them make the simple effort to do so and thus, get the incorrect information.

Point 2: Cyber bullying has been a serious threat to many online users. Cyber bullying may sprout from problems such as discrimination or disagreements. The effects of cyber bullying can be very disastrous. Psychologist have proven that the psychological development of a person can be determined by environmental factors. Long term Cyber bullying can lead to self harming, a halt in the psychological development of a person, depression, and in serious cases suicide. Cyber bullying is usually started by a person. Many people abuse the power of the computer's ability to connect people. When seeing someone getting cyber bullied, most people will join in and abuse the victim. This can cause the innocent victim to suffer from serious psychological damage.

Point 3: Gaming. Most people use the Internet for gaming, especially children and teenagers. Gaming is a common addiction of most people. Many cannot resist the temptation to play games, this can cause a waste of valuable time that can be used for studying and research. As a result a student or teenager will suffer the loss of time to study. An addiction will trigger the right frontal lobe of a person's brain. This will lead to blood flowing to the right frontal lobe of the brain at a fast speed. The effects of blood traveling to the right frontal lobe of a person's brain is terrifying. First of all, the right frontal lobe of a person will expand if it is triggered repeatedly. Secondly, the person will start to lose their sense of balance and focus gradually. If this were to be long term, the person's brain and cognitive skills will highly be affected. Another deadly effect of gaming is the Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). IBS is the inability to control one's bowel movement due to long periods of gaming. Not only is IBS inconvenient, but it is also preventive of social interactions. This can lead to the ostracizing of a person with IBS which is undesirable.

Point 4: Game violence is also one of the contributing factors of why the Internet is harmful. There is a case long ago where a boy took his father's gun to shoot his teachers and fellow classmates, after hearing the policecar's siren, he shot himself. This kind of behavior is responsible for a lot of deaths. The boy also said in the social media that he practiced his shooting skills from a shooting game. Now, a lot of games might have age limitations, but , it is very easy to give false information about their age and thus be able to access child- inappropriate contents. Thus, it can be said that game violence has a negative impact on a child's mindset and this will lead to even more deaths.

Point 5: The modern humans relies on the Internet greatly. The modern humans uses the Internet for shopping, business and education. Psychologist have shown that thinking more can cause a person to be smarter. For example, successful scientists such as Issac Newton, Nikolas Tesla, and Archimedes do not have the access to easy information due to the Internet. Instead they think more than the average human beings in their age and thus, is able to be more successful. On the other hand, the modern human relies to heavily on the Internet for daily interactions. So it can be concluded that the modern human thinks less due to the easy accessibility of information.

In conclusion, the computer has some negative effects that we, humans, can avoid, however, not all of us make the best choices. Therefore, the Internet can only be used efficiently if we make the right choices and have discipline.


Before everything, let me start with ROUND 1 rebuttal. They are as follows:

Rebuttal !. Dear instigator has talked about the information over the Internet not being not true or simply, false. I do believe, everybody will agree with me that he who uses Internet should have the sense of picking up the right information. Good and bad things altogether comprise to make something So, we should have that sense and if somebody is able to do that, he will quite surely be benefited. and I think, your information is not fully authentic. Because, according to, the 41% of Internet is right.

Rebuttal 2. Bullying is seen everywhere. So, Internet should not be mentioned as the only place where these things are seen.

Rebuttal 3. Most people play games without using the Internet, mind that. If that is not blamed, so how can Internet be blamed? Anyway, you have talked about it. Gaming is apparently helpful for the student society. If any student is told to study all over the day, even if it is you, then the usual study cannot be done, let alone extra. So, gaming is not a bad thing. yes, those who are addicted to it are exceptions. You cannot judge everybody by them. Exceptions cannot be an example.

Rebuttal 4. Once again, game. Game has both positive and negative sides. Just like I stated before, being scared of the side effects, we cannot stop taking the positive sides.

Rebuttal 5. Even if the exceptionally talented persons use Internet, I think it will help them to enlighten and widen their domain of knowledge and thinking. Because, they will get some more things about the sides they are expert in, So, there is nothing to worry for you as well as us. Sticking with some particular books won't help them at all.

Now, the initial ROUND 2:

Let's take a look in the health sector.

Point 1. In the countries of the third world, there are not sufficient qualified doctors. In those cases, Internet can play a vital role through e-medicine process. People in general can get the touch of the qualified physicians. This system has achieved much success so far too. In India, in 65.86% cases, it has been successful.

Point 2. Suppose, you have gone to a doctor and he has prescribed some medicines for you. As you do not have much idea about medicines, so the medicine may not be proper all the time. In this regard, you may take help of the Internet whether that is a proper one or not. these things are often seen in the undeveloped countries.

Point 3. Internet may even help you in first aiding where there is no advice before you. Doctors from different countries may consult about a specific critical question. So that, a critical process of creating a medical board can be avoided.

