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The LGBT community is receiving societal delusion therapy. Delusions help gays cope with being gay

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Started: 10/12/2015 Category: Education
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Societal delusion therapy is when a society develops a mass delusion in which serves as therapy for certain groups. In other words, having a false sense of reality serves as therapy to help the LGBT community cope with being who they are. Delusions help homosexuals cope with being homosexuals.

Here are some delusions that benefit gays.

1. "Homosexuals are more like a race then anything else". This is clearly a delusion. Homosexuality belongs in the category with other taboo sexual behaviors such as incest and beastiality. Of course you can't tell gays that because you will be jeopardizing their delusion in which is the only therapy they have

2. " Homosexuality is not inferior to heterosexuality and homosexuality is no less significant than heterosexuality"... This is obviously a delusion. Nothing comes close to matching the significance of developing life, sustaining life and continuing the existence of life itself.

3. "There's nothing wrong with being gay".... This is clearly a delusion. according to CDC, 81 percent of all new HIV cases are gay and bisexual men and up to 90% of all new syphilis cases are gay and bisexual men. 25% to 52% of lesbians and bisexual women are infected with bacteria vaginosis. Gay people also have higher rates of depression and suicide but if they hold on to these delusions, that decreases depression. 75% of lesbians are overweight and pregnancy naturally reduces cancer among women. All of these issues hurt health issues of gays.

4. "Everyone who hates gays is secretly gay". This is clearly a delusion. Most ex- homophobes are heterosexual. Did they turn straight after they started liking gays? The claim is simply outrageous


1. 'Homosexuals are more like a race than anything else' : Frankly, I've never heard or read anyone using such an argument, but the Internet is vast and full of horrors, so it's quite possible that someone somewhere actually said it. Yet, homosexual people are not a race, they're a sexual minority. It is possible that the person who made the statement wanted to make a paralel between the treatment of certain minority races and the treatment of sexual minorities. However, since I am unable to know the context in which this was used, I am not able to make a fitting argument. If the claim is 'homosexuals are a race', clearly it is wrong. If the claims is 'they've faced bad treatment from people which is akin to racism', I'd be inclined to agree that the treatment of minorities in general is not the best. Again, I've never seen this argument being made and would like to see a link with it, otherwise I'd be inclined to put it in the 'argument I made up' category. Homosexuality is nothing like bestiality. Bestiality and pedophilia because in these cases one party is not able to consent to having sexual relations. Incest also commonly involves a dominating party using force on the other party. For 80% of juvenile victims, the perpetrator was a parent. 6% were other relatives. 4% were unmarried partners of a parent. 5% were "other" (from siblings to strangers). (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Administration for Children and Families, Administration on Children, Youth and Families, Children"s Bureau. 2012 Child Maltreatment Survey 2012.). You're trying to equate consenting sexual acts (homosexual sexual relations) with abuse (molestation and rape) and that is simply not true. That homosexuality is not equal to incest and beastiality is a fact, not a delusion.

2. 'Homosexuality is not inferior to heterosexuality and homosexuality is no less significant than heterosexuality' : Homosexuals are in fact able to reproduce and many have had children before 'coming out' and they can raise a child no worse than heterosexual parents. They CAN do all the things you stated, but it comes down to whether they want to or not, pretty much like all people. Also - if human inferiority is based on reproduction, does that mean people who are unable to reproduce are inferior to others? Most people tend to not measure the worth of others based on their sexuality, just saying. In any case, if there is a delusion, it's the delusion that somehow being able to produce a child somehow makes anyone superior to others.

