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The LEGO Company is much better than Mega Bloks Inc.

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Started: 4/4/2010 Category: Miscellaneous
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This is my first debate here so I will try to do my best in proving in FACTS. I hope my opponent does good as well.

I think that the LEGO Company is much better than Mega Bloks Inc. (or MEGABloks Inc.)

Reason 1: LEGO Time in History

This does not prove much. BUT! LEGO has been distributing more, evolved, and been a part an adult's favorite choldhood toy. LEGO is involved in many people's history. LEGO has also showed many themes in its history. Many of which have helped out other real themes such as Batman to help out in it's sales.

Reason 2: LEGO Safety

LEGO has always been trying to be much safer to kids. In a way to also help them grow. LEGO Duplo is for small infants that like to build in their early stages of life. Most of the bricks are much bigger so infants can't swallow them.

Reason 3: LEGO's involvement in an adult's childhood.

LEGO has introduced many themes that help a kid grow his/her imagination since being a baby to child to kid to teen and then to adult. Infants can use LEGO Duplo for their contruction, as they grow older, they can use Quatro, Thomas and Friends, or Creator. As a kid, their imagination expands so they can use products like Racers, City, Toy Story, or Castle. Being a teenager they can make much better things out of all their bricks. Advanced products such as Bionicle, Mindstorms, Technic, Trains, and even Architecture can grow a teen's imagination capabilities. As an adult, they have full experience of these brands and products, and actually make better creatons than what most kids can't.

Reason 4: International Phenomenon

LEGO has grown so much that it is distributed internationally. From a small wooden shop in Dutchland, to all corners of the world. LEGO even has an annual event called LEGO World, showing LEGO's part in history, acheivements, and purposes. LEGO is even making an MMOG (Massively Multiplayer Online Game) called LEGO Universe. Linking all kids in a safe way that even has parental control on the game.

I hope to accept an oppenent, and hope for the best. As a fan of this product, I hope that I put up a much better debate than the previous argument. To my oppenent in advance: I thank you for accepting this debate.


First off, a bigger block does not decrease a choking hazard. If any thing it increases it.
Please explain how lego's involvement in an adult's childhood is any greater than with Mega Blocks..
Many of your arguments show the adult side of view, and since Lego is meant for kids... it is not too relevant.
Debate Round No. 1


I'd like to thank my opponent dashdustrider for accepting this debate. Now it can begin. I will be comparing quotes on which he stated.

-First off, a bigger block does not decrease a chocking hazard, If anything it increases it.

+Yes a bigger block does increase chocking hazard, but there have been sets in which LEGO has made their bricks much bigger, making it impossible for it to fit into an infant's mouth.

-Please explain how LEGO's involvement in an adult's childhood is any greater than with Mega Blocks...

+I am happy too explain that. If you have read my statement (which I think you did with your good response) I lined up the stages LEGO participates in an adult's childhood. From Duplo, Quatro, Creator, City, and Mindstorms. All in which take part from infant to adult. Another in how it is greater than Mega Bloks is that LEGO has more popular themes for it's sets that many kids enjoy. Since many kids only like 1 to 4 themes, LEGO has a variety of many themes that are all fun. Yes Mega Bloks has many popular themes as well such as Halo, Spider-man, and more, but LEGO actually continues its theme for a pretty long time so kids can enjoy the theme while it lasts.

-Many of your arguments show the adult side of the view, and since Lego is meant for kids... it is not too relevant.

+I completely understand your response, and if you feel as if I showed mostly the adult side, I'll show the kid's side now. But before I answer, know this: LEGO looks toward the parents too. If I talk about adult's involvement with LEGO is because LEGO tries to let the parent's know it is a safe and fun toy. Now, I'll answer to your statement. LEGO's theme's have changed over the years and is actually more fun. I myself have purchased more than 20 different types of themes of my years of being from a child, to kid, and to teen. Notice how I go from the stages as well. LEGO actually now is trying to be involve in a kid's life as well. After many years of success LEGO has even made 5 movies about 2 of their product story lines. There is even now LEGO Wear, in the case of which kids can purchase backpacks, clothes, school necessities, even gadgets such as small moters and cameras. Also many kids and teens (including me) love to play games that are fun and interact with other kids around the world. These games are known as MMOGs' or MMORPGs'. LEGO is actually even making one of these now. It is to be released this year. The game is called LEGO Universe. This game will have most of the themes and products LEGO has distributed during its time. It is even parent tested and has parental control. The game will have graphics such as World of Warcraft, and its games it has released like LEGO Star Wars. It's parental controls are much better than those of child friendly sites such as Club Penguin.

Once again, I thank you for accepting this debate, and I wish you luck in the next round.

Note: It was not mentioned in this round but I made a mistake on my first statement. LEGO was actually started in Denmark, not Dutchland. I apologize for that. Another is that the name for the opposing toy is actually called Mega Bloks Inc. with no "c" in the word Blok. Please make this adjustment in your next statement. Once again, I wish you luck. You made a very good response.


This is a pretty impossible topic to argue for or against. Simply because this is opinion, not as much fact.
Debate Round No. 2


I thank my opponent for replying quite fast. Again, I will debate upon the statements my opponent has posted.

-This is a pretty impossible topic to argue for or against.
LEGO has constantly tried to sue Mega Bloks for having really close designs with bricks from LEGO. Many kids prefer LEGO bricks than Mega Bloks. Here is the chance of seeing which is much better.

-Simply because it is an opinion, not much as a fact.
Yes it is an opinion. But note the title of this topic: The LEGO Company is much better than Mega Bloks Inc. This topic is debating on which is much better with facts of LEGO and Mega Bloks' achievements, along with history of entertainment, popularity, and preference of the two. The LEGO Company being better than Mega Bloks will never be a fact, but we can debate on which has made a better point in history and our lives.
*audience cheers* :)

I'd like to thank my opponent for debating this topic. I wish you luck our last round

If any questions or wanting more information on both brands, here are the references on which I had found available.

LEGO Magazine
The LEGO Book

I thank you all for reading this topic and debate, and hope for you all to vote for the best one who had debated.


dashdustrider forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Kinesis 7 years ago
Con is fail.
Posted by dashdustrider 7 years ago
is this really something you can debate... this is mainly opinion
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