Point 4. I think, one of the most critical stage is the point of collecting blood. You or some other may need blood. Right at that time, blood may not be available. So, Internet is there to help you in collecting blood. There are many people online. You can communicate with them.

So, in conclusion, I might have been able to show strong argues in education and health sector. And also, I have rebut the ROUND 1 argues. there are yet three three sections to come. I do hope, this topic is unsubstantial and I will be able to make everybody realise.
Debate Round No. 2


Good morning Hossain. While I do agree with your conclusion on the internet's relationship with health issues, I still have some doubts. But first, rebuttals.

Rebuttal 1: Sorry for the inauthentic information. But, even if 41% of the information in the Internet is true, 59% of the information still remains false. While a lot of people think that it is common sense to pick up right information, it must be noted, " How does a person know that the information that he had found is accurate? " . Well, the answer is simple, a person can search from multiple sources. However, due to the demanding environment, most people would try to be as time efficient as possible. And, to do that, they search for a source that seems the most reliable to them. After searching a source, they would be satisfied with themselves and conclude their research. This is typical of almost everyone's behavior. Thus, this is one of the primary reason why most people find the incorrect information in the Internet. Besides, there are a very few people who are 'Truth Seekers'. Many people choose not to accept the dark reality and truth. Thus, most people get blinded by the grey side of the truth and are often mislead or deluded.

Rebuttal 2: Since you said " Bullying is everywhere. So Internet should not be mentioned as the only place where these things are seen." You have shown that you agree that the Internet have cases of bullying. If the Internet have cases of bullying, then doesn't it do harm? If an effort was made to reduce cyberbullying, a form of bullying would be reduced Which brings me to the next point, shouldn't bullying be stopped everywhere? Even in the Internet? Like I said, the effect of cyber bullying is threatening, thus, the Internet indeed do some harm.

Rebuttal 3: The problem here is that popular games such as Minecraft, League of legends and Roblox are some of the most frequently played 'never-ending' games that is found on the Internet. These game do not have an end and can be played for almost forever, these games are also very time consuming. To accomplish achievements in these kind of games, one would need to spend more time in the game. The greater the output of effort, the greater the satisfaction due to a accomplishment. After achieving an accomplishment, the player would try to strive for another one, this can lead to a eternal cycle and addiction as every time a accomplishment is completed, a rush of adrenaline and dopamine will rush through the player's brain. Dopamine is a chemical in the body only released to 'reward' a person. It stimulates the brain, similar to the effect of taking drugs. This proves that the addiction on games can be as addictive as drug addiction. Getting out of a drug addiction is super hard, once you start it, it cannot be easily halted. Thus, not only a few people are addicted,in fact, a large portion of the world's population is suffering from Internet addiction which is detrimental to health.

Rebuttal 4: I agree with what you said on the fact that we should not avoid the positive effect of the Internet. However, my argument is not to avoid using the Internet, on the flipside, it is to inform people the negative effects of the Internet so that they can try to avoid the negative effects of the Internet. Even though a lot of people are aware of the negative effects of the computer, they instead, delude themselves into thinking only on the positive side and ignore the negative effects.

Rebuttal 5: Some information on books cannot be found on the Internet and it is ridiculous to say that books don't help people at all.

Rebuttal 6: How do someone know the exact qualifications of a doctor if they aren't versed in medical issues? Most people in Third world countries do not know the first things about medical issues, thus , they might get tricked by a fraud and this might worsen their medical condition.

Rebuttal 7: A doctor will most probably tell you the correct information of medicine specifically to ensure your recovery. Even if the patient has questions, shouldn't the patient immediately ask the doctor who has prescribed the medicine instead of the Internet?

Rebuttal 8: The symptoms of a medical illness can be very diverse. Searching the Internet will not give you accurate diagnosis as the symptoms of a illness can be 'shared' with other illness. Only a real life check-up will most accurately determine a person's medical condition, thus, the Internet might not be that reliable.

Now for my argument,

Point 1: Pornography has been around for a long time. There are some people who watches pornography. Pornography addiction is also similar to Internet addiction. Pornography gives an incorrect view on sexual related images, leading people to be misinformed and deluded. If the Internet was more secure in terms of preventing Pornography, there would be one less form of addiction.

Point 2: For those people who spend to much time on the Internet due to poor time management, they have a high chance to lose family bonding time with their family. Family is the most important support you can have in your life. It would not be wise to sacrifice your family for work in the Internet to the extent that they 'lose' their family.

In conclusion, it is not wise to avoid the Internet, on the other hand, it is wiser to use the Internet while trying to reduce the negative effects of the Internet.


Extremely sorry for making late. However, let me return to our main debate.

As usual, I am starting with rebuttal of rebuttals.

