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The Large Hadron Collider should be used as a water slide.

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Started: 6/4/2013 Category: Miscellaneous
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To any science nerd, the large hadron collider is some particle accelerator gizmo thingy, but to normal people like me, it's a potential water slide.

What makes chavs want to ride a water slide? Danger, and the large hadron collider is certainly dangerous. I heard that it can kill you in one zap (or something like that).

But, not all science geeks disagree with me. The more cool science nerds, such as Stephen Hawking, would highly agree with me.

Cool dude Stephen Hawking agrees with little old me.

See? I have the most intelligent man alive on my side. Con may look a bit dumb in this debate.

If you want to hear him say it, just go to google translate, type in those words what he said and click the button that does the sound.

I hope for a good debate.

I thank you.


I think that using the Hadron collider as a water slide would be fun but it is not sciency enough so to advance science we need to put 2 pigs in and whizz them together, then bang them into each other to see if it makes the Pigs Boson. I also don't think that quote is real as Stephen Hawking actually said:

"Using the Hadron Collider to discover the Pigs Boson would be like well epic."
Stephen Hawking
Debate Round No. 1


I welcome Finlyfinn to his first debate.

However, I'd argue that a water slide is sciencey enough, as my science teacher said that science was the study of the physical world and all that, and a water slide exists so it's sciencey. Also, I don't think any pig-related ideas are good as a lot of countries have an obesity problem, and pig-related things just make them shove more fatty foods down their gob.

Also, we all know that Stephen Hawking never said that dumb old quote, and we know that because Con hasn't provided us with a picture with Stephen Hawking and those words innit. Submitting a picture in round 2 wouldn't help Con's case as he'd probably just fake a picture. For all those real reasons, my quote is CORRECT!

Does Finn even know what he's blabbing on about? I say no cheese.

Another reason using the hadron collider as a water slide is because it looks like one. However, the hadron collider isn't fat so it isn't a pig so my idea remains superior. Con also seems to have left my arguments from round one untouched.

Also, if your piggy idea were right, then we'd be able to make tasty bacon out of the collider. However, everyone would much rather have bacon than some nerdy gizmo, and so you're idea can paradoxically not be correct because if it were then the hadron collider wouldn't exist.

Also, it would be better for our reputation. The large hadron collider has the potential to zap the earth and make it explode. If we want to change it into something else, we'd better change it into something impressive. If we get blown up whilst the collider is a water slide, then aliens watching us will think we're hip and fun. If we get blown up whilst the collider is a pig mixer, then aliens watching us will think we're obese and mentally insane.

Also, I know aliens exist because I saw one.

I thank you.



My quote is intact correct and I asked Stephen Hawking to prove it in a tweet, so I took a screenshot of it (

I think the Hadron Pig Collider could be made more interesting if they rigged it so there was a one in 7 chance of consuming the world, this would create a good image of earth as if the planet did get blown up aliens would think we're really cool, fun and wild because we risked destroying the planet.

The Pig Collider would also help obesity by stopping lots of pigs from getting eaten because they're being whizzed or used for the planning.

Your point about it creating bacon is invalid because your logic doesn't make sense, a gigantic planet destroying collider is arguably much cooler than a piece of bacon and it is also invalid because the result wouldn't be bacon, it would be pig body parts and lots of blood.
Debate Round No. 2
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