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The Legality of Abortions

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Started: 4/13/2015 Category: Politics
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Stance: Abortions should be legal.

This round is only for accepting the debate.


I thank my opponent for the courage of debating against me. Though was he is in defense of the legality of Abortions, I gladly accept this debate to teach him why this is outrageous.

Thank you my opponent. I hope we learn something from this debate.
Debate Round No. 1


I thank my opponent for accepting this debate since this is my first on the site I hope we will both learn something from it.

I would also like to mention that English is my 2nd language so my grammar might not always be perfect but I will try my best to make sure that it is correct.

1. So are you killing a child?

So the obvious reason why most people are usually against the legality of abortions is because they are arguing that it's like killing a child. But can a fetus in the stage an abortion is done really be considered a child? In my opinion, no it cannot.

A fetus in the stage an abortion is usually done is not able to feel nor think at all. While it is technically alive it essentially lacks what makes us human. It's not conscious, it cannot feel, it's essentially just a shell of it's future self. You could argue that you're murdering a child, but how can it be when murder when it's not even aware that it's alive in the first place?

With that it cannot really be equated to a baby. A baby is conscious and able to feel things. A fetus does not have these things in the stage an abortion is done.

A fetus is able to develop the things a fully grown human does later, but that's the key word "later" as in not currently. In the state an abortion is done (excuse the harsh wording) it is essentially close to a mindless parasite feeding of the mother. This changes further into the pregnancy as the fetus starts to develop many of the features a born human has, but that's the reason that those places which have legalized it have a limit on how far into the pregnancy an abortion can be done.

2. But it's still alive and each fetus is "unique" so it shouldn't be allowed.

Now I've heard many say that even if what I said in 1st argument may be true, abortions should still not be allowed since life should be preserved at all costs, since even if the fetus lacks many of those things an actual born human has it is still alive and "unique" in a sense as it still has it's own dna code.

I don't really see how this could be made into an argument though, a bug or a plant is in a sense also "unique" and even more advanced than the fetus is in that stage in some ways, yet I don't think most people would hesitate about disposing of these things, if they inconvenienced them.

3. The woman's right to decide.

And logically shouldn't the woman carrying the fetus get the first say? After all she has all these things a fetus lacks and this is a decision that will most likely affect the rest of her life, having to carry a fetus inside of her for 9 months affects you in many ways, and is not something everybody is ready for.

You may still argue that they made the conscious decision to become pregnant, but that's the thing not everyone does, they may have been raped or forced into it, and even though the chance is small things like condoms and birth control pills are still able to fail. Should these people be punished just because of that?

4. Emotional damage may be caused to the child.

And even then isn't it better that they get an abortion while the fetus is still not conscious or able to feel or is even aware that it's alive meaning essentially it has nothing lose, instead of developing the ability to do these things later and being brought into a world where it is not wanted or loved by it's parents and may very well be forced to grow up without them in an orphanage. We have a duty to make sure, that as many children as possible brought into this world are able to grow up having parents who love them.

5. Just because it's illegal, doesn't mean people would stop having them.

Lastly, even if we did make it illegal to have abortions, that wouldn't stop all people from having them, instead a lot would most likely have them done illegally, risking both the mothers and the fetuses health.

This is my opening argument, if my opponent requires sources for anything I have stated here, I will provide it.


PsychoScientist forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


I was hoping I'd actually get to debate someone instead of someone accepting the debate but then never responding...


I thank my opponent for his arguments, and I offer my apologies for not answering to our debate. The Legality of Abortions, I am very surprised that my opponent thinks that Abortions should be legal. I will correct some of his facts in his past argument.

1. Women don't have the right to decide for Abortion.

*In the Declaration of Independence which was written in 1776, also included a very important Declaration, which was the Declaration of Human rights. About 150 years later, the United Nations, made a new document of the Declaration of Human rights in 1948. There were 5 Human rights written clearly. The first one was very clear, which said: "Right to life and to physical integrity". This means that each human, regardless their qualities, or if the parents don't want him, has the right to live, and be treated like everyone else.

2. Yes, you are killing someone.

*As said in my past fact, all human being has the right to live, regardless of anything. It is also illegal because you are killing your own child which is same as homicide. So, you are basically causing homicide, with homicide is indeed illegal. Abortion is a sin, and you my opponent should realize that.

3. Just because its illegal, it doesn't mean people should stop having them.

*This is true, but to what extent? If a person wishes to have sexual actions with someone else, its his decision. That person is aware that, that person will most probably have a child, but still he wants to do it. So, to this, if that person does have a child, he has no choice but to stay with him, regardless if that person loves it or not.