RR 01. Yes, I agree that 59% of the Internet remains false. But, you have to deal with the positive portion. Also agree that a person has to look over multiple sources for the correct information. And I think that a person should do them at least to be benefited. If one has problem with that, I think it is better for him not to look over the Internet for an information. Because, information is like treasures hidden over the Internet. If anybody wants to get that, he has to toil hard to earn that. Mind that- NO PAIN, NO GAIN.

RR 02. Yes, bullying is everywhere. Just like the way we deal with other bullying, we will have to handle it over the Internet also. There are some specific ways to prevent or get rid of bullying. One has to have proper knowledge about them. Of course, bullying is not good. But in order to get the benefits of Internet, we have to make up ourselves with them. That is the solution.

RR 03. Games like Roblox, Minecraft, League of Legends have no ending. I agree with that. Over addiction to these games harm the brain, also agree with that. Yes, one should not play these games too much. For those who play them limited, they are quite beneficiary. Playing these games are like an IQ test for them. Solving many complex problems helps the in the development of brain. If IQ test has no problem, what is the problem with them?????

RR 04. Yes, undoubtedly, Internet has some negative sides, but those are not more than the positive ones. I am exactly trying to say that. Please, don't misunderstand my words.

RR 05. Also, it is ridiculous to be misquoted. I have never said that books do not help us at all. Again that request, don't misinterpret me. I am saying that sticking with some particular books won't do it for us. Because, Internet covers a large domain of knowledge. I can guarantee you that 99% information of the 99% books is covered by the Internet. For the remaining 1% information, one has to read books. But for the 99%, books are not compulsory.

RR 06. Yes, that's exactly what I am trying to tell you. How many people can get the idea of doctors' qualifications when they are not versed in medical knowledge?? In these cases, they may take the help of the Internet to analyze whether the doctor's prescribed medicines are relevant or not. Hopefully, you have understood.

RR 07. Most of the doctors will do their jobs properly. But, in the countries, we have to think in their context. There are many doctors who pretend to be doctor although they are nothing. Also, there are many quacks. In these cases, the most security or guard should be taken. That is, looking over the Internet.
Furthermore, when a person has no knowledge about medical science, how can he raise a question? Do you have a logical answer for me? Please give if you have.

RR 08. I am not telling everybody to give up real life doctor face to face checkups. Also, I am not advising anybody to rely on the Internet when he/she has the opportunity to go to a doctor. I am saying that when there is no option left before somebody, then he can take the help of Internet. Also that can be done to judge doctors' diagnosis.

Now, the initial rebuttal...........

R 01. There are many other bad things in our real life like pornography. How do we deal with these things? If somebody is honest in real life, he is also over the Internet. So, Internet should not be blamed at all for containing pornography when there are yet many other educative and beautiful things.

R 02. If somebody needs to take something educative from Internet, he need not stay all the day long. He may do it in a short time. They who have some other bad intentions spend for a more time over the Internet. If a person is a really great person in daily life, if he has a good family bonding, then he won't spend a long time in Internet. We cannot judge the Internet and blame it for the bad activities done by us. You have to keep it in mind.

And at last, now, the initial ROUND 3 speech. I was supposed to tell about business sector and I am just doing that.

01. Is it even necessary to discuss the importance of Internet for business growth? The web provides inexpensive and efficient opportunities that will help you reach markets that you never had access to in the past.

02. Online marketing is the first aspect of starting a web-based business growth program. It is one of the most inexpensive methods of promotion and it will also help you reach a targeted audience. Internet is the best medium to find and contact the people that will be particularly interested in your products and services. You can choose among social media marketing campaigns, traditional banner ads, article marketing and pay per click (PPC) campaigns.

03. Every business coach will include online marketing strategies in business growth plans. Whether the focus is on developing a corporate website E-commerce, the web"s importance cannot be ignored. Internet is an economic sector on its own, as a recent study confirms. According to the 2011 McKinsey report, web businesses contribute to three percent of the GDP in the countries analyzed.

04. The niche has a bigger GDP contribution than energy and agriculture. The web sector is also responsible for 20 percent of the economic growth experienced in the past five years. As a result, business growth and a corporate web strategy go hand in hand. These figures sound a bit abstract so it is time to discuss how they relate to your company and business growth plans. A good web-based development strategy can benefit your business in a number of ways.

05. Good business growth plans make use of the corporate website, as well. Your business coach will show you the numerous ways in which you can use a website dedicated to your business. Optimizing your website and making it easy to find in search engine results will help you reach a large audience without spending a fortune on the process. Business growth is limitless when Internet comes into the picture. Do you realize that you will be capable of reaching a global audience? You will no longer have to keep your company local. A good product that is convenient and affordable will help you cross borders and achieve significant expansion. When it comes to business growth, Internet will help you achieve another important goal. You can see what the competition is doing, you can analyze its marketing efforts and you can learn from the mistakes committed by somebody else. Competition analysis is of uttermost importance for corporate success. Online research will result in the development of unique products and in the creation of a strategy that will attract the right group of people and turn it into a loyal clientele.