3. "There's nothing wrong with being gay" : What you pointed out is a problem, but it has a lot to do with sexual education, and access to contraception more than it has to do with homosexuality itself. I could make the argument that there's something wrong with heterosexuality because of the high ammount of teenage pregnancies, but again - that's a problem with sexual education and access to contraception, not sex itself. The lack of decent sexual education and the access to contraception, along with the culture surrounding sexual relations are not only an issue for gay people.
About the 75% obese lesbians thing - it's based on a single study, where out of 5979 participants, a mere 87 were lesbian and the study was based primarily on U.S. women. The sample size is far too small to make a broad claim such as '75% of lesbians are obese'. The study can make a claim as to the subjects of the study, but there's no sufficient data to back up that even 75% of U.S. lesbians are obese, let alone lesbians in general.
Pregnancy does reduce the risk of breast cancer among women, however that is not an issue limited to lesbians, since getting pregnant and giving birth are choices for all women, not just heterosexual ones.
Depression and suicide - if I lived in an environment where I was treated as a sinner, an abomination and considered less than others simply because of the way I was born, I'd be pretty depressed. But that's not an issue with homosexuality, it's an issue with society where many people feel that 'different=less than us' and they act on said belief. 'Negative attitudes and cultural stigmas toward those who are gay or transgender put LGBT youth at an increased risk for bullying, teasing, and physical violence compared with their heterosexual peers.'.
Most of the 'problems' you pointed are not limited only to gay people and the last one isn't that people are more depressed because they're gay, but because of the way treat them because of their sexuality. But still there's nothing wrong with being gay - you are attracted to a certain person and you want to have some sort of relationship with them (be it purely sexual or a romantic one) and unless you use force to get what you desire from that, you cause no harm to anyone. I presume you'll bring up unprotected sex and STD's as a rebutal of 'no harm to anyone', so I'll say it now - lack of responcibility is not limited to homosexuals. If someone knew they had an STD and still had unprotected sex with someone, that would make them a shitty person, but that's not limited to homosexuals either.

4. "Everyone who hates gays is secretly gay": Here I'd have to agree. We can't say that everyone who hates gays is secretly gay. The study of Adams and Lohr found that individuals who score in the homophobic range and admit negative affect toward homosexuality demonstrate significant sexual arousal to male homosexual erotic stimuli. It has to be noted that homophobia doesn't have to include violent behaviours towards gay people, however ' the only necessary requirement for the label of phobia is that phobic stimuli produce anxiety.'. This anxiety could be brought on by societal opinions on homosexuality and masculinity. A possible explanation is found in various psychoanalytic theories, which have generally explained homophobia as a threat to an individual's own homosexual impulses causing repression, denial, or reaction formation (or all three; West, 1977). Generally, these varied explanations conceive of homophobia as one type of latent homosexuality where persons either are unaware of or deny their homosexual urges.
However, this case study is also based on a rather small sample size and at most it can offer us information about the test subjects and maybe good enough reason to do more studies on the topic of sexuality and anxiety, but it certainly doesn't give us enough evidence on whether homophobia is mostly related to latent homosexuality. Many people dislike gay people for religious reasons. Or because they don't understand why someone can be gay. That being said, a lot of people use this argument simply to anger the commenter, not so much to make homosexuals feel better. Let's not pretend we don't know people who get upset if you call them 'gay'.

Out of all your arguments I've yet to see one that proves that society gives gay people delusions about reality. The LGBT community doesn't need help coping with who they are, they need people to stop treating them like second class citizens because of who they are. People treating homosexuals like any other human being helps homosexuals feel like they're like any other human being, it doesn't help them 'cope'. Black people a few decades ago didn't need help coping with being black, they needed help telling white people to cope with the idea that white doesn't make you superior to anyone else. Same with the LGBT community today.
Debate Round No. 1


1. You even admitted that homosexuality is a sexual minority. We both know that gays would never compare themselves to other sexual minorities in which is by far the best comparison. I'm sure youve heard the saying, "gays are the new blacks"...

Sexual minorities
A. Homosexuals,
B. incestuous people,
C. polygamists,
D. pedophiles,
E. People who have sex with animals

Racial minorities (In the USA)
A. Blacks
B. Indians
C. Chinese
D. Samoans
E. Hispanics

Gays are not the only sexual minority that fought for rights but they refuse to mention other sexual minorities in their argument. They would rather use cases involving race such as racial discrimination. But completely ignore incest or polygamy discrimination.... What about sexual minority discrimination? They don't like that analogy because it doesn't involve race. Interracial marriage cases were even used in the highest court to make the final decision on gay marriage.

Gays even get offended when someone compares them to other sexual minorities. Why would they get offended if they are in fact a sexual minority? Why is a sexual minority using an example of a racial minority to appeal to emotions instead of using another sexual minority? it is because they are offended by reality and comforted by a delusion. You even got offended because I compared gays to other sexual minorities. They are all in the category of sexual minorities. What is the problem? The problem is, they just feel better about themselves when people put them in the category of race instead of the correct category.

2. Natural reproduction is a heterosexual act. If a homosexual participates in a heterosexual act, then yes, they can reproduce but that's not giving credit to homosexuality. The homosexual was a heterosexual temporarily. In other words, homosexuals have to practice heterosexuality to naturally reproduce.

