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The JFK Assassination (debate sponsored by King La Ding enterprises)

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Started: 1/21/2017 Category: Politics
Updated: 1 year ago Status: Debating Period
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This is the full King La Ding proposed debate resolution: R1 does not have to be used for acceptance.
King La Ding proposes, while may not be the first to propose, that Lee Harvey Oswald clearly was either not alone or not involved in killing JFK. In my brilliance, I can prove this to anyone who dare disagree. The idea is, the JFK assassination is a clear conspiracy perpetuated by a shady third party!

Disclaimer: Being destructionized by being absolutely decimated in this debate does not warrant a legal lawsuit or extradition to any foreign land.


Hi, I will accept your debate.
I propose that Lee Harvey Oswald did kill John F. Kennedy, alone, and with no one else's assistance in the killing.


1. The Rifle
On November 22nd 1963, a rifle was found on the sixth floor of the Texas School Book Depository, which was right in sight of the JFK parade, and where the shot that was the killing blow to Kennedy came from. This rifle belonged to Oswald, and there are several photographs that Oswalds Wife took, that show him holding it.
Oswald's handprint was even found on the rifle in the Book Depository
Also, no bullet fragments, besides the ones coming from Oswald's 6.5 millimeter rifle were found, so he must have did it alone.
So why was Oswald at the parade, with his rifle in a building, with his handprint on the rifle, if he didn't do it?

2. The Eyewitness
Howard L. Brennan positively identified Oswald as the person firing the rifle at JFK. He did this just a couple of minutes after the shooting, before any news station or newspaper reported the incident. His initial description of the killer was extremely similar to Oswald.
Buell Wesley Frazier saw Oswald take a long package into the Book Depository, where the killing blow to Kennedy came from.
Buell later said this: "I saw him go in the back door at the Loading Dock of the building that we work in, and he still had the package under his arm."
The majority of witnesses claim that the shots came from the book depository
Many Witnesses saw Oswald shoot, and saw him leaving the building from where the shot came from. He isn't innocent.

3. Oswalds Plan
Oswald left his wedding ring and about all the money he had at home for his wife. This shows he didn't plan on coming back.

I leave my argument here and wish PRO luck.
Vote Con!

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Posted by King-La-Ding 1 year ago
Sorry King La Ding was absent for this battle, but is prepared for the war extensively.
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