These are just some of the benefits connected to using Internet for business growth. The best aspect is that online campaigns are relatively inexpensive and suitable for the expansion of even the smallest companies. Have you tried incorporating web technologies in your corporate procedures? The time is right to start benefiting from the trends of the future.
Debate Round No. 3


Sorry for my lateness too, I have been really busy lately. Please pardon me. I shall start with my rebuttals first too.

RR 01: What you think might not be the truth, like I said, most people will try to be 'effecient' in their way and only search from one source. Right, information are like treasures hidden in the Internet, but how many people will really spend the time to 'unearth' them? While it is true that no pain equals to no gain, a lot of people wants to have gain but do not want to have pain. This is the mindset of most people, thus it is highly unlikely for them to search from multiple sources to get the correct information.

RR 02: With deeper understanding, one can agree with me that what you said is unreasonable. You said the solution to prevent or at least reduce cyber bullying is to make up with them. However, there is a huge doubt over here, if that is the solution, why does cyberbullying still happen so frequently despite the fact that very few actions were taken for cyber bullying issues. Thus, it can be proven that what you said is misleading.

RR 03: It is true that games like Minecraft is beneficial to those who plays them with control. It must be noted, however, that not a lot of people play games without being addicted. If you have read my argument, you would have noticed that game addictions can be as addictive as drug addictions. Drugs are strongly prohibited in many countries and yet there as been a lot of cases related to drug addiction. Games on the other hand are not so strongly prohibited, thus it can be inferred that gaming addiction could be more than drug addiction which is terrifying.

RR 04: " Sticking with some particular books won't help them at all" It can be inferred from this statement that you regard books as though they are worthless. It must be noted that reading some books repeatedly can allow a greater understanding of the information in the book as not 100% of the book's information will be retained in a person's mind. And of course, successful people will read a lot of different books and not just one book in their life. Thus, you statement can be regarded as inaccurate.

RR 05: If a third world country have access to Internet and Internet connections, then why can't they afford a doctor or why can't the youths of the third world countries afford a education that specialize in medical issues? Many people might say that third world countries might not have enough or more advanced schools, however, if the government of a third world country can afford electronic devices for most people in his country, then why can't he afford to renovate a school? Thus, you point on medical issues is not clearly explained.

RR 06: He can raise a question on the medicine effects of course. Or for example the time that the medicine is to be consumed.

RR 07: The sad news is in a modern world now, not many are honest, thus, the Internet is to be blamed for pornography as almost no actions were taken against it.

RR 08: We must keep in mind that the Internet is not only used for searching information, it is also used for entertainment. Therefore, most of the time a person will spend might be in the Internet playing games.

RR 09: Everything has a dark side, online marketing could potentially ruin a person's life. For example, there may be frauds selling nothing at the Internet but pretending to sell items. Once you buy from them, you will lose money even after they are arrested as there is a high likelihood that they spent the money. This incident can be minor or major depending on the cost of the item that you 'bought'.

RR 10: Sometimes, a company's information can be leaked due to the human error or Internet error and maybe due the hacking. This will lead to a decreased profit of a company and cheating, both of which could shut down a company if not handled properly.

Okay, I agree with most of your point on the impact Internet has on business, however this is just one side of the Internet that is purely beneficial , there are also a lot of negative effects the Internet can have. So let be initiate my argument.

Point 1: Subliminal messages. Subliminal messages are a very dangerous threat in the Internet. For those of you who don't know what is subliminal programming, here's the definition, "(marketing) a message passed to the human mind without the mind being consciously aware of it, as, for example, in advertising" This is stated in the Collins dictionary. Not just in advertising, subliminal messages are present in many games, movies, and even some educational videos. Subliminal messages are hard to detect as they are only unconsciously processed. So it can be said that subliminal messages is very hard to prevent. The Internet can be a huge place for subliminal messages. Subliminal messages can control you and change you even without you realizing it. A great example would be the popular song by queen in the late 19th century. Queen's popular song, another one bites the dust, contains a subliminal message. The reason why a song is popular can be a result of subliminal messages. Subliminal messages in songs is also known as backmasking. When the song another one bites the dust is played backwards, one can hear the Queen singing " It is fun to smoke marijuana!" After a period of time, marijuana abuse have increased drastically. Now many may say that it is just a coincidence. However, is it too much of a coincidence? Even popular singers like Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber have subliminal messages in their songs. Now this is only about songs. A unexpected cartoon programmer also has subliminal messages. The cartoon company is Disney. A lot of Disney's movies have subliminal messages. Now, Disney movies are mostly watched by children, if adults can be influenced, what about children? If you think that my information is not accurate, you can surf the Internet for this, there are multiple sources regarding this issues. Therefore, it can be concluded that subliminal messages could be found in the Internet even if we are not aware of it.

In conclusion, with deeper analysis, one will surely agree with me that the Internet do more harm than good and it is only up to us to use the positive side of the Internet and try our best to reduce the negative effects of the Internet.