As a species, heterosexuality is more valuable than homosexuality by far. Humans owe our very existence to heterosexuality. Heterosexuality made it possible for humans to even exist. Do you really believe the very existence of humans is insignificant? Gays literally brought back syphilis and triggered the HIV epidemic.

Heterosexuality + unsafe sex = LIFE

Homosexuality + unsafe sex = DEATH and STD epidemics

3. You are pretending as if gays and heterosexuals don't get equal education. Study shows gays are more educated than heterosexuals but the STD rates of gays are much, much higher than heterosexuals. Therefore, education can't be the reason for the huge gap between the STD rates of gays and heterosexuals. The reason is, the human anatomy does not sit well with homosexual behavior. In other words, the human anatomy does not respond equally to homosexuality. Therefore, homosexuality is in fact inferior to heterosexuality.

4. Gays' delusion blocks them from seeing that people who PRETEND to hate gays are secretly gay. They don't really hate gays. They just pretend to hate gays to satisfy their audience for political or financial gain.

1. Studies show homophobia is rooted in unwanted sexual advances.

2. Another study shows homophobia is rooted in disgust, not fear.

Disgust is the opposite of sexual attraction.

I will post the links in the next round

Also, how do you explain the fact that 75% of the population in the 1950's were homophobic? Are you saying 75% of the population in the 1950's were all gay? If 75% of a population is gay, that defeats the purpose of even being in the closet. What about uganda population? 90% Ugandans are homophobic. Do you really believe almost 100% of the most homophobic country are all gay? Think about it. It is clearly a delusion. It's so much a delusion, it reminds me of the medieval period. It's outrageously False.


Yes, they are a sexual minority, however you completely did not read (or pretended not to read) what I wrote on the difference between homosexuality and incest, beastialit and pedophiles. One includes two consenting people meaning they have both agreed to have sex with each other. The others lack consent. Most cases of incest are based on one dominating party coersing the other party which is usually the submissive one, because of their authority over them. Beastiality - do I even have to mention it? A goat can't give consent for you to have sex with it, so it's not a consensual sexual act. Pedophilia - the child is being coersed into sexual acts in the best case scenario, in the words case it's straight out raped and possibly killed. I personally have nothing against polygamists and would be open to a discussion on whether or not polygamist marriages should be legal, but that's not the topic at hand

I'm not offended that you compared homosexuals to other sexual minorities. I simply do not a agree that homosexuality is equal to what ammounts to rape (seeing as one party in these cases is not able to consent or coersion is being used by the other party) in all but one of the examples you gave. It's a disingenuous comparison and I have a very low threshold for such things.

Rape: noun 1.unlawful sexual intercourse or any other sexual penetration of the vagina, anus, or mouth of another person, with or without force, by a sex organ, other body part, or foreign object, without the consent of the victim.

2. Natural reproduction is a heterosexual act. Yet we already have in vitro, surrogates, sperm donation, things that are used by hetero couples to have children as well as by homosexual couples should they choose not to adopt. And yet, they can have children of their own, so the argument that homosexuals can not 'develop life, sustain life and continue the existence of life itself.' is clearly a false one.

Considering that both homosexuals and heterosexuals can have children and that today we have ways of helping people have children that are relatively new and did not exist once upon a time, it's ridiculous to argue which is more 'valuable', since both can have offspring. Homosexuals existed in ancient times and humans didn't go extinct, many have had children because having children was a must at that point. Right now it's a choice, but we've seen that homosexuals CAN in fact propagate the species should they choose to.

'Do you really believe the very existence of humans is insignificant': I've never said that and you're trying to put words in my mouth.

Heterosexuality + unsafe sex = LIFE : Not always, plus ANY unsafe sex can bring about STD's, they are not limited to homosexuals. This has the POTENTIAL to create life, but it doesn't mean that is always the outcome. Sometiems it's no life and an STD.
Homosexuality + unsafe sex = DEATH and STD epidemics: Not always, plenty of gay people do not have STD's.

In many African countries a large ammount of women have AIDS, not due to homosexual relations, so does heterosexuality + unsafe sex = DEATH and STD epidemic there?

You're trying to paint all homosexuals with one broad stroke while painting heterosexuals with an equally broad one. Gay people - STD's and death. Straight people - Life and puriry. While ignoring the fact that straight people get STD's and not every straight person who's had unsafe sex creates life.

