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The Korean War was won by South Korea and her allies.

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Started: 3/13/2016 Category: Politics
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South Korea allied with the US led coalition of UN forces defeated North Korea, China, and the Soviet Union in the Korean War that ended with a cease fire.


a cease fire isn't a win. Otherwise we wouldn't have a base there with rockets and anti-missile defense on standby. Kim Jong Un is in power. When they release the political prisoners and let them have free press and internet it will be a win.
Debate Round No. 1


I disagree, in 1947 the United States' policy on containing communism was a policy of containment not eradication. On June 25th, 1950 North Korea launched an invasion with only one objective conquer South Korea, the Soviet Union's was to spread communism, and China's to remove American forces off the Korean peninsula.

The United States main objective in the Korean War was to preserve the integrity of South Korea's territory cause they didn't want a hostile Korea against Japan, and the United Nations objective would be to prevent the annexation of South Korea and bring peace to the region. So what was the outcome of this war?

Did North Korea conquer South Korea? No.

Did the Soviet Union spread communism? Yea... They were able to spread it to Kaesong. However, they lost 1,500 square miles in exchange for 505 square miles.

Did China remove American forces of the Korean peninsula? No, as you stated, there are American forces stationed and ready.

So, for up to 350,000 dead North Koreans, over 300,000 wounded, over 150,000 dead Chinese, over 900,000 wounded and hospitalized, they conquered, spread communism, and removed Americans forces off of 505 square miles of originally South Korean territory. In exchange, South Korean, US-UN forces, conquered, spread capitalism, and stationed American forces on 1,500 square miles of originally North Korean territory for a total of 178,426 dead South Korean, American, and UN forces, and 566,000+ wounded.

Since the prize for the aggressor was for conquest, their allies prize of the spread of their ideology, and the eviction of enemy forces all of which failed to accomplish due to eventually losing ground. Whereas South Korean, American, and UN forces objectives was of its own ambition of conquest, spread of their ideology, and the cease of hostilities, I conclude that the communist forces lost and lost badly against South Korea and her allies.


I suppose if that was the intended goal at the time then it was a win. "was" now they're acting up check cnn
Debate Round No. 2


Both Koreas claim each other. North Korea always act up, I think today is very different from the 1950s but that is up for another debate.


then I can't find reasonable context to question your statement on the 1950's, you win sir.
Debate Round No. 3
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