As usual, thank you my friend, for replying to my arguments despite of your being too busy. I also have been very very in posting my opinion. Well, I am not intended to lengthen my introduction any more and so, I am directly going to my main speech.

In the beginning, let me give my rebuttal of rebuttals.

RR 01. Firstly, I am not saying I am or will be right in all regards. Then, I think it is better for one not to show his efficiency in all places, as Internet. Yes, you may be extremely efficient, but unless you are fully confident, you should not take any risk. Why will you search from only one source? No source is fully accurate and that is a normal matter. So, where is the logic behind trying to show skill?? He, who can search from one source, also can search from some more ones. If somebody shows idleness in this respect, he may not have the right one. Who will take this responsibility?? Simply, nobody. But, unfortunately, you are imposing this load on Internet. This is nothing but unfair. Suppose, you have informed a person that treasure lies under his soil. But, he is not willing to unearth it. In that case, will you blame the treasure the for being unable to be discovered? If you have some sense left in your bonnet, you won't do that. And if you can't do that, you also can't blame Internet for the matter we have been so long talking about.

RR 02. Yes, there is the other issue which was itself said by you. Very few steps have been taken to reduce or eradicate cyber bullying. If that was taken, the condition would be better by now. So, it is you who have answered your own question. Bullying is everywhere. So, you cannot leave the Internet for the bullying done over it.

RR 03. The term "Addiction" means dangerous attraction to something. Addiction is hazardous not only to drug, not only to game, but also it can be to any other thing. So, if anybody does not build up his/her addiction to something, there will be no problem. Everywhere, the solution is all the same and also, it is not different for these games. As I have been saying so far, Internet is not a thing to be addicted. It is to be used in proper sense. If I do not keep that in my mind, I will be hampered, nobody else. Nevertheless, Internet is not telling me to be addicted to these games.

RR 04. Again, you are misinterpreting my words. I said, "Sticking with some particular books won't help them at all." It means, if a learner sticks to some specific books for his learning, it won't benefit him. So, I have not regarded books as worthless at all. I am saying something and you are understanding another one. Yes, if a person reads some books again and again, it will help him understand only the particular things contained in those books. But even then, there will be some topics or information which will keep him aloof from realising the entire matter or fact. In this case, he may look over the Internet for additional things related to that fact. That's what I want to say.

RR 05. Yes, you have got my point at last. If there is Internet connection at least in one house of a village, then the other people can take its benefit. Remember, I am not talking in the context of USA or UK, I am talking about the third world countries. You have Internet connection. In that case, you cannot bring a doctor's bodily presence. What you can do is to consult him virtually. I am trying to make you understand about this great positive side of the Internet. If a young learner is very much eager to know about medical issues, he can achieve the primary knowledge from Internet. Who tells you he can't?? Your imagined context is totally unrealistic. Is it really possible for the government of a third world country to afford electronic devices to the learners? You may ask me then how they can take the help of Internet. They can do so. I am bringing you an example. Have you heard the name of the country Bangladesh? In that country, rapidly, information and service center has been built up upto the union level. People can take any IT service from these centers. So, it is not obligatory for everybody to have Internet connection. Hopefully, you have got the clear explanation in this regard.

RR 06. Of course, he may have question about the medicines, may be about other thing. In that case, he may use Scype to consult a doctor. For your kind information, many doctors give online appointment. Moreover, he may raise the question in questioning sites like You may know there are many sites over the Internet for this thing.

RR 07. Is it the responsibility of the Internet to take action against pornography?? Of course, no. You may ask the concerned persons why they are not taking any action against it. But, you cannot blame the Internet at all.

RR 08. Internet is not only used for information, but also for entertainment. I agree. But that does not tell us to stay online for a long period. If you want to have the explanation of games, you may look at RR 03.

RR 09. Why will you give money before getting the delivery of your item?? If you do that, you may be hampered and it will then be called as your foolishness. So, we should not do such sort of foolish activities and blame online marketing for that. Online marketing has gained much popularity and acceptance amongst general mass. So, we should cordially appreciate the system.

RR 10. For your kind information, hacking can also be done off the line. So, Internet is not the only place where hacking is done. As you said, an opportunity of executing hacking comes when there is a human error or computer error or system error. So, first of all, we ourselves are responsible for being hacked. Then, we may take the case of Internet. I think a strong and secure system should be built up when there is huge important information stored over the Internet. If that is successfully done, then hopefully there won't be any trouble.

Now, it's time for the initial rebuttal session.

R 01. Business sector is not the only sector where Internet has benefited us. I have stated some more sides. And if I begin regarding all the sides once again, it will need ample time and space which I don't have.

R 02. We get subliminal message in our real life too. You gave an example, advertisement. Advertisements are neither good nor bad for us. From one perspective, we cannot tolerate the continuity of it. Also from another viewpoint, it informs us about different useful items and object. Like this, each and every subliminal message should be considered.