3. I'm talking about sexual education, not math. Sexual education differs from state to state and even from county to county. In places where abstinence only education is in place there are more teen pregnancies and more STD's. Thr access to contraception such as condoms is also an issue.

'half of all sexually transmitted infections (estimated at 18.9 million annually) occur in people under age 25'

It's a matter of culture, education and accessability to contraception. All people have sexual desires, teenagers are brimming with hormones and have a desire for sex which is natural. If teens and young people live in a socium where sex is a taboo topic and they haven't been taught proper sex ed, they are far more likely to not use condoms or be detered from going to get some. And the stigma against homosexuality adds to the already existing one towards sex during the teen years. Many young people are reckless - excessive drinking, recreational drug use, many one night stands. Combine that with a lack of proper sex education in the early teen years and a stigma from society about your choice of sex, the desire to rebel and to live in excess and you have the proper conditions for the transmissions of STD's.

I'd agree that anal intercourse is a high risc factor for contracting the HIV virus. But the issue is still about proper contraception use and sexual education more than who has sex with whom.

'In other words, the human anatomy does not respond equally to homosexuality. ' : The human anatomy does not respond well to unprotected sexual acts, including unprotected anal intercourse, which is practiced by hererosexuals as well.

Again - you're trying to paint homosexuality as intrinsically bad and ignore that heterosexuals also partake in such behaviours. The health issues should be addressed, of course, but you're not addressing the end result and not even bothering to look at reasons why the result is as it is. I've noticed that in your other debates as well.

'Therefore, homosexuality is in fact inferior to heterosexuality.' : That is your opinion, it's not a conclusion supported by anything. Behaviours like anal sex are seen in both homosexuals and heterosexuals, while more often in one group, but are seen in both. A proper thing to say is that certain sexual acts which both groups do are a higher risk than others.
You ignore the fact that heterosexuals also have anal sex.

4. I've already stated that I do not agree with the statement that homoprobes= latent homosexuals. However I explained that this is mostly used to piss off homophobes rather than make gay people 'feel better'. Since I already agreed that this is a bad argument in the previous round, I will not address it any further.

However, I will address the 'delusion therapy' claim. Therapy is the treatment of disease or disorders, as by some remedial, rehabilitating, or curative process. Delusions typically occur in the context of neurological or mental illness, while the point of therapy is to treat these delusions, because they are not a healthy behaviour. Delusional therapy is an oxymoron. Feeding the delusions of someone is not theraputic.

And I've yet to seen any delusion propagated by society to 'help homosexuals cope'. All I've seen from my oponent is his premise that 'homosexuals are bad' (couldn't have guessed from his nickname) and providing his own opinions on the matter, as opposed to facts. What I'm getting from the whole debate is that my opponent just wants to prove that homosexuals are bad by default and that's it.
Debate Round No. 2


Your entire argument is full of mostly straw man fallacies. Fallacies is a form of deceit.

1. My claim is, gays are delusional for believing that gays are more like a race instead of
other sexual minorities like themselves.

You are arguing as if my claim is, homosexuality is like non-consensual incest. That's not my claim. Therefore, you are spewing a straw man fallacy.

First of all, consensual incestuous relationships are more common than non-consensual incest because consensual incest is more likely to be legal. Netherlands, spain, Russia, Portugal, parts of Africa and a few states in the USA such as New Jersey and New York all legalized consensual incest.

Animals can consent by their body motions.. If a dog approaches a woman and starts humping her vagina and she spreads her legs and humps back, that's consensual beastiality because they consented by their actions.

Incest, homosexuality, pedophilia, polygamy and beastiality are all special desires that prompts a high health risk behavior. Pedophiles, gays, polygamists and incestuous people have all faced challenges with civil rights, stigma and discrimination. but gays somehow think that they belong in the category with race instead of with sexual minorities. That is because they think they are more like a race in which means they are delusional

"Gay is the new black" advocate magazine

Delusion - a belief held despite strong evidence against it

Now, despite strong evidence that gays are more like other sexual minorities instead of race, gays refuse to place themselves in the category with other sexual minorities such as incest, bestiality and polygamy. On the other hand, they have no problem being grouped in with race. This is clearly a delusion and they need a delusion to cope with being gay

2. Homosexuals cannot do all those things I mentioned without engaging in heterosexual behavior or simulating heterosexual behavior. A sperm and an egg is required for new human life. The unity of a sperm and egg is rooted in heterosexuality . Therefore, it's impossible for gays to produce new life without any kind of heterosexual simulation or mimicking heterosexual behavior. A lesbian couple will still need a sperm and a gay couple will still need an egg. For those reasons alone, heterosexuality is more significant than homosexuality.

