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The Judicial Branch is the best branch in the government

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Started: 1/27/2016 Category: Politics
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Gay marriage? Abortion? Most issues in our society have been solved due to the Judicial branch's Supreme Court . Their decisions have created our society as it is today. Their decisions have always targeted the freedom of all Americans. In fact, their decisions have kept separation between church and state. The Supreme Court is always taking leaps in history as it changes our society, therefore it is the best branch.



My opponenet has not defined "best" so this makes the resolution rather vague. However, in his opening remarks, Pro makes the statement that the Supreme Court is responsible for the most change in society therefore the "best branch" which I will disprove.

Burden of Proof:

In order for Pro to win this debate, he/she must not only prove that the Judicial Branch is effective in promoting social change but also at the same time prove that the Legislative Branch and the Executive Branch contributed less social change than the Judicial. On the other hand, I only have to prove that either Legislative or Executive have contributed equal or more positive social change.


Judicial branch's role:

One of the biggest flaws in Pro's stance is that Judicial Branch itself plays no role in the acual policy-making in the United States usually responsible for such social changes. The Judicial Branch can only contribute to positive social change by striking down policies it deems contradicts the "Supreme Law of the land", the Constitution. Meaning that if there is something in society that needs to be changed for the better and the Constitution or the Bill of Rights aren't involved, then the Judicial Branch can't do anything about and such issues like racism (it was Congress that passed the Amendments that the Supreme Court upholds), slavery (combined efforts of Congress and the Executive Branch during Civil War), or income equality.

The Supreme Court upheld supression of rights:

The Supreme Court does have a history of conrtibuting to positive social change. However, the effects are diminished if you look at the multiple times the Supreme court did the opposite:

Dred Scott v. Sanford:
Upheld slavery and barred African Americans from obtaining rights. Those rights would have to be earned through a bloody Civil War.

Buck v. Bell:
Upheld the forced sterilization of those with intellectual disabilities.

Plessy v. Ferguson
Upheld Jim Crow laws.

There are plenty more cases but you get the point.

In the insanely low amount of characters I'm given, I have proven that the Judicial Branch is not the best in the aspect of creating positive social change.
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