Now, I was to talk about official activities in this ROUND 4. So, let me do that right now.

In order to successfully manage an office, regardless of your company’s product or even your customer base, you should adhere to some basic guidelines. Here are five areas that you should keep in mind and all of them are related to Internet:

Employment and human resources: It’s critical to have an employment policy in place. A policy manual gives you a blueprint for the way the company approaches employment. It spells out rules in a way that can prevent later problems. So, we may not have all the great ideas on our brain. Eventually, we may look over the Internet for some incredible and tremendous ides. May be, one or two of them may change one's life.

02. Project management: Keeping track of projects is critical to the successful completion of important tasks and represents an essential piece of documentation. Knowing when things have to be completed and by whom gives everyone a clear idea of what’s ahead. Deadlines are less likely to be missed and people are more likely to know their roles. Plus, each project, through careful documentation, can become a useful case study for future assignments. So, suppose, you are on a vacation and an activity needs to be worked out. In those cases, you may be informed on the e-mail. Through Internet, you may have a connection with your official activity. So, where is the hampering side with it?

Equipment and furniture requirements: You don’t need every piece of office equipment out there to run a smooth operation. But you do need certain products that are going to optimize people’s performance. What you need and how much it will cost are simple but important considerations. Check out the Internet for it. You may buy important equipments or technologies on popular e=commerce sites like, And what about software? Are you trying to achieve a paperless office? If you are, you also have to use Internet. Also. the idea of virtual office is inconceivable without Internet.

04. Inter- and intra-office communications: For many small businesses, the responsibility for communication falls upon the office manager. Knowing how and when to communicate key information is vital to successful office management. Not needed to tell about the utility of Internet in this suspect. Having a communication plan that everyone can adhere to will increase an office’s productivity and ensure that information is disseminated clearly and quickly. Also, Internet is there to help you with that plan.

Conflict resolution: Conflicts are inevitable. Knowing how to handle them properly, however, will make life easier. Ignoring a conflict or waiting for it to dissipate is never the right solution. Having a plan or a policy for conflict resolution will help everyone navigate through a disagreement in a professional manner. If you are in a situation not being able to break the chain of proble, you may take consultation after consultation from people over the Internet.

So, that's all from now all. See you later in the next round. Till then, Good Bye!!!!!

Debate Round No. 4


Thank you Hossain for for debating with me in this debate. I truly appreciate the effort you put in debating with me. I also look forward to have another interesting debate with you another time. Alright, let me begin with a important note first before starting with the rebuttal and contentions.

Note 1: The most important factor that would determine whether the Internet do more harm or not is the usage of the computer. The computer's 'facilities, is responsible for the harm dealt to a person. Harm is still harm no matter how small or great it is. And there is always a cause and effect. For example, pornography is present due to the Internet. So it can be seen here that the Internet is the cause and pornography is the effect. Even if the Internet has more pros than cons, the issue regarding the harm or help of the Internet is still determined by the usage of the computer. If everyone uses the bad side of the computer, then the computer will do more harm, however, if it is the opposite, the Internet will do more help. However, the case here is that more people in the world use the negative programs of the Internet. Therefore, it is concluded that the Internet do more harm than good.

RR 01: My point here is that, most of the people in the world would not go that far for the correct information. They would take the risk for convenience. In fact, some people might not accept the dark truth of some issues and would lose out on information. Besides, it is not unfair to attribute this negative issue to the Internet. It is a fact that a item's usefulness is determined by its use. If a item is not used, the item would do no harm or good. Thus, what I stated was not to 'blame' the Internet but to explain the case here. I would also like to state my opponent's rudeness in stating that I have a lack of sense. Please be reminded to watch over your conduct opponent.

RR 02: It must be noted that what you said was a big "If" . Like you said, it is a "If". This proves that actions had not been taken and thus, the Internet does indeed do some harm.

RR 03: Correct, addictions are dangerous. However, Internet addictions are the most common in the average human. As drug addiction is prohibited, it is less common. However, Internet addictions are not prohibited and is thus, more common. It is disagreeable to say that the Internet is not a thing to be addicted to as if you have read my earlier debate, you would have known that Internet addiction is as addictive to drug addiction. Thus, it is not reasonable to say that the Internet is not a thing to be addicted to. Internet is making you addicted subconsciously. You also said that if you do not keep addiction in mind, you would be hampered. However, a lot of people are aware of addiction. However, they made the choice to ignore it. Like stated before, drug addiction is as addictive as Internet addiction, therefore, it is very hard for someone to quit the addiction of the Internet.

RR 04: Now, let us get this straight. The statement " Sticking with some particular books won't help them at all." clearly shows that books are not useful. It is not a misinterpretion of mine. This statement can also express the user's hate for books. You could have said might not help them instead of won't help them at all. I shall emphasize that you said at all. Which means it is very straightforward and definitive to you. Since you make the choice to say won't and at all, you are indirectly and directly saying that books won't help at all.