The benefits of heterosexuality greatly outweighs its risk in which is life itself. Nothing outweighs life itself

The risk of homosexuality greatly outweighs its benefits. The risks are triggering deadly STD epidemics, cancer and infections. The only benefit that can outweigh deadly STD epidemics and cancer is life itself but gays can't produce life. Lol.

Gay men triggered the hiv epidemic

Gay men brought back syphilis and triggered the syphillis epidemic after it was nearly eliminated

Your claim about the HIV rates in Africa are false. First of all, it's impossible to gather the HIV rates of gays in many parts of Africa because many gays in Africa are afraid to admit that they are gay.

Unaids manage to get their HIV rates

Study: Biology Leaves gay men highly vulnerable to HIV
According to Unaids, "Hiv is more common among gay men in all areas of the world including Africa"

Half of all gay men in the largest city in South Africa are infected with HIV

The report is an indication that many African women are contracting HIV from bisexuals since gay men even in Africa are disproportionately infected.

To prove that homosexuality is inferior to heterosexuality, gay marriage increases HIV among gays. In other words, gays can't expect the same results as heterosexuals because homosexuality is inferior. Unlike gay marriage, Heterosexual marriage doesn't cause an increase in HIV infections

Gay people delusion prevents them from seeing future problems among their community. If they accepted the fact that homosexuality is inferior, they would have known that gay marriage would increase unsafe sex in which would increase HIV risk among serious, committed relationships. They think they will be just like heterosexuals but recent study shows they are in for a rude awakening

Study shows the majority of HIV infections among gays happen in committed relationships. Guess what? Committed relationships includes gay marriages.

Here's a quote from the study

"The researchers noted that gay men account for nearly 70 percent of all new HIV/AIDS diagnoses among adolescents and young adults in the United States. A recent study by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention also found that the majority of new HIV infections occur within committed relationships"

Hiv is decreasing among heterosexuals but increasing alarmingly among gays

In 2010, gays made up 72% of all new HIV infections

In 2013, gays made up 81% of all new HIV infections

In 2012, gays made up 84% of syphilis cases.

In 2013, gays made up 91% of syphilis cases

Study: Biology Leaves gay men highly vulnerable to HIV
According to Unaids, Hiv is more common among gay men in all areas of the world including Africa"

3. Heterosexuals and homosexuals receive equal sex education, lives within the same culture, and have an equal accessibility to contraceptives but gays make up 81% of all new HIV infections in up to 90% of our new syphilis cases. Therefore, the reasons you mentioned does not explain the huge gap between the STD rates of heterosexuals and homosexuals.

The reason for this huge STD gap between heterosexuals and homosexuals goes back to my claim In which is homosexuality is inferior to heterosexuality. The human anatomy simply does not sit well with homosexual behavior.

Heterosexuals are less likely to practice anal sex because there is a vagina available and desired. In other words, heterosexuality decreases the chances of having anal sex.

Homosexuals are more likely to practice anal sex because a vagina is not desired or available. Therefore, homosexuality increases the chances of gays having anal sex.

Despite countless information on the Internet, gays refuse to believe that homosexuality is bad for humans. They would rather blame unsafe sex but If unsafe sex was the problem, the HIV rates of heterosexuals would be just as high as gays but that's not the case. Babies are being born out of wedlock everyday. Millions of heterosexuals practice unsafe sex everyday. The proof is the new born baby population. Despite unsafe sex among heterosexuals, heterosexuals STD rates are nowhere near as high as gays. As a matter of fact, HIV is decreasing among heterosexuals even though the HIV prevention pill is only available for gays.

4. Gays aren't just calling homophobes secretly gay just to piss them off. They are literally trying to deceive the masses. There has been a few flaws studies on this manner. More recent studies show homophobia is rooted in unwanted sexual advances and disgust.. Delusional people believe what makes them feel good. I've never witnessed a gay referring to the studies I mentioned. That is because the truth and reality is irrelevant to gays. They create delusions and push society to feed their delusions.


Ogg forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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