Question to my opponent:

*Would you like that your parents having you, they decide to abort you, so you would have never been born, and would not be debating here, right now with me?
Vote for Con!
Debate Round No. 3


Well even if you forfeited the 2nd round I'm glad that you at least responded in the 3rd round, well I shall adress what you said in response to my opening argument.

1 and 2. Basically I'll adress both your answer to the first and second part of my argument since this applies to both.

It feels like you didn't read through the first part of my argument very carefully.

I spent pretty much that entire part of my argument going over why a fetus in the stage an abortion is done, can't be considered a human being, like I said a fetus in that stage is not conscious and is not able to feel anything and it is not even aware it is alive in the first place.

It pretty much lacks what makes a human, "human" and while it starts to develop these things later in the pregnancy it does not have them in that stage and would have no chance surviving outside the uterus. Therefore cannot be considered human in the same way a fully born baby can be.

Therefore the woman carrying the fetus should have the right to decide wheter she wants to have an abortion or not, since she is an actual born human being who is able to think and feel and it regards her own body and well being,

What you did was basically to just assume my argument of why it can't be considered human wrong and then go on to say "you can't kill it since it's a human being" without providing any reason for what makes it human in the same way you and me are in the first place.

3. I feel like yet again you didn't read through the entirety of my argument. But regardless applying what I said earlier, that also means the woman should have the right to decide. Even so the woman if she really wants to have an abortion will have it done illegally and it will probably less safe in the process. Which means she risk severly damaging not only herself but also the fetus. And you haven't adressed the 4th part of my argument either.

Even so in the case that we did outlaw abortions everywhere does that mean rape victims also shouldn't be able to have them? They didn't chose to be pregnant, should they be punished for being raped?

Question to my opponent: Would you like that your parents having you, they decide to abort you, so you would have never been born, and would not be debating here, right now with me?

The obvious answer since I'm an alive human being who quite likes being alive is no, but if I was only a fetus I wouldn't even be aware that I was alive in the first place nor would I feel any pain from being aborted since I would be unable to feel, so I don't think really think I'd mind it or want it for that matter because to put it simply I wouldn't even be able to form those simple thoughts in the first place.

I suggest you read through the entirety of my opening arguments again.

Counter question: Do you also consider a cluster of cells (in other words an embryo) a human being in the same a baby is?

Well I wish I'd have another round to adress your answer but since this is the last round I guess this will be my closing words.

I hope everyone seeing this enjoyed watching this debate, and if you feel that I did the better job this time, Vote Pro.


For my last argument of debating with my opponent, I will try and convince my opponent that Abortion is wrong. I will post many reasons in addition I will counter my opponent's arguments.

1.) Fetus, considered a human being? (With this I counter 1, 2, 4 of my opponent's first argument.)

My opponent claimed in his first argument in an indirect form, that a fetus has no meaning, and it has many flaws, so its not considered a human being. When the egg is fertilized it is already a human being. It may not have the human parts yet, but its still developing. In my opponent's last argument, he mentioned a question, "Do you consider an Embryo, a human being yet?" The answer to that is yes. It may have many flaws, but it doesn't mean it has no meaning.

Like in my past argument, as I said: Abortion = Homicide. Basically, you are killing a human being which is illegal. Regardless if a woman is raped, or by any other accident, it is still no excuse for abortion.

2.) Abortion should be illegal, by religion. (Christianity) Also with this, I regard my earlier statement.

I don't have the knowledge of my opponent's religion, but in this case Ill speak about Christianity. Early Christians believed that abortion was an act of sin. They maintained this condemnation, even when some of them did not qualify as homicide the elimination of a fetus, which is not yet within a human soul.

The Catholic Church states that "A human life must be protected from the moment of conception." They also state that "The first right of the human person is his life".

So with this, religion states that they disapprove the act of abortion and that it should be illegal. Religion has also proved that even if its a Fetus, and it has a life, then it is human.

3.) How much does Abortion affect the world?

Since abortion is legalized, which was in 1973, over 56 million unborn children have been killed, which is more than the entire population of Spain. This is 155 babies killed in an hour. Since then 347 women themselves have been killed by legalized abortions.

With my final argument, I can say that, abortion causes: Death of Women and Children, and an offense to God Himself.

Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by Zyq 3 years ago
I am aware, I'm mostly talking about if it should stay legal and as well as it being legalized in those states and countries where it's still illegal. Anyways this is my first debate on the site so hopefully it will be good.
Posted by TheSymbiote 3 years ago
I am rooting for pro, but abortion is legal...
(in several states)
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