RR 05: Even though your argument might seem to be correct, there is actually a flaw. If a country, a third world country, has money to set up IT services, why can't the country recruit doctors from other countries? Like you said, the Internet have employment services. If that is so, if a third world country have a Internet connection, why would it be unable to recruit doctors? Poor economics? Unlikely. Internet doctors aren't as good as a real life visit to a doctor too. Besides, wouldn't a country focus on the health of their people first?

RR 06: It must be noted that everything has a dark side. Some online marketing are not trustable and would need people to pay first. This would cause unsuspecting people to 'lose out'.

RR 07: You are correct that it does not tell us to stay online for a long period. On the other hand, we, ourselves, subconsciously tell ourself to stay online, like I said, addiction is almost subconscious and is very hard to be controlled. Thus, you argument on this matter is invalid.

RR 08: Please refer to note 1 for my reply on pornography.

RR 09: When you said " So, the Internet is not the only place where hacking is done." You agreed with me that hacking is still done in the Internet, as stated before, why not reduce harm as frequently as possible and harm is still harm not matter what. Like I said in note 1, human error in choices is attributed to the Internet. Which in this case is the aspect of Internet safety. Yes I agree with your last statement, however, that is once again a "If", which means it has not been inmplemented, thus you have just proven that the Internet do not have a strong and secure system.

RR 10: Subliminal messages are commonly used for bad deeds such as manupulating. Thus, it is impractical to say that good subliminal messages should be considered as they are only a minority of subliminal messages. Incorrect, subliminal messages make an advertisement bad as they often contain bad messages that will be processed in our subconscious mind, indirectly manupulating us, therefore you were wrong to say that advertisement do no harm or good. Besides, subliminal messages can only be transmitted by sounds or words or pictures, which the Internet has most. For the umpteenth time again, why shouldn't we reduce the negative aspect of a object whenever possible? Thus, the Internet is at fault for most subliminal messages.

Your argument of official activities is plausible, good job! ;)

In conclusion, the Internet may have more benefits than negativeness, however, it is a person's mindset, information and choices that determines the degree of usefulness or harmfulness of the Internet. If a person, uses the Internet correctly, the Internet will do good, likewise, if a person uses the Internet incorrectly, the Internet will do more harm. Thus, with careful analysis, one would agree with me that the Internet do more harm than good due to the huge contrast of the amount of people correctly using the Internet and the amount of people who misuse the Internet.


Thank you very much for actively participating in this debate with me so long. In fact, I have greatly enjoyed putting this effort to debate with you, too. I am also very much eager to do another with you. Well, let me finish this one at first. I am starting with my rebuttal part, as usual.

Rebuttal to Note 01. You have made an important note to be read. Quite surely, the main determiner of Internets merit is the usage of computer, no doubt with that. Undoubtedly, the Internet has some harmful sides. I am also not opposing that. Also, it has some great positive sides. I am just trying to say that the Internets positive portion is so huge that the negative phase can be overlooked. I don't agree at all with that people of the world mostly make the negative sides of the Internet rather than the positive ones. Again saying, not at all.

RR 01. There is the problem. You have got that. If people are not intended enough to go that far away, they will of course be harmed. Internet itself should not take this responsibility. If people do their job properly and if they are not benefited still then, at that time, Internet should be recognised as a bad medium. Otherwise, not. Yes, an item is determined by its use. Mind that knife can both be used for cutting apple or killing. The knife has been handed over to you and then it is up to you whether you use it in a proper sense or not. If you execute a murder with it, it is you who will be called bad, not the knife. Almost, each and every thing has something negative. So, will you call the entire thing bad for that particular side? No. And, I am not saying that you have lack of sense.I said, if there is some sense left in you, ................ I have used "If". Hopefully, you have that. If you have that, you need not react so strongly. They will react, who are included in this "If" factor.

RR 02. Yes, indeed. actions have not been taken. If that was taken, the problem would be solved., no doubt in that. So, as soon as the actions are taken, the problem is done. Unless those are taken, the problem might predominate. I am trying to say that.

RR 03. Nope, Internet addiction can also be prohibited morally. Everything cannot be banned by law. In some of the cases, you will have to do it yourself. Internet addiction is also such a case. People often sometime get addicted to medicines. Are medicines bad for us?? No!!!! Like that, people also get addicted to Internet. But for that, we cannot put a bad tag on Internet. It will be nothing but an injustice.

RR 04.Please notice that I have used the word "Stick". If I said, "Particular books won't help them at all", then you could say this. But, I did never say that. I am straightforward saying that you noticed the words "Won't" and "At all". But unfortunately for me, the word "Sticking" has successfully disguised you. You did not see that. I am trying to say that if a student confines himself to 3 or 4 or 5 particular books, he won't be greatly benefited with that. He will have to search a lot more reference books to get the clearest conception. But just like as you said, people as well as students are not intended to work hard. In that regard, I want to present an easy way before them and that is Internet. Try to realise the theme of my words.

RR 05. The point I wanted to make and the point you have understood have a clear distance from each other. I made the example of Bangladesh. The country has money to build up an IT center in each Union, not in every house. Moreover, building up an IT center does not need a huge sum of money for a large country like them. How can they recruit doctors? Doctors from the western countries are not interested enough to come to these third world countries. So, they have to make the best use of this option, Internet. Yes, every country should focus on health sector. But, we are talking in the context of ourselves and the country administration have to think it in a national context. They have so many sectors to focus on. Health is not the only one.

RR 06. There are so many online marketing sites. Minority of them is untrustable. You have people around you who have the experience of online marketing. You can seek for help from them that which site is mostly reliable. Many things even of our real life are not reliable, let alone of Internet. So, you should use all your five senses and also, the sixth one.

RR 07. Men always have a great addiction to prohibited things. Some can control themselves, some cannot. So, it is a matter of your own mentality. It completely depends upon you. Mind tells us to do many things some of which are immoral. We will have to keep ourselves aloof from Internet addiction, as we control ourselves from doing those activities.

RR 08. I have already replied to Note 01!!!

RR 09. Yes, hacking is done over the Internet. But, that is not irrestible. That can be resisted. Internet does not have a good and secure security system. But there is room for improvement too. The fact is not like that Internet is less secured and it can never be improved. The opportunity is there to take and we should make the best use of it.

RR 10. Subliminal messages can also be done over TV as it also contains sound and picture. From the aspect of a viewer, it is bad to you or me. But, from the perspective of the saler of a product, it is not bad. So, although it has something bad, yet it cannot be considered entirely bad.

Now, let me present some common merits of Internet in general:

01. Educational material at all levels from pre-school to post-doctoral is available from websites. Examples range from CBeebies, through school and high-school revision guides and virtual universities, to access to top-end scholarly literature through the likes of Google Scholar. For distance education, help with homework and other assignments, self-guided learning, whiling away spare time, or just looking up more detail on an interesting fact, it has never been easier for people to access educational information at any level from anywhere. The Internet in general and the World Wide Web in particular are important enablers of both formal and informal education.

02. The low cost and nearly instantaneous sharing of ideas, knowledge, and skills has made collaborative work dramatically easier, with the help of collaborative software. Not only can a group cheaply communicate and share ideas but the wide reach of the Internet allows such groups more easily to form. An example of this is the free software movement, which has produced, among other things, Linux, Mozilla Firefox, and Internet chat, whether using an IRC chat room, an instant messaging system, or a social networking website, allows colleagues to stay in touch in a very convenient way while working at their computers during the day. Messages can be exchanged even more quickly and conveniently than via email. These systems may allow files to be exchanged, drawings and images to be shared, or voice and video contact between team members.

03. The Internet allows computer users to remotely access other computers and information stores easily, wherever they may be. They may do this with or without computer security, i.e. authentication and encryption technologies, depending on the requirements. This is encouraging new ways of working from home, collaboration and information sharing in many industries. An accountant sitting at home can audit the books of a company based in another country, on a server situated in a third country that is remotely maintained by IT specialists in a fourth. These accounts could have been created by home-working bookkeepers, in other remote locations, based on information emailed to them from offices all over the world. Some of these things were possible before the widespread use of the Internet, but the cost of private leased lines would have made many of them infeasible in practice. An office worker away from their desk, perhaps on the other side of the world on a business trip or a holiday, can access their emails, access their data using cloud computing, or open a remote desktop session into their office PC using a secure Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection on the Internet. This can give the worker complete access to all of their normal files and data, including email and other applications, while away from the office. It has been referred to among system administrators as the Virtual Private Nightmare, because it extends the secure perimeter of a corporate network into remote locations and its employees' homes.

Many people use the World Wide Web to access news, weather and sports reports, to plan and book vacations and to pursue their personal interests. People use chat, messaging and email to make and stay in touch with friends worldwide, sometimes in the same way as some previously had pen pals.

Social networking websites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Myspace have created new ways to socialize and interact. Users of these sites are able to add a wide variety of information to pages, to pursue common interests, and to connect with others. It is also possible to find existing acquaintances, to allow communication among existing groups of people. Sites like LinkedIn foster commercial and business connections. YouTube and Flickr specialize in users' videos and photographs.

In conclusion, I would like to say that you also have put a great effort with your strong logics and arguments. In the concluding stage of this debate, I would like to say that Internet possesses both positive and negative sides. There are some negative sides which are quite surely noteworhy. But I do believe in the fact that Internet has some greater positive sides which are quite enough to eliminate the negative ones. So, that's all from now on. Many many thanks for everybody who have been a part and parcel of this tremendous debate.

Debate Round